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July 29 2005

The new US Serenity trailer has now gone live at the Apple movie trailer site.

Let's see if Universal's evolving change/movement of strategy is evident...

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Ta, Caroline. It could probably do with an edit to 'alledgedly' in as well. I'm reasonably confident this information is correct.
I'm reasonably confident too after reading the announcement on the Serenity movie news section.
My cable is acting funny today so I was hoping to catch it online. And now I get to see it earlier than I would if I waited for it to air. Yay!
Wahey. I enquired about the trailer on Apple earlier today but got a no comment. Lock tight security ;)
The scheme of the URL certainly fits what Apple uses for "trailer 2" instances for other films.
Right, checked a few other films with more than one trailer, and I'm pretty confident these are the links that will take you straight to the trailer, and also let you download it straight to your hard drive.

Lo-Res (5 megs ish)
Med-Res (10 megs ish)
Hi-Res (20 megs ish)

Nothing to do now but wait, I'd imagine the files will be up a little before the time stated.
Hooray, at least I'll get to see the trailer. I mean, I've seen the pilot enough times that I could probably put together a community theater rendition, so not being able to see that isn't too much of a loss...
Nothing to do now but wait, I'd imagine the files will be up a little before the time stated.

About ten minutes before the actual trailer webpage link goes active, judging by what happened for the first trailer.
Edited to add information about Behind The Scenes footage next week
best. trailer. yet.
WOW! That was so fantastic! Like an extended version of the International Trailer.
it was a great mix of the original US and international trailer :) I think the humor aspect will appeal to many.
I love the fact they included Jayne/Mal's exchange about running the ship.
Just caught the trailer. My sweetie and I liked it alot.
I can't wait for this movie.
Okay, that kicked ass! As one of the unfortunate few (many?) Browncoats shut out of every prescreening of 'Serenity' by fans with faster internet connections I'm getting more and more excited about FINALLY getting to see this gorram movie...
the trailers are online now
Sci-Fi managed to air it with the wrong aspect ration set.
Trailor mirrored at
Full URL:
Universal have misspelt HTML on the Large link. Sigh.

[ edited by gossi on 2005-07-30 02:02 ]
That was fabulous!
Whoo! That was fun! A pretty Jayne-heavy trailer, but that's a good thing. Still unsure as to how I feel about that new tagline, but I hope it hooks the masses.
"Stand up" "Fight back"

MUCH better effort. I'm going to try to get Apple to fix the trailer site now so it actually works, wish me luck.
More humour! Excellent. That was worth staying up for. Edited subject line to show it's gone live and moved the bit about behind scenes the footage to episode discussion thread to avoid any confusion about registering.

[ edited by Simon on 2005-07-30 02:09 ]
I can't believe large.html has been mislinked. I've started making noise, but everybody has probably gone home for the weekend now. Official Universal Serenity site just died under the load, also.
? I can view the large trailer on their website no problem.

Holy crap. Check out the revamp of the Serenity website.

[ edited by Simon on 2005-07-30 02:11 ]
Yes, I forgot to mention that. Guess who's keeping quiet lately.
Lots of new photos..
Lo-Res (5 megs ish)
Med-Res (10 megs ish)
Hi-Res (20 megs ish)

Yep, these links work for downloading.

Damn modem decided to crash at 1Am, downloading now.
I'll be dling for about an hour or so. Dialups being what they are.

Thanks to those who gave out the dl locations! I'd never be able to see these otherwise!
large.html link fixed
All they have to do is run this trailer before EVERY SINGLE MOVIE that comes out between today and Sept 30.

I totally feel a victory coming on for all of us.
The new trailer's shiny... more than the previous trailer, the overall polish really conveys that this movie's gonna be intense with a lot of action.

The trailers are also interesting as a way to get into the minds of Serenity's marketers. Since the last US trailer, it seems like they realized that the action AND the HUMOR were important to getting people to want to see the movie... they have included more of Jayne. :)

Also, the words "Stand up" and "Fight back", the new tagline, and the new ending now seem to emphasize that this movie involves rebels taking on a repressive government. It's interesting to me that they've decided this as a way to draw more people in. Personally, I like how this conveys to people that the movie is not only a big actionfest but may have more meaning.
I also wanted to point out: I totally forgot about the duel between Mal and The Operative.

