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January 26 2003

Emma Caulfield's "Darkness Falls" Rises to the top of the box office this weekend. It earned $12.5 million and took the #1 spot.

Last week, Kangaroo Jack, this week Darkness Falls. Some bad movies are getting some major bucks--AKA This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse.
Ah well, still GREAT news for Emma Caulfield and her first movie. I'm sure Buffy fans had some part in the success of this movie.
The problem is the studio will take this as a commercial success, and she'll be stuck doing the sequel that she's contracted for, when that great script arrives on her door.

Here's to hoping she escapes to something better than Simply Irresistable or Harvard Man.
Wait, I'm sorry. This WAS her Simply Irresistable.
It's interesting; for all the talent of the BTVS cast, every single one of them has pretty much unerringly chosen truly lousy movies to work on. I don't know if it's all they've been offered, or if they just have really poor taste in scripts. To take the example of "Simply Irresistable", who in their right mind looks at a script and says, "Hey! A romantic comedy with a magic talking lobster [as I dimly recall the thing]! This is the project for me!" It's not like SMG could have been desperate for work; she was already a pretty recognizable name at the time.

It's certainly a curious phenomenon.

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