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July 28 2005

David Boreanaz talks Angel at the 'Bones' TCA Press event. "He said he "owes a lot to that show."" Via Kristen's transcribed notes.

I so agree with this. He has every right to want to talk about the new job not the old one. I don't think he shows any disrespect to Angel or his experiences on the show. He wants to be hired because of his talent, not a character he played before.

This sounds a lot like AH's experience with her own producers for her new show.

I would love to see David again, but I want this show to be a success even more. I want David to be much more then Angel and to see many more characters.

This says when David first met the producers they asked him a lot about Angel instead of talking about the new show. He didn't say he minds when _fans_ ask him Angel questions; if he did he wouldn't go to the conventions.

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I agree with both of you. Here he is with a new show and its only natural he wants the concentration on that. Actually, the whole "report" looks less like news than rumor.

I am so looking forward to Bones. Wish I could get a few more clips or a video of the entire interview at comic-con. I love AtS and watch it all the time, but its gone except in our hearts and on our DVD's. Now its time for Bones!
Oh I know Charisma. But lately any time a Slayerverse actor or actress says they want to move on or not talk always about it, they are considered ungrateful or too full of themselves.

David has always been gracious, funny and very friendly at all his con appearences.

Check the internet, the full pilot is around.

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Does DB do a lot of Angel cons? Comicon was about Bones...
He did that thing with James in England, but I can't think of many other cons he's done. Ok, I vaguely remember another con, but I don't know which one it is. I'm honestly asking, (not trying to be flip) because I don't know.
He did strike me as bit miffed when asked about Angel stuff at the Bones panel in SD, but I can understand that since that's not what he was there for. Then again, there's not much you can ask about a show that hasn't even aired(despite making us sit through the first ep whether we wanted to or not!)

But I wouldn't be mad if prospective bosses wanted to talk about my past work, especially if they were fans. I figure if it helps you get the role, I'd talk about it as much as they wanted!
I have seen him all three times he has been to SDCC.

Maybe he has done ten in all?

I think he was more miffed because A) They asked about Jm being on his show, thus trying to keep the Angel connection going. B) He was not the only on at the panel, so he might have felt uncomfortable with his new co-star being excluded. I am not sure why you would go to a Bones panel and be irrated about seeing clips, the presentation pilot and talking about the show over talking about Angel. I am not trying to be rude, but I don't see why you would not want to see this if you went to the panel.

I think , not being him, he was irrated as he was trying to move on past Angel, and would like to find out more about the new show and charactr, then talking about the past while on an interview. After the interview it would be more appropriate time to bring up Angel.
Kristin said that DB got mad and walked out when the producers were interveiwing him for Bones, am I right? cause it sounds like some of you are saying he was getting upset during this panel. So I'm confused did he get upset during this panel too?

I'd get upset too, he goes in for an interview with some producers and they ask him all about Angel. I mean the way he probably seen it was well great their fans so they only see me as Angel and only agreed to this interview cause their fans. Then they bring up Angel non-stop. He probably wanted to talk about how he is more then just Angel and yet they keep asking about it. So he got up and left.
At the SDCC he was not like angry upset, but you could tell he did not want to talk about Angel actors guest starring or anything else except it in passing. He was really energized, like most of the auidence to discuss Bones. Infact some of the auidence did groan when the Angel questions came up. No, he did not leave the panel.

I guess the producers of Bones understood why he walked, since he got the part. So in the end we all get a great new series. And more David.
"A) They asked about Jm being on his show, thus trying to keep the Angel connection going."

Damn, people just love talking about James don't they. Can't say I blame them. :-) But did they ask about Spike and Angel, or just the prospect of him working with James again. I know I'd love to see these two actors work together again, they had imo the best chemistry of any of the actors in the 'verse.

But even James said at the Halloween Con (only the second event David had done in the UK) that he would love to work with David again on anything, this was during their joint Q&A, but that he would think it would have to be after they had both had other roles after Spike and Angel.

I like David a lot, love him in fact. I was completely won over by him at Halloween. That said, the Angel thing will come up time and time again whether he likes it or not. Like Spike comes up for James and Willow does for Alyson Hannigan. He's just going to have to suck it up and deal with that. It might not be fair, but it will happen. He was the lead of the show, of course it's going to get mentioned.
I know ComicCon was for Bones. He's gone to San Diego Comic Cons, The DB European Event, L.A convention in May 03, one in Las Vegas, and the Halloween event. Those are the ones that I know of.

