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January 26 2003

Rant On! Boils and Blinding Torment on "Potential"

What happened to Chloe and why must Buffy speechify so? The B&BT gals tear apart our fave show, and you hardly mind. Gotta love them!

I love B&BT. Their recaps are less dry than Television Without Pity's, and their articles are hilarious. How can you not love a site that has lines like "no episode is complete without another installment of the Buffy and Angel: Get The Hell Over Yourselves Already Chronicles." Or "Willow, you summoned me with your floaty stoner magic."

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I don't read B&BT often. I can't take a lot more snark after TWOP (which makes me want to tear my hair out most of the time) and I can't seem to kick that particular habit.
I really love the ongoing "Overalls of Sadness" saga. I am surprised that they let Amanda's comment re: Buffy being a "high-functioning schizophrenic" go. I thought that was the best part of the ep.
I stopped reading TWOP and its snarky ilk when it comes to Buffy (as well as Firefly, though I confess that I still read some of TWOP's reality show recaps) long ago, because I simply don't get any enjoyment out of watching something I love dearly get torn to shreds. Quite the opposite, in fact; I always ended up seething with irritation.

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