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July 27 2005

Firefly Soundtrack - Your help needed NOW. We are at a critical juncture in the campaign to get a soundtrack from the Firefly series released. Please help with an email to Fox to help them understand how big the market is for this.

This is forwarding a message from KelKat on the 'Versal Board and the OB.

In an interview in 2004, Greg Edmonson explained how he had made music from the Firefly series available to Fox for a potential Firefly soundtrack album. Recently, with the encouragement of Chris Buchanan, we have approached La La Land Records to potentially secure the rights and have them publish it if Fox doesn't wish to. The response from La La Land has been very positive. Greg Edmonson's agent is also on board. It's all up to Fox. Please let them know how you feel. Politely.

Edited to add Fox Music snail mail address courtesy of GermanCityGirl:
Fox Music Publishing
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Consider it done. I would love to see a soundtrack for 'Firefly' released.
Done and done. Hope it happens. :)
Just sent my e-mail. Couldn't resist piling on the praise for what a great show it was and how it's my favorite show of all time. Stupid Fox!
It's been pointed out that paper letters may still provide more oomph than emails, just because they take more effort. So if you can spare the stamp, it might be nice to give them one of those too.
Got mine sent off too. I'll be there the day it goes on sale if they can push it through.
It would greatly appreciated if anyone involved with a fan campaign would contact us at Whedonesque before hand.

And I'd like to point out that I wasn't directing my comment to Harusel per se, it was more of a general observation.

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I just sent my E-mail. Where is the support guys? Only seven posts in this thread is kind of pitiful. Everybody needs to get behind this.
I'll mail 'em a letter tonight.

(Well, after I've mowed the lawn. The dandelions! Dear God!)
Heck, folks don't need to post anything here. I'd rather they spent that time sending a quick note to Fox.
My wife and I have each written to them. I've been pining after this soundtrack for a long, long time. Maybe something will finally happen.
I wrote to them.
I'll write to them.

But will it necessarily be released by Fox music?
The first Buffy soundtrack was released by vivendi, or atlantic, or something like that. The OMWF, was released by Rounder. And both Radio Sunnydale and the Angel soundtrack was from virgin-emi.
THey have to license it to the record company I think.

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