**** NO SPOILERS **** Since seeing the movie, it was hard to remember that much WESTERN vibe. And this trailer reminded me that it has the ultimate WESTERN thing.

Hey, BDM, just come out already.
This movie is looking like it's going to be so awesome, each trailer has been better than the previous ones, the movie can only be great (or a huge, crushing dissapointment, but that aint gonna happen).

Some great dialogue bits in that trailer, nice bit of action, drama, comedy, everything.

Damn this movie's gonna be expensive, god knows how many times I'll go see it before the DVD comes out.
I just saw the trailer, too...which means I don't have to see it on Sci-Fi tonight. I'm hoping they'll get this to the theaters tomorrow. I also like the new angle they've put on the trailers. I suggest people see both trailers...and look at their calendar wishing September 30th was now. I sure do!
After the latest trailer, I feel as strongly about seeing the movie as ever.

Nine weeks from today! Can't wait!

I still think T2 is the best, with sharply edited dramatic scenes, some humour and things that blowed up real good. I find T3 is softer and, to put it another way, dilutes the message by giving away too much this time. (But I guess you could say that about a lot of trailers.)

Just sayin'.
Is the sound on this trailer really slow for anybody else?
Ghost Spike, thank you so much for the links. That trailer was awesome!
gossi, I just downloaded the large file in Ghost Spike's link and the audio was fine.
It's weird, it must be my PC. It runs a little slow on mine.

I must say, this trailer is really, really good.
Gossi, it's just "turnabout is fair play" in response to the international trailer making everyone sound like chipmonks. ;)

Really, kudos to the marketing folks (or Joss, or whoever put it together.)

I really think that's about as good as it's going to get for pulling newbies (i.e., non-Firefly folks) into seeing the film.
Great trailer. Man I hope this movie doesn't pull a "The Island". I will be so dissapointed.
eddy, I just watched 'The Island' trailer. I actually clenched my eyes and said "Make it go way!". What trash.
Pretty damn shiny! A nice blend of the last two trailers. I think the third time's the charm. This one is perfect.
Ah I wasn't referring to its trailers. I mean how hard it bombed. It cost 122 million and only made 12 million in its first weekend. Thats 10 percent. Now if Serenity bombed that hard then it'd make 4 million in its weekend.

[ edited by eddy on 2005-07-30 03:52 ]
Loving this trailer It's an improvement from the first that's for sure.
I miss the 'Mal shoots first' clip. Also the shot of River leaning back and doing that swoop fighty thing.

Still, mighty gorram shiny, I gotta say...
If people freeze some frames (make stills) there is a surprise or two in there (Like who River is kicking, for one). I have seen the movie twice and I, like a lot of you, can honestly say that the new trailer really does it justice. Bravo Joss and Universal.

[ edited by leaveittoreaver on 2005-07-30 04:02 ]
I haven't seen the movie at all, unfortunately. We can't all be that lucky. But this new trailer still makes the movie look amazing! I'm so excited for this.
My mistake, eddy. I thought you were referring to another movie.
I like the trailer except that I think it is too much. Something shorter and more mysterious would be better(for me).
Here's a thought. If you could make a trailer for "Firefly" the series, what funny-little-quips would you put in it?

One of my favorite exchanges is as follows.

Inara: And at no point will I be servicing you or any member of your crew.

Mal: I'll post a sign.

I'm just curious is all.
Wow, this trailer is definetely more western-ish, than the other two. Actually I think, that the 2nd one was the most space adventure one.

I actually think that I actually enjoyed more this trailer, than the international one (the 2nd one, for anyone who's tracking this).

Haven't seen any sign of the trailer in local cinemas over here in Brazil, and I've going a lot to the movies lately.

Guess I'll have to start a one man army guerrilha marketing myself, and try to promote it over here, since UIP, has done little, besides annoucing it in their website.

I'll even try to bug them, and try to discover if they plan to show Serenity in the movies festival that will occur in Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo in early October. Maybe I'll get to watch it, before November 11th. Wish me luck.
Wow. Universal has done a great job with this last trailer. I am loooving it! It has a sense of the story's shape that the earlier ones didn't have. The earlier ones were still kickass actiony trailers, but this trailer tells you you're in for a great story about real people, not just a bunch of violent action scenes littered with a few one-liners (the actual recipe I believe for most summer blockbuster flicks).

