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July 29 2005

Happy Harbor joins the Serenity Comic debate. After Nathan's previously reported rant about Warp 1 comics, the named 'good store' responds with some factoids about the industry.

I've realised this is probably the boringest news story EVER, so feel free to delete it.
I thought it was interesting :)
Not boring at all, Gossi! I do admit it may have had its fifteen minutes, though. Still, some interesting comments in that post, and I'd go to that store any time, just to see if the Old Spice is working :-)
This doesn't even scrape the top 20 boringest news stories ;)
Yes, well, let's not get into the time Joss farted and it made it onto

I'm kidding. I think.
I appreciate the link Gossi. I always love visiting comic book stores when ever I am traveling, and there are always unique and funny things about each one. And there are things that are similar to all of them, but a funny or bad smell never seemed to me to be a factor. I thought the owner of Happy Harbor wrote a very diplomatic response, and probably helped defuse a lot of angst with humor.
Comic book shops are great fun to go to. Me loves my one in Belfast. Friendly staff, some weird and wonderful items for sale and of course Whedonverse comics. I hope one bad experience by a well known actor hasn't put any comic book newcomers from going into a store.
I doubt that that will happen, Simon. I think everyone has had bad experiences in stores of various kinds at one time or another. Most people understand that it is not the type of store, but the type of person that is the problem.
Not dissuading me! I'd never been in one before this first Serenity release, and the guy at The Time Capsule in Cranston, Rhode Island was extremely nice, so I'll definitely be going back there. One bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch in this case.
Gotta chime in and add that my comicbook store experiences, dating back 20+ years to my callow youth, have generally been much better than the average retail encounter. I still remember the first trip I took out of the nabe to hunt down back issues. If budget hadn't been a concern for this highschooler, I would've started my completist obsessiveness much earlier in life. And I thought it would be so cool to have my own comic book store when I grew up! Hmm, I should really dig up those early WW comics from the basement and check their "guide" value!

I'm sorry to hear that Nathan had to deal with one obnoxious store clerk or owner, but overall, comic book stores are wonderful fun.
Agree with punkinpuss. Folks who work in comic book stores, in my experience, know heaps not only about comic books, but about alternative music, art, literature, and other stuff. Very cool.

Comic Relief in Berkeley deserves a shout out. Incredibly knowledgeable and opinionated owners, and a great selection for a relatively small store. And I used to live at Forbidden Planet in London between the ages of 10 and, um, older.

I liked the link. Beats e-bay sales. And unfounded rumors begun by British tabloids. And who's "decided against taking the starring role" in a movie that hasn't even been written yet, let alone cast.
Oh I love Comic Relief in Berkeley, whenever I'm there visiting friends I always stop in, they are always very nice and have a great selection. Actually I was able to complete my 'Fray' collection there. I have almost always found comic book store owners to be open and friendly to people who are collecting.
This whole debackle has made me really quite thankful for my lovely local comic shop (Acme Comics in Longwood, FL - part of the Orlando area...) They are just wonderful. Not only is it fun to go into, for all the above-stated reasons - plus some good film discussons, but they're so good about reasonable pricing and just plain good custmer service. And they carry just about everything! I got all three Serenity #1 covers there with no problem.

...Hm. In fact, if the sky decides to not rain tonight, I think I might head over there in an hour or so...

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