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July 28 2005

Summer Glau did not land the role... ...of Kitty Pride in X3. Look who got it !

Unfortunately, it seems that Summer Glau did not land the role of Kitty Pride. I know that's some kind of anti-news, but has a picture of Ellen Page, the one who DID land the role, and I thought she had some kind of freaky ressemblance to Summer Glau. If only they had taken her... Good luck with your next auditions, Summer!

That's too bad. I never really saw Summer as Kitty before until Joss posted, and now, I can't see anybody but Summer as Kitty.

Joss Whedon is my master now.
Can't say that I'd be sad if SG had gotten the role, but she honestly wasn't the first person I thought of for it. Color me weird, but I was picturing someone a little more along the lines of Jenna Malone or even Thora Birch -- kinda pretty and sort of off-beat, but with a vestige of that ordinary, girl-next-doorishness that Cassaday has so effectively been illustrating in his and Joss's AXM run. Eliza Dushku popped up in my mind's eye as an interesting option, too, but with her connections to Buffy and, through the comics, to JW, I figured there was no way they'd even look at her (because of wanting to keep the Jossverse and X-verses separate). Also, she'd probably be considered 'too old' for the part, or something equally ridiculous...

I guess I'm still so wrapped up in Summer as River it's hard for me to consider her in something else just yet. Good thing I'm not her agent, then, I guess ;)

(Yet suddenly, I'm having an idea for an SG t-shirt: Picture a picture of River with the word "Serenity" above, and below, "A River runs through it". Hotcakes, I tell ya!)
Duh. Must remember: Backspace + submit does not = correcting original post.

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I saw her picture. Her forehead is.. large.
If they ever do a movie for "Neverwhere" I think Summer Glau would make a perfect Door. I'm re-reading the book right now. And whenever Door talks, for some reason I hear Summer's voice in my head, and it's just perfect.

As for her not getting the role, that sucks if she wanted it. But it might be a good thing. Because everything I have heard about this movie sounds pretty awful.

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I'm a fan of all the actors from Joss' shows but if we're gonna talk about X-Men casting I have to say I think it's probably better to have a teenager play Kitty Pride. Can't say I care too much about the movie but I'm happy they got this particular girl for the part. I've only seen her in her one episode of Trailer Park Boys but she's really not bad. It was a memorable episode and she played her part well. Good luck to her.

Trailer Park Boys is a brilliant series. It's about a group of "well-meaning yet vindictive retards" in a trailer park in Canada. They spend most of their time selling drugs and getting into hilarious situations, etc. The group of actors that brought the show together are too neat for me to try to describe, so I'll just beg you all to check it out if you get a chance. It's one of the best comedies on television, but it airs on the Canadian Showtime network. I only found out about it because of Warren Ellis' Bad Signal. It's not too hard to find if you live in the US and really want to see it though. It's become one of my favorites.
Now why do you suppose they would say "fifteen-year-old actress" for someone with a birthday of February 21, 1987. I should think even Jayne could do that math.
Good for her.

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Good for her.

I was really rooting for Summer, though.
If they ever do a movie for "Neverwhere" I think Summer Glau would make a perfect Door.

It's been done - in fact, "Neverwhere" was a six part BBC TV film before it was a book.

Neil Gaiman wrote the screenplay first, and then the novel.

It's available on DVD in North American format.
Also out as a comic book but not written by Gaiman.
Yeah, but I've heard really terrible things about the Neverwhere mini on TV. Is it better than people give it credit for?

Simon, I loved the first comic. Going to pick up issue #2 with Serenity #2 next week assuming Serenity is still on time.
Yeah, but I've heard really terrible things about the Neverwhere mini on TV. Is it better than people give it credit for?

I'm a Gaiman fan and I saw the BBC Neverwhere miniseries. Was pretty bad. Neil wasn't crazy about it either. He visited the set once and I believe he later said something like "Imagine if they were making a Sandman movie and you come on set and Dream is wearing a big foppy hat and clown shoes and is holding a big broom. And they tell you they wanted to 'spice him up a little'."

Not good. Also, the Beast of London is a big cow with something taped to his head and shoulders. And as Neil noticed there too; that's exactly what it winds up looking like.

As for Summer, too bad. I was curious to see how she would've handled that role. I think she would've been fine. (Btw, Eliza is too old, too pretty and way too sassy I think.) I don't really know this girl, so I can't comment. But she does indeed have a very strangely shaped head.
I, too, bought Neverwhere. I found the experience much more acceptable if I simply uttered the phrase "BBC budget, BBC budget" every ten minutes. I get on with what little BBC programming I have seen as long as I pretend it is a play that has been videotaped, rather than expecting glorious US budgets to blow on special effects and fifteen kinds of lighting.

I suspect it is a bit early for Ms. Glau to start landing large roles. After a more general exposure of what WILL be the rousing, shocking, Hollywood-exec-stupefying, Fox-shaming success of Serenity (*glares at everyone who hasn't gotten ten of their friends lined up for opening night*), I could see more calls coming in.
Fellow Gaiman fan here. The original BBC production was... not of the good. The novel was excellent, though nowhere near Gaiman's best. Not impressed with the comic adaptation so far. And there has been discussion of a film version in the works, though I'm not sure how serious that discussion is.

And so as not to get TOO far off topic, I'm not really holding out too much hope for the third X film (especially since Nightcrawler has been written out of it). But Summer would have made a good Kitty I think. This new girl looks good, based solely on the evidence of one singal still photo...
Nightcrawler written out? Really? And he was the best thing about X-2 . . . Gott im Himmel! I would have enjoyed Summer as Kitty too.

Never heard of the Neverwhere miniseries before. When was it made/aired?

*starts online search for purchase*
As much as I would like to see some of our familiar favorites in these roles, I thought Summer was too old for Kitty as well.
Considering that they made Rogue a teenager with no ties to the Brotherhood of Mutants or Mystique, along with some other changes, I wouldn't have minded if they'd taken Kitty Pryde, and then made her a bit older, and thusly played by Summer.

They've changed comics canon enough for the movie anyway...
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is Kitty Pride's (Shadow Cat's) superpower(s)? I hear she can walk through walls or something... anything else? Sorry but that's one X-Women I know nothing about and I feel awful since it's Joss' favorite and all... Please help a whedonesquer out and Thanks!

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I think she can disrupt electrical fields with her abilities as well.
Kitty Pryde can walk through walls, she can disrupt energy fields, and she can walk on air as well. has a pretty detailed bio on her, if you want more info.
I thought a girl from Lost got the part ? The one that plays Shannon.
SweetFragility, for whatever reason, they let Maggie Grace (was that her name???) go.

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