I.Can't.Wait! Gah! < bypasses turbulence and explodes >
I liked the first one better but I must admit, I'm totally worried about being spoiled and I thought this one revealed too much.
This is a trailer to be proud of. Great job, Universal.
Excellent trailer. I'm sooooo excited for the actual release!
I'm breathing a huge mental sigh of relief. I think this trailer does a very good job of giving fans and non-fans alike lots of good reasons to go see this movie! Huzzah!
Out of the three this is the best so far, kudos to whoever put it together. It gets better every time I watch it. And there's some very funny lines in it which I'm relieved to see.
I've been watching this over and over and I still laugh at the funny lines. Can't wait to see this. Why oh why is it coming so late to Finland?
Andrew Tom, because UIP/Buena Vista (UIP was merged with BV sometime ago) reps here, and I know them, have worked with them on my previous job, can't spot a good movie and/or marketing opportunity if it bit them in the ass.

Oh, and I think the trailer kicked some serious butt. Too bad the region 1 DVD will probably be out sooner than this movie hits Finnish theaters :(

[ edited by kungfutse on 2005-07-30 13:53 ]
I absolutely love this trailer. It gives Serenity a sardonic hipness that should make folks who might otherwise disdain it sit up and take notice. Gone is the impression that this might just be a another run of the mill sci fi flick. Serenity looks hip and cool and actiony and fun and funny. Right on! Now, all Universal needs to do is get this puppy out there - stat.

Best trailer of the three, imo.
O am really glad I already saw the movie. I feel like they are giving away too many of the funny moments. I realize most people who are not looking for them wiill not see both the International trailer and this one, but I'm worried. How much new stuff will be left by the time the movie is in theaters? Between the two, they are just too spoilery. So I guess I have to go with liking the International trailer best and wishing they would have just gone with that.
I love this new trailer, but I have to agree with newcj that I thought it was too spoilery. Nevertheless, if this doesn't get people into the theaters, nothing will.
I love it...and yes it's spoilery but, I still love it! Yay, only 2 more sleeps till I get to see it again!
Okay, you wanna know what is evil? You remember the music from the first trailer? Well, I was watching TV last night and I heard that music! I nearly peed myself! Serenity on TV!! Oh, no. Riiiiiight. Only Stealth. Great. I can officially off myself now. Is there no other music that they could have used?!?! On an off note, I just watched the Bones pilot and THEY use the music from House! Gadzooks! Do they not think that people will notice? They are the lead-in for House, for goodness sakes!
Genia: it's very likely the music in the version of the Bones pilot you saw used temp music. I saw the Bones pilot at Comic-Con and though I haven't seen House, I had a feeling they were using temp music. When they showed the first half of the Lost pilot at Comic-Con last year, the music was from Pearl Harbor as the score wasn't complete yet.
Eric - Thank you for the explanation. It makes a lot more sense now. I am, however, still feeling like there are only a handful of songs that ever get used these days.
I think this trailer only seems spoilery to those of us who have already seen the movie. There are no actual spoilers in the trailer. We can just connect the dots in our brain and thus think others can as well.
Great trailer, and I have to agree with Tamara that many of us are connecting the dots, which is why it seems spoilery. As long as it brings the "virgins" in, I don't care.

On a related note, I just checked out Haken's Amazon tracker. The DVDs, which have been in the mid-twenties since the sale ended, are now back around the top 10. That's very shiny!
Yeah, the trailer effect again. You can see it in this graph of the Amazon traker data.
Now if they'll only show this trailer in the movie theaters. I see at least one cinema movie a week (sometimes two) and I have yet to see any of the Serenity trailers on the big screen.

Which theater chain is Universal most closely associated with? I mainly patronize Landmark (catering to indies) and Loews (which seems to cater to Paramount and WB mostly).

This trailer is going out to cinemas in August and September.
I SO can't wait until September 30th!!! This movie is going to be AWESOME! :D

Forgive me, I'm excited. :p
Broke down. Watched trailer. Was amazed. All the hair stood up on my arms. The power of it, the energy of it, felt like a tide pulling out to sea around my feet. I think millions who have no idea what's coming will be astonished on September 30th when it tsunamis over everything in its path.
Ooh, Wiseblood, I really like that "felt like a tide pulling out to sea around my feet." I hope your prediction is right on the mark. I think our little BDM is going to surprise a lot of people.

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