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July 29 2005

David Boreanaz talks character development on Buffy and Angel and has zen-like praise for Joss Whedon. "His eye was always into the unique little blue ball that was spinning freely, and within that is a spark".

Best quote ever?

I'm having real trouble understanding what the writer of that article was trying to say...
Umm what did he say???? Where is the resident Boreanaz-speak person?

But always, Go David!
Jeez, it should be common knowledge by now that Boreanaz is a talker. This woman needs to chill a bit.
Um I understood what he said. I don't know what was confusing to her except that Whedon quote.

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That was amusing. I always find myself cringing at DB in interviews too.
He's like a perky, less-bloodthirsty, puppy-oriented Angelus. It's cute.

Wait ... puppy ... door ... nevermind.
I'll admit I'm not quite sure about the Joss' blue ball quote. I think it was some kind of metaphor about Joss' imagination or how Joss had a clear vision of what he wanted and had faith in it.

But I don't really see anything wrong with what David said. Except maybe when he said "typical person". But I think in the context in which it was said he meant "typical character". Like a typical character in most T.V. shows who behave predictably.

I guess she was trying to say David was too full of himself or something like that--or pretentious with the "blue ball" comment. But I don't see why this would disillusion me about David. He would have to exhibit far worse behaviour than that to "disilluson" me. In spite of what she says, I think if I ever get the chance to have a casual conversation with a celeb whose work I am into, I'll give it a shot.
Bad carbs in bad muffins? Blueberries and blue balls?

Sounds to me like he was messing with the interviewer. Unless... who knows? Maybe he really is this L.A., new agey type.

Half-caff low fat latte, anyone?
Hehe... blue balls. You made me spit my coffee, Willowy!
Heh. Given the choice, I'd usually rather swallow.

My coffee.

Every time I read a David interview, I'm tickled to remember that he went to a very toney private school that prides itself on squelching intellect,imagination and artistic drive. Most everyone that graduates from there sounds so very much the same. The fact that DB 'sees' things differently than others just makes me love him all the more. I've never picked up a snobby vibe about him, 'interesting' yes, smart, yes, but never snobby. The fact that he could have turned out quite differently but didn't speaks volumes regarding DB and family. Go David!
Ah, the zaniness that is DB! I've missed his..."je ne sais quoi" (that's French for WTF? J/K). I hope somebody somewhere is collecting these quotes because they're hysterical.
Hee! Willowy you crack me up!!

The interviewer there sounded like she believed he really WAS Angel in real life.

Lol. I found him to be quite interesting from what she wrote. A little quirky, a little whimsical.
So you can still have those fantasies, ladies. Just make sure they start with, "Shh -- no more talking."

And so it goes with me and James...

OK, to be honest, I don't have James fantasies. I have Spike fantasies. *looks around to see if hubby is reading*
That way my fantasies don't have to include "Shh! No 'rock on'. Don't use those words. Just be Spike." ;~P
Geez. Sounds like she didn't make any real attempt to connect with him as a person at all. That's too bad. If she'd bothered to shelve her preconceptions, lighten up and enjoy herself with him for the few minutes she was allotted, she might have had a nice moment with him, or even gotten him to laugh -- and god knows that's a lifetime's worth of happy memories right there!

I've always gotten a kick out of DB's colorful imagination and left-of-center verbal constructions, though I get why some people (mistakenly) find him 'goofy' or 'flaky'. (Creative people do go into creative professions for a reason, after all!) Quite often he seems to speak in abstracts and relate his thoughts in a very personalized/idiosyncratic manner, which I'm sure is confusing to people more used to dealing with concrete concepts and generic figures of speech. He comes across to me as having a unique mind and a distinctive 'voice' (with a touch of awkwardness around strangers, who he's probably used to being underestimated and dissed by -- this article being an unfortunate continuation of that trend).

Instead of relying on the usual stale clichés and bland, canned responses most actors would likely have trotted out for this type of situation, he came up with something fresh and memorable. Given, it's a little odd. Still, isn't that what good print is all about? Original personalities? So what's this writer complaining about? That he didn't live up to her glorified expectations of him as a movie star? She might be startled to learn that by so ungenerously airing her disappointment in DB, she doesn't come off very well herself. As Cordy would say, "Pffffft!"
David Boreanaz is the acting equivalent of Eric Cantona, there is no higher praise that I can give.
LMAO Simon, so so true - they share the same glowery looks, and iirc an aversion to seagulls/chickens (well any kind of fowl) ;)
David Boreanaz can kick as high as Cantona? Wow.
Simon, I think he's more of a combination of Michael Owen and Gavin Henson...but I prefer rugby anyway!
David Boreanaz hates fowl? Man, he's just risen 10 points in my book. . . chickens. Shudder.
Hmm. Almost makes me think he reads Harry Potter. I thought of Mad-Eye Moody, when he said that. Maybe he means that Joss is aware of everything that goes on around him. Which fits with Joss' identification with Xander, the "seer" of the Scoobies.

Or maybe I just need more sleep.
I love DB and have always found the fact I can't understand the majority of what he says almost as endearing as JM's lack of fashion sense.

DB reminds me of a friend of mine who was a complete jock in high school,took a philosophy class in college and is now given to spouting off mangled nuggets of wisdom.
My interpretation is "Joss had his own view of the world (spinning blue ball) and in that was a spark"
I don't get the main idea of this article. (can you tell I've had a full day of practice MCAT fun?)

I think those are great Boreanaz quotes. I just started laughing when I realized I was reading about muffins.
And not just any muffins, Arabchick, but BAD muffins! ;)
Yes it does sound like the writer is disillusioned that David is not Angel. And if so then she should take her own advice and not engage him.

This would be like me writing an article about how upset I was that Alexis Denisof is not really British and how in reality he needs to be exactly like Wes, therefor- British.

Yes, British accents are hot, but I'm okay with him faking it.
My 2c - David meant that Joss is always building the character on actor's personality - that's why all the characters on his shows look so real.
This is all I can say about the girl who wrote the article, as Buffy said to Cordy..your lips are moving...words are coming out of your mouth. this is never good.

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