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July 29 2005

Media Week Weighs In On New Shows. Marc Berman takes a look at Bones and Kitchen Confidential. Meanwhile, TV Guide's Ausiello reports on Bones, and also notes that Nick was acting a little strange during the Kitchen Confidential panel.

Berman doubts Bones, a procedural drama, will find much of an audience at 8pm. Though he liked Kitchen Confidential, he doubts that it will get much support from the critically adored (deservingly so), but little seen Arrested Development.

How come Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie going head to head gets a mention when they were only in one or two (I guess they were in the sequel) movies together and Aly and Nick going head to head doesn't when they were in the same show for 7 years?
"Oh, my god — it's Angel!!!!!!!!!"

Hee. I love Ausiello.

In a rare moment of press-tour candor, Boreanaz reveals that one of the reasons his first meeting with Hanson didn't go well was because his future employer "started talking about Angel… and I really was not into talking about that." That noise you hear is riots breaking out in the Buffyverse.

What are "drunk clothes"?

Clothes that inspire others around you to drink? Clothes that you put on after you are already drunk, so they don't match up? Clothes that are ok to barf on?

I don't get it... :P
Willowy: I believe he meant that is something Nick would've worn when he was drunk...

I thought that comment from Michael Ausiello was a bit crude. I don't think it's funny making a joke out of a persons past illness. Maybe he didn't mean to make it sound that way, but it didn't go over well with me.

[ edited by TaraR on 2005-07-29 23:40 ]
I thought it was way harsh. Being able to deal with that illness is a big step, without tv gossips making crude jokes.
What does this guy have against cute, nerdy guys with strange senses of humor?! He cracks on Nic, Adam & Eric all in one diary! My gosh, imagine what he'd say about Joss! *kicks him*

And yes, it was very crude to crack on Nic like that. I guess those TV Guide reporters are just preparing for the inevitable shift to being a tabloid.

[ edited by flashofgenius on 2005-07-30 00:49 ]
I like Ausiello but that was way out of line.

FYI-- There is a very nice half page comparison of all the 'Verse actors that are going to be on TV this fall in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. The title is "The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Alumni Association", SIX REASONS TO SLAY TUNED. Followed by a picture of each actor side by side: Alyson, James, David, Charisma, Nick and Seth. Under each picture is a brief description of their Buffy role, their new role and then if their Buffy role is like their new role. Very cool!!! Except for Charisma's Buffy role it says she was a snob/princess and dated older watcher Wesley. Huh??? They got that wrong.

[ edited by Gunn 2 N's on 2005-07-30 03:50 ]
which issue # Gunn 2 N's?
Issue #832 with Bill Murray on it, I get mine mailed so it might not hit news stands until next week.
Normally I like reading what Ausiello writers but that crack was uncalled for. It's not big or clever to make fun of people who are recovering from a serious addiction.
Ditto, Simon.
I love Mike but I agree his remarks about NB were uncalled for.

In fact, almost all of the critic's reports I read were unusually snippy. I don't know rather to attribute this extra-bitchy attitude to the fact we were in a full-moon cycle, the excessive heat in Southern California or disappointment there isn't a legit hit like Desperate Housewives or Lost this season.
Might've been all of that chocolate in the Fox goodie bags, Reddygirl...

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