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A complete non-issue....they were there to discuss "Bones".
They asked if James Marsters was going to guest star. Just like that. I think people trying to see if this was JM big annoucement he had been hinting at. David asked them to repeat. You could barely hear many of the questions and he was moving around so much.They did. He simply said "no" and moved on. When that question was asked was when you could here some people laughing and some groaning.

David has always been work is work and family is family, he never connects the two. It has been said many times he went to work , did his lines and would leave. It was work nothing more, nothing less. He is also friends with CK and ED, but I think they are friends now and not work pals.

I think he was more irrated with the producers, and rightly so, then the SDCC panel, as he was interviewing for a new job, not at a fan forum.

He also went to few of the board parties in the early days.

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I had a blast with DB and JM at the halloween London event, seemed like the angel event of all events, but everyone has a limit in talking about things, he wants to move on, but Angel was top tv, the best I've seen, those questions will always be there. I wish him well, but it's gonna be tough I think for him, Bones on paper looks decent, I'll watch it, but with the shadow of Angel before it, you've already seen him in the best that tv had to offer, Angel was one freaking good show, it's pretty much a tough act to follow, will always be his signature role.
Perhaps we should wait until Kristen writes the actual report based on the transcripts, rather than what she has here from memory, since these initial reports have been proven inaccurate in previous postings. Although, based on what we've got here, it seems reasonable to want to focus more on the work at hand than his previous work on Angel.
I can't blame DB for getting irritated. I know it drives me crazy when at every Serenity related event Joss inevitably gets asked about a Spike movie. grrrrr. Not that I wouldn't love a Spike movie but, that isn't the point.
Please. He had to know that people would have some Angel questions. Bones may be his new venture, but mark my words, I've seen nothing in any preview or write-up of this show that denotes any staying power. They canceled The Inside, do you really think they'll keep this one?

Angel is what he is most famous for. Famous. For. I wish he could accept it. He always seems so frickin' bored with the whole AtS thing. I understand the 'moving on' concept, of course. It's idiotic to stick him with Angel forever, man needs to make a living and stretch artistically... but show a little graciousness, Dave. This is the first really big thing since Angel. Nobody knows anything about 'Bones' yet.

I hope for his sake that this show does well. I also know that a lot of folks will be tuning in because they are Angel fans. Just wish he could try a bit harder not to alienate his fan base - which frankly are - I'll say it again - Angel fans.
The impression I got from everyone is that he seemed to not love talking about Angel at the Bones panel, which seems to make a lot of sense to me. I don't see that as him alienating his fanbase, just wanting to hype his new show at an event about his new show.

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I don't believe this topic is referring to DB's Comic-Con panel. There are a bunch of press panels this week for all of the networks, and Kristen refers to it as "BONES session highlights from today's session at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Hollywood". Also, the producers of Bones didn't show up at Comic-Con, even though there were nametags set out for them. David didn't say anything negative during the Bones panel at Comic-Con and even said he would consider coming back and making an Angel movie as long as it was on the big screen. He mentioned that he has a family and he can't see going back to the Angel role for anything less than the big screen. He also talked a lot about beef jerky, and honored a fan's request for a hug at that panel. The one Kristen is referring to is definitely different.
rabid, my whole point was that, c'mon, he had to know going in that this was going to be a part of the panel.

All the old arguments apply... "He doesn't owe us anything"... He simply wanted to focus on his new project"...blah blah. Yes. I. Know.

What I'm saying is, as a fan, I just wish he could go into these things with a bit more good nature. Expecting it, dealing with it, and not getting so dad-gum upset that people still love Angel! Bugs me, s'all...
Makes sense Willowy, I'm sure he did know going in it would come up, might not have looked forward to it though. I havn't seen enough of DB getting upset to really comment on this though.
Well, at least he was in the show. How do you think poor Freddie feels everytime he has an interview and all they can talk about is SMG and Buffy!
Willowy you should reread the article. Graciousness? He just said he "owes alot to that show". I think the title should be changed because people are making stuff up now. He didn't like the PRODUCERS OF BONES asking him about Angel like they were at a fan panel.
Heh heh.

Have a bit of a hard time drumming up sympathy for 'Freddie'. You married Buffy, dude!

I imagine he has a pretty sweet life. Poor career choices notwithstanding. ;)
Yes, charisma. I saw that.

