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July 27 2005

Slayercruise 2007 Announced for June 22-29. This time Buffy and Angel fans have the opportunity to cruise the Alaskan coastline with their favorite stars. Guests to be announced.

Ah man, two years to save up...never been on a cruise, would seem like a nice place to start!
I just did that cruise last Sept. Not the slayer one but the regualar one. It is incrediable. Now I only payed 1282.00 for both my husband and me, inside cabin, but since you are going to be with the stars, the price seems fair. I would recommend it on the sights alone.
September is also not high season for Alaska. I was on the Slayercruise this past June and had a blast! I'd definately recommend it.
Gonna seriously consider this for my wife and I...guess I'll see which stars are going before I commit.
Hmm.. who would I like to be trapped on a boat with? Decisions, decisions.

Okay, Adam Baldwin can be my Cary Grant if I can be his Deborah Kerr. Ooh and Danny Strong is welcome to wear a tux and serve me pink champagne.
want to go! want to go sooo bad! saving NOW!

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