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July 27 2005

New Jonathan M Woodward Website Launched. Fans of Holden, Tracy, and even the naughty Knox can find the latest news other career-related info on actor Jonathan M. Woodward.

At the Houston Convention, Jonathan talked about working on his own website and that he hoped to have it up soon. He kinda made it sound as if he was actually learning how to code himself. So, I'm guessing there's an official one in the works.
No offense to the web designer but that website hurt my eyes. Looks at all the green.
It's nice to see a website about a fellow Whedonesque poster. I was reading a book recently where I pictured one of the principle characters being played by Mr. Woodward. Course me being me I can't actually remember what the heck the book was called.
Bumped into Jonathan Woodward at Comic-Con. He's a great person to talk with. My wife and I made a full write-up of our experiences at the event, but I didn't want to self link. Since Jonathan is involved in one of our highlights, I figured this is as good a place as any to mention it.
He was also really great in the movie Wit. If you haven't seen it yet, you really should. Not only because of Jonathan but also because it is a very good, poignant movie about a scholarly woman who has cancer. It really changed the way I think about certain things in life.
Dear God, but that's hard on the eye. It's got to be a home grown effort, bless him. Can someone please give him some spellchecker software at the next Con, or at least a chat in the bar about basic web design rules?
You folks disappoint me.

There is a big difference between offering constructive criticism and being plain old mean-spirited. This is a *fan-created* site, and it is under construction by someone who is learning how to do it. I suppose this person also needs to learn that the Internet can be a cruel and nasty place, but I wish Whedonesque was not so eager to be the one teaching the lesson.
Well, wissxwe, "Whedonesque" itself isn't doing anything of course. And gossi's comment wasn't particularly harsh, IMO. I think "cruel" and "nasty" is a little excessive.

But I certainly agree that we could all be be a little more tolerant of fan created sites. And the green doesn't bother me.
Much appreciated, wissxwe ;-)

Jonathan's website hasn't been touched or tweaked at all since he put it up--September will be a year ago. Anyway, his site looked like it was going to be more of a creative outlet than any real attempt to give out factual info or promote projects, but that's just a guess.

Room for all in the Whedonverse--right?
And more importantly... Jonathan is AWESOME :) and one of the few hat tricks of the three verses - good on him.

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