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July 29 2005

(SPOILER) First proper Serenity action figure photos in boxes. Look a bit different than before.

I want them all!

I've added a spoiler tag for the spoiler free, as there is a pic of a villain. That first pic looks like Lemmy from Motorhead.
Heh - it's the same model used by the company in other ranges, it appears. Whatever the case, though, it's nice to see the Serenity logo plastered on something like that in some ways. I've no idea why, though.
Oooh...from the look of them, the figures no longer look like they stepped in something that smells funny. I'll definitely buy them then.
What is that next to the gun in the second and third photos? A bag? I like these figures. I'm just waiting for the rest of the crew. An Inara figure would be stunning.
It's a small rock. I can't wait to tell my action figures. They don't have a rock this small.
electricspacegirl, I talked to a sales rep at WonderCon (or was it Wizard world) this spring and he said that other crew members will get action figures if the movie does well. I asked him what "well" meant and he answered, "Hellboy well, not Star Wars well."

So, I know which character I am expecting see next and I hope she has the gun.
Yes! I can't wait for the Zoe action figure!

Must say that the Jayne one looks pretty good...
They seem to have much better faces now, though it's hard to see them very clearly. I'm sure Serenity can at least do Hellboy-well. Hellboy... wasn't really all that good.

And, Simon, ha!
Doesn't look too much like Mal but looks just like Jayne.
Godnabbit! Just when I had my display case set up the way I like it, along come new figures. And a new series no less. I'm out of space. Jayne with Dark Willow? Mal with Buffy? Choices, choices, choices.....
Not so crazy about these, except for the Cigar Smoking Jayne. But then, I'm picky. Eh, I'll probably buy a couple anyway. It *is* Serenity, after all.

Hrm... I wonder what accessories would be included with an Inara action figure...

I swear the Mal figure looks like Glen Close. But I like Jayne.
I think it would have been better to have two more characters rather than the variants of Mal and Jayne. But whatever.

They don't look fantastic, but they're okay. I'd like to see all of the crew, really, after this. Is there any chance of them releasing different types of figures, like 12"s and stuff?
I hope they do the 12" ones. Sideshow did a Hellboy line so I'm hopeful we'll see a Serenity line as well.

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I'm surprised that with the emphasis on River in the movie poster that they didn't do one of her as well.
If I recall an article I read a while back correctly, male action figures simply sell better, so that would be why.

Perhaps they wouldn't sell better to the real Browncoats, but there's always the boys who just like to play with their cool action figures. You know, when they're at the age before they start liking the female figures better. ;)
Simon, I was told that River was the next figure if it is deemed economically feasible.
Huh. Well Jayne looks decent, but the Cap'n is a little fragged up. And did I miss the episode where he has the british schoolboy hair with the parting in the middle? It's not too bad I guess, but I think Mal deserved just a little better.

And yeah, where's the women? Come on now! Hmm, maybe there can be a 'Bathing' version of Inara, with little sponge. Or a Kaylee with 'Strawberry eating action'.....

Ahem. Sorry, was that out loud?
Ed, you're just a dirty boy, ain't ya?
There are never enough female action figures, as I have complained about at length.
Ed, you're just a dirty boy, ain't ya?

Base and unfounded accusations!

There are never enough female action figures

Yeah I had only one Princess Leia when I was young. But as you say, Buffy and Xena alone changed a lot in the market. And hey I believe there's more than a few female superhero action figures out there from both Marvel and DC.
Uh huh. Go to Walmart or Toy R Us and find one. I think the Teen Titans line is the only one where you can usually find at least one female character on the shelves. Otherwise, you have to go to a comics store.

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