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July 27 2005

Nick Brendon updates his audioblog. Hopefully this will continue to be a regular occurrence!

Oh, he makes me smile.
I love him. What a great voice. I can not wait to see him in this comedy.
Saw the pilot today. Good stuff, can't wait for it to start and hopefully take off.
He's funny. "pound"?
I wonder if he's gay.
The character? Why would you think that?
that was kind of rambely, I do love Nick Brendon's voice though, and his little defense of Bradley Cooper at the end.

I'm excited about Kitchen Confidential, but I've been having trouble finding the leaked pilot.
I am so going to have to make this a weekly, or eight daily, visit. He's a funny fella aint he. Love you Nicky. :0)
God, I love these blogs. Make me grin like a big idiot.
could he be any cuter?
I nearly fell out when I heard Nick was reading Dashiell Hammett. Very interesting to me particularly; mostly because I'm related to Dashiell Hammett. His birthplace is literally right down the street from my house.

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