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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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July 27 2005

Interview with Tim Minear about The Inside's Cancellation. Tim gives his predictions on what will air, and how it all went down.

I am getting more and more PO'd that this show got axed! I do hope Tim gets it out on DVD ASAP. I will be one of the first in line to buy it.
I will certainly buy the DVD set, I've loved the show from the beginning...I agree with his comments that many folks simply didn't "get it" and tried to compare it to other crime shows. Once again, the network was not entirely honest in their handling of the show....nothing I can say that hasn't previously been said on that topic. I was hoping Amber's episode would air, that appears to a dead issue now...RIP to "The Inside", I will miss you!
I was actually thinking earlier today that the two previous Steve Himber/Freddie Prince threads about what to say and what not to say just reminded me how incredibly gracious and professional Tim was when he announced the Inside was cancelled.

Sorry to be crude for a moment, but the guy got kicked in the balls (again) and still manages to say the right thing. I canít even begin to tell you how much I respect and admire this man. Class Ė you either have it or you donít.
Didn't I read that Tim said he'd be happy to keep turning out limited series to be released on dvd as long as they kept paying him well to do it?

He didn't sound too upset about the cancellation. Or any other cancellation for that matter. What I like about Tim (aside from his great talent), is that he always comes across as being very proud of what he puts out. That tells me that he gives his all for any project he has going, and minimal, if any, regrets. Seems like a real stand-up, easy-going guy who's very good at rolling with the punches.

Makes me wish I knew him personally. I like folks like that.
I'm curious to know what he will do next. Has he finished the Heinlein adaptation ?
Ooo, Simon,what Heinlein adaptation?
This man is nothing but class. I hope he pitches something to NBC. His talent on a big network is sure thing.

Heinlein adaption?
He's working on a rewrite of his draft right about now, Simon.
newcj: "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress", supposed to become a movie at some stage.

Allyson: Cheers :).
What a damnable pity. I'm glad Tim has the Heinlein movie to work on at the moment. As for TV, someone of his caliber should be treated better by the stupid network(s). What a pinheaded move. And all for that stupid, ridiculous, tragically grotesque "dance" show. Please.
Well I love Tim Minear. It's really sad that it's being cancelled because you can tell how much he believes in it.
Fox: where the shits hit the fan.

Purely my opinion, of course.

Thanks, Allyson.

I enjoyed The Inside, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the remaining episodes, too. I did tend to have to bite my tounge online with the show, as the amount of people saying 'But that's not realistic murder work!!' amused me.

Tim is a story teller without the usual boundaries, and an excellent stylist. And that I love him for. I don't judge him as Joss Whedon's understudy, either, which is apparently rare online - I really do think Tim's work excels beyond all else in many areas. Tim for a possible Serenity sequel, please, Uncle Joss(tm).
So... at least the show has some kind of closure in episode 13.
I hope Fox will air the 13 episodes. Anyway, Iīll buy the DVD.

We really need that, series direct to DVD instead of broadcasting them, or some kind of iTunes Series Store.
I realize this sounds cruel, and I do hate myself for it, but I laughed through this half of the interview. It's not that Minear's heartbreak is funny, it's the abusrdity of his circumstances. It's completely ridiculous that a creator of Minear's stature could be brought down by a bunch of dancing, prancing idiots. And it's sadly amusing to hear him talking about that stupid "reality" show like it was Darth Vader to his Luke Skywalker.

But, unfortunately, these are the absurdities of the network TV game. Even if Tim's next series seriously considered the Meaning of Life and featured yet another absorbing cast of characters, he would have the same problems: "We're down another two points. Why did they put us on Friday nights? The Chimp Detective is a steamroller in the ratings."

Maybe network TV isn't the best forum for Minear. Maybe he should look to cable for his next series, or go to the movies. I hope the Heinlein adaptation is a success, because he deserves success.

[ edited by cjl on 2005-07-27 22:43 ]
Fox just keeps getting sadder and sadder. It's hard to believe it's the network that brought us the X-Files. The Inside was a good show with a heck of a lot of potential, and some genuinely interesting characters who I was looking forward to getting to know week by week. To see it preempted for a bunch of dancing fools is just ridiculous.
I have to agree with cji, cable would probably be a more embracing arena of TV for the kind of work Tim Minear produces. Which is why Firefly and now Wonderfalls are being re-run (or shown for the first time if you consider the unseen episodes) on cable stations Sci-Fi and LOGO. I for one had really looked forward to Wedesday nights when The Inisde was going to be on. I hope they air as many of the remaining episodes as they can.
Allyson, is Tim under contract to Fox? If so, for how long?
I'd love to see 13 ep seasons of a Minear-helmed drama on FX. The Shield or Rescue Me and Minearverse back to back, baby :)

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-07-28 00:21 ]
He's under contract with 20th, and I can never remember how long his contract is for and I keep asking, and he keeps telling me, and then I forget again.
Oh, the Heinlein sounds great. I would love to see a good adaptation of one of the SF classics. TM is undoubtably a very talented guy. It would fun to see his take on it.
I'd love to see 13 ep seasons of a Minear-helmed drama on FX. The Shield or Rescue Me and Minearverse back to back, baby :)

I'm with you, zeitgeist; sounds good to me. What a shame this has been cancelled already! But then, we know that song by now, don't we?
A 13 ep Minear series following The Shield on FX sounds great to me, too. Isn't there any way Shawn Ryan can help out his old ANGEL stablemate?
It seems trite to say but I didn't like The Inside at first, then as each character came into more focus, I got really interested. Then that ep when Rebecca Locke joins the crew in the bar, and everyone is genuinely pleased, I thought that's a corner.

Tim = class. Yes, miranda.
TM's graciousness in the face of Fox's deplorable treatment is just another demonstration of his genuine professionalism, a quality that seems to be lacking among many of his Hollywood peers.

I only enjoyed The Insider, but I'm willing to bet that if I'd been given more of a chance by the network, it's possible I eventually would have come to love it. Getting past the initial aspects that were, to me, a little hard to warm to (the procedural format and lack of genre elements for two), the characters held the promise of great richness, the world was an intriguing new exploration of well-worn terrain, and the show's inner mystery was just beginning to unfold. While it's true that there's "nothing new under the sun", the thing that made The Insider something I didn't want to miss is what was hidden in the shadows the sun made. That juxtuposition of the predictable cop/profiler setting with his character's darker ambiguities made for a mix that was worlds more complex than anything you'd see on CSI.

I think he's got every reason in the world to be angry at the way the work he pours his heart into doesn't get the support behind the scenes (and unfortunately publicly) it deserves. The fact that he chooses not to vent that anger in public, and continues to persevere with his creative efforts in spite of disappointments, makes me admire him all the more. I look forward to his next project, whatever it turns out to be. He's only going to get better.
Except for maybe that one time, Wiseblood, when Tim expressed his displeasure (after Wonderfalls debacle on buffistas): Fox: "where the shit hits the fans."

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