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July 28 2005

Marsters and his convention booker part ways. Per James' official website, Julie Caitlin Brown will no longer be handling his convention bookings.

Not sure this is earth-shattering news, but I found it interesting. Future booking requests are to go to his manager Steve Himber.

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.


Anybody dealt with Julie before?
Not personally, though I've read many a thing.

Interesting. Wonder what the impetus was...
I've encountered her at fan conventions and have seen some of the things Willowy has probably read as well as reading a few things myself.

As for impetus, my guess is that it no longer makes financial sense to pay her fee to book Con appearances now that Steve has some first-hand experience in that area. Plus, James may be doing fewer such events in the future. There may be other reasons, but in business money tends to rule the day.

James is far from the first Buffy/Angel star to cut ties with her, so this really is no surprise.
I just spoke to somebody who said this is the 4th times this has been announced, apparently. Not that I'm mocking the posting of this, it's just curious.
The fourth time its been announced where? This is the first I've seen of it on here and it was just posted on JM's site last night.
I've seen Ms Brown up close and all the stories seemed very true. I appreciate the need for firmness and a strong personality in her line of work but man.....I've seen her yell, bark and snap at people (either working for her or audience members) that really didn't do crap to deserve it. I think she's a big fan of that 'pre-emptive strategy' thing that's so popular nowadays;-)

And I think if Steve Himber posted this on James' official website, then it's probably pretty much true.
I've seen it said before, but never by anyone that didn't have a big old agenda about one or both of the people concerned. But if it's on his official site - well, how much more official can you get?

I've often wondered why you'd need both a Manager and a Con agent when the Manager seems perfectly capable of booking his own events anyway, so it makes sense. And how nice that neither side are throwing any rocks.
Hmmm, well I heard that JCB did the booking for Motor City Buffy and for the Sacramento convention, if true, then this change happened recently. Or, at least they didn't plan to announce any changes until after the last convention in which she was involved.

For those attending the Toronto convention and/or those interested to know when he will first appear on Smallville - some new information has been added to the site today!
Everyting seemed like business as usual between them in Sacramento. JCB was actually pretty reasonable...not rushing anyone or shouting. Good behavior all around.

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