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July 28 2005

Serenity #1 sells out for Dark Horse. Dark Horse going back to press.

Dark Horse announced Wednesday that Serenity #1, the first issue in the limited series based on Joss Whedon's upcoming film, has sold out at the publisher and Diamond and will go back to press and new printings that will be available in two weeks.

Very nice indeed. I must check the shops in Toronto to see how they did saleswise.
New list price: $20.
LOL Jaynelovesvera!!
Does anyone know how many copies there were total for the first run?
Here's another link regarding this:

Comic Book Resources

Demand for the red-hot new mini-series has been so high that the book sold out almost immediately upon initial shipping! To help ease the burden on retailers, Dark Horse will have new printings of Serenity #1 available in two weeks time.

Sales numbers for July will likely be out late August. Until then it's just guessing. has comic sales numbers.
Don't forget that the next issue is out next week.
Ack! Thanks, Simon.

But so soon? Since the first one was delayed a week in NorthAm to July 13.
I hope that new printings of the first issue will be available on x-worldcomics,
otherwise I'll have to find another e-store that supports payments through Paypal.
It's shipping next week according to Diamond.

The quickness of the release may have something to do with the movie coming out at the end of September.
Any word on if these will be released as a TPB?
Yes it will be collected in TPB format, Adam Hughes is doing the cover from what I can remember. Probably out in December or January.
Well this should help stir up some interest in our BDM! Having a comic sell out so quickly is rare and should make a lot of people want to check out the series. So the excitement is ALL good. But, seriously, list price is $20? Are you kidding janelovesvera? I know that that is what Nathan Fillion was told but I'm sure that that was a lie, I've never heard of a comic going up in value that fast just because it had a second printing.
Cool, thanks Simon.
I think he is kidding. The books only cost like 3 or 4 dollars. The TPB will probably cost that much though.

Simon. Does diamondcomics list when Spike and Angel #3 are out? I want to pick all of these up at the same time.

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Am I the only one who still hasn't received the first issue from tfaw?? I pre-ordered ages ago and according to my online account page, they'll be sending it out in early August. I don't get it.

Anyway, I'm ecstatic that Serenity #1 has sold so well. Take that, Fox! Take that, naysayers!
Sorry for the confusion, embers. Yes, I was kidding. I guess I should use those emoticon things, but for some reason I have a strong aversion to them. It's on my personal list of character flaws at number 178. No, wait, it's 177, I forgot for a moment I no longer consider my addiction to Halo a character flaw. It's an illness, and not my fault, really...
Phlebotinin, I just got mine today. I'm wondering if you'll be getting a second edition printing?

Addicted to Halo? What does that mean? Aren't you supposed to play it over and over again for hours at a time snapping at your family because they want dinner?!!

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No, you play Halo 2 over and over again to listen to Julie Benz... *drool*
Eddy to answer your question, there's no shipping lists past next week. I have no idea when Angel #3 is out.
If you don't mind me answering.

Spike comic will be out August 17/18. I would assume Angel is out the same week.

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Did you order other books from tfaw recently? There are different shipping options on there. I have it set to only ship me stuff once a month to save on money. So you might have your options set to once a month too, and received a comic in early July. My first 3 issues, and Angel #2 was shipped yesterday/today, because I got Angel #1 in the last week of June.

Hope that answers your question for you :)

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I blame Nathan and his mom for the sellout!
When I realized that I needed extra copies of the Serenity One with Jayne on it, I had to phone a number of comic book stores in Toronto to find copies. Most were sold out. (And they were all pleasant to me!;-) Of course, some just hadn't realized the extent of the demand.

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