I was talking about the overall pervasive attitude that seems to arise in these situations with DB. Maybe if you'd been around longer you would have perceived that.
I don't know what you mean but ok.
I kinda agree, but.. Bones will suck and probably be cancelled. Why waste time talking about it?

I'll still watch it though.
I agree, Willowy. Completely.
Guys, a little less snippiness please.
Would he rather people talked about his work in Married with Children, the Crow-Wicked Prayer or I'm with Lucy?. Just hope he doesn't end up like David Duchovny (sp?).
Sorry, SNT. Just talkin' true.

Didn't mean to offend.
The headline is just a tad misleading in the sense that it bore no relation to what was on that webpage. I'll rewrite it after my breakfast coffee and next cigarette.

All done now.

And I'm seriously considering placing a moratorium on these little gossipy pieces from Kristen. The last ones from her have been misleading, with quotes taken out of context and really have done the Whedonverse fandom no favours at all.
Kristen is actually involved in the fandom - she posts on Buffy forums - so I think she's being good natured enough. However, personally I'd say actual transcripts are better than misquotes.
I may change the link once whatisface from TV Guide has his new report up. I never heard of Kristen posting on Buffy forums before, all new to me.
Several of the mainstream (TV Guide, E!, Ain't It Cool etc) media people who are often quoted here post online - you just need to know where to look.
I think this is one case where SMG can be given a bit of credit. Certainly at Comic Con last year and in interviews for The Grudge, she was asked about Buffy all the damn time. But at no stage did her people request that such questions not be asked, and at no point did she get snippy over being asked the same questions relating to Buffy over and over again. I'm sure she'd like to focus on whatever new projects she's promoting just as much as David or whoever else it may be, but she realises that she played an iconic role for a long time so no matter what else she does, questions are going to be asked about it. It's a compliment really. If David did get annoyed, then I think he needs to start rethinking his reaction to questions about Angel, although I do completely understand where he's coming from.
And I'm seriously considering placing a moratorium on these little gossipy pieces from Kristen. The last ones from her have been misleading, with quotes taken out of context and really have done the Whedonverse fandom no favours at all.


Yeah remember in 2004 when she said Angel season six was already confirmed, then it gets canceled, where does she get that stuff from.
I only know about Kristen because I visit Whedonesque, but from this tiny amount of knowledge it would appear that she is inclined to print half-truths, misquotes, and her own seemingly imprecise interpretations of what people might or might not have said. In other words, is she not a gossip columnist?

I might be entirely wrong about this, and I apologise unreservedly if I am. I appreciate that she would seem to be a genuine admirer of the work of Joss Whedon, and a fan of both 'Buffy' and 'Angel'. However, when she says something is "from David's mouth" and then goes on to say, "That's all paraphrased and off of words scribbled on my napkin .... I'll give you a more EXACT recount later, if you like, when I get the transcripts," it doesn't suggest that we can rely on the accuracy of what is being printed.

As to what David Boreanaz is supposed to have said, or implied, I can't personally find anything to be upset about, but that's kind of beside the point.
I think she should have waited until she got the transcripts before posting anything about David's behaviour. Printing items that are "off of words scribbled on my napkin" seems unfair to DB to post such a sketchy report.
I agree. It doesn't really bother me one way or another if DB doesn't want to always talk about Angel but it does bother me that Kristen seems to always be prematurely posting stuff only to heavily backtrack later on. I think it is very unprofessional of her, a reporter, to quickly write a story based on her napkin scribblings. Why not just wait until she can transcribe everything and give a more accurate report.

DB has always come across as a happy go lucky sort of guy and I'd be more curious to hear the details of what set him off, if indeed there is any truth to all this.

That said, I think it would be smarter for his career, even if he doesn't feel this way, to at least pretend to not be bothered by this sort of thing if he is bothered and just go with it. Angel is what he is famous for and maybe Bones will be a big success and he'll then be asked questions having nothing to do with Angel. But for now, that is his fanbase and he should really be catering to that to try and help get his new show off the ground.
Why not just wait until she can transcribe everything and give a more accurate report.

Cuz she knows internet folks want the scoop and often value speed over accuracy!
You know what, the guy should expect it. Just because he's ready to move on, doesn't mean his fans are. Remember how gracious SMG was at that one Con appearance she made for The Grudge?

I know this wasn't a FAN audience, but of course he and the show have fans in the press. I'm just saying, those are a lot of appearances on his plate for Bones, a show that nobody knows about, and no one is likely to care about.

Best of luck to DB, of course, but geez... reality is still a thing to consider.

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