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July 30 2005

The geek shall inherit the Earth - "In response to fan pressure, a movie version was greenlighted, and when preview footage was ready to be screened, Whedon used his own blog to announce a series of regional screenings. They sold out almost instantly."

*sighs* The official 'simple' version of what happened is getting trotted out again. I know it plays well to the press but Universal did not greenlight Serenity because of 'fan pressure'. I don't actually remember that much fan pressure if at all. The Whedonverse fandom at the time was campaigning for a sixth season of Angel. Universal wanted a highly talented director and they knew they could get a decent return on the sales of the movie's DVD. As for the Browncoats forum, it's not a blog. I know I'm being petty but it's not. The last five words of the quote I have no problem with.
Well, however it happened,

THANKS to Joss and our BDHs.

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Firefly "lasted only a few weeks on the Sci Fi Channel. Yet, it became a surprise hit on DVD, and the fan base spread through some officially endorsed Web sites."

Sad to see Sci Fi get blasted through this glaring error.
I know what you mean Simon and I agree with you, but for marketing purposes "The Movie That The Fans Demanded" goes down better than "The Movie A Studio Thinks They Can Make Big Profit From", although I believe both should be true. This is more mainstream publicity for our DBM.
"Fan pressure" surely is a huge part of why "Serenity" exists...not exclusively, but largely...even according to Joss.

The article's errors are silly, though. I mean, as they say in journalism, get the (network's) name right.

Also, given the incredible array of fans of this thing, it' s not just a "geek" thing....
I thought there were a lot of mistakes in the article, as have been pointed out but, still, it's good publicity for the movie. The more the better. I did wonder if they were referring to Whedonesque as Joss' blog but I guess maybe it was the Browncoats forum.

And a lot of people seem to blame the Sci-fi network for not picking it up when Fox cancelled it. I never understood the animosity aimed towards them though. All my anger was strictly focused on Fox!

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I was wondering what everyone thought of the first edition comic selling out so fast. Is this an indication that Serenity has captured the attention of the mainstream masses who love the sci-fi genre? And if so, is this an indication that the movie is going to do very well?
Good point about Sci-Fi, Firefly Flanatic. My understanding is that they had to pass on it because it was simply too expensive for them. I'm not bitter about that, hell, fullscreen issues aside, they've more than made up for that with rebroadcasting the 'complete series' (grrr...) and the great job they're doing promoting Serenity. I continue to harbour a seething hate for Fox that shall not pass but Sci-Fi is good in my books.
Have not been watching on Sci-Fi...from anybody who has, have the audio problems been resolved? A few friends who watched last week at my insistence were vexed by the sound, even as they were interested by the show.
I don't recall any sound issues. Could that have been a local problem?
Sound problems included louder effects and quieter (almot mumbled) dialogue, and some jarring boot clomping throughout.
I always thought the vampires shall inherit the Earth. Damn.

[ edited by gossi on 2005-07-31 04:32 ]
gossi, I think it was the Old Ones, but hey, consider the source, right? ;-)
Sunset Beach is on my TV and it's 3.42am. I don't think my brain is capable of, well, anything.
A geek isn't just a nerd or an obsessive; he - and it's almost always a "he"

Er, what? So my friends and I are just statistical aberrations? Please. There has always been a strong female presence in fandom. But I guess it's more fun to perpetuate stereotypes than to do actual research.
Indeed. One of the things I actually quite like about the Serenity fandom: it's a very high percentage (probably a majority) of non-geeky women. Can the same be said for football fandom?
CIV - yes, I definitely noticed the loud boot stomping and yes the dialogue was hard to hear!

And hey, I'm female and I consider myself quite the sci-fi geek (and also a major football fan - okay, maybe I'm not your typical female - also love playing xbox games!!)
Firefly Flanatic - marry me, please. Thanks.
Well, okay but my husband might get a little mad...
I'll live in the closet, he'll never notice.

I haven't proposed to somebody online for at least, what, a week? I must do it more often!
Okay but bring your own xbox - I have enough trouble trying to get the controller away from one husband - and if you propose to anyone else, they have to bring their own xbox too!
Wahey. I have 2 xboxes! I'm a bargain! I'll even throw a camel in too!
That's quite a dowry gift, there gossi. A girl can always use a camel! ;)

bl, hold out for a goat. They eat anything, and you can always make great cheese!
Hmm, a goat would be good - I have two acres of land that constantly need mowing!
Sad to say, sloppy facts in Post-Diapatch writers' opinion pieces are not exactly an anomaly.
Sloppy facts like Comic-Con attracted 6,500 fans? Hall H alone seats 6,500. I didn't go this year so I didn't hear any numbers on attendees. But last year I think it was something like 70,000.
*sighs* The official 'simple' version of what happened is getting trotted out again. I know it plays well to the press but Universal did not greenlight Serenity because of 'fan pressure'.

Thanks, Simon. It's been giving me a stomachache lately. And i fear it's a story that's spinning way out of control.
No reason to let the facts get in the way of a good story! I need invisotext to say that
And hey, I'm female and I consider myself quite the sci-fi geek (and also a major football fan - okay, maybe I'm not your typical female - also love playing xbox games!!)

I'm with you, FF, I now consider myself a true geek (considering the hours I can spend discussing anything Joss-related!), and am also a major football fan (CFL, of course). I also like the symphony and hockey - not necessarily together:). I believe our local Browncoat group is at least half women, and certainly most, although definitely not all, of our most active members seem to be of the female persuasion. I don't, however, have an X-box, so you're one up on me. (And I would definitely hold out for a goat!)
What do you mean "shall"?
Samatwitch, are you perhaps a Doug Flutie fan? I know he was pretty big up there in the Canadian league for awhile. He's back in New England now as the back up quarterback (we're all guessing he's really there as a kind of unofficial coach).

Now, all you need to do is get out there and get yourself an Xbox (they have Buffy games for it!!!)
FF, I am definitely a Doug Flutie fan - and his brother Darren, as well. They both played for the BC Lions (in Vancouver), which is *my* team, when they first joined the league. For his sake, I'm glad he's back home in New England. Darren has stayed in Canada and is on TV broadcasts.

If I ever get an X-box, I'll come to you for recommendations:)

Back on topic, I realized just how much Buffy I was watching a few months ago when I walked past a pile of sticks and realized I was deciding which one would make the best stake!! Now that's a geek!

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