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July 30 2005

US Sci-Fi station to air 30 minute Serenity special on Tuesday 27th September at 10pm. A Firefly marathon is running from lunchtime that day, with 10 episodes airing. 3 days before the movie hits cinemas. Sci-Fi are also running a behind the scenes Serenity special this Friday.

Who'd of thunk it...
Nice! I wonder if this is an extended "Making Of Serenity" of the one that was released with "Battlestar Gallactica: Season 1." The one that was with the Sci-Fi set was 13 minutes long.
Unsure, to be honest. I presume it'll be edited footage for the DVDs (like the BSG special).

Did Fox ever air 10 episodes of a show back to back? Heh.

The continuing shifting up of the marketing gear is fairly interesting, I'm finding. I remember all those rumours of Serenity direct to DVD and Universal shifting it to September to bury it all those months ago - I've been trying to hammer home how much they actually have faith in this film, and it appears I was even correct for a change. Right now, I heart Universal.
God bless corporate siblings. I'm glad Universal are making full use of the Sci-Fi channel.

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Don't think this is a special so much as a few interviews and scenes during the TRAIN JOB.

But from the screencaps of the BSG disc and the promo shown during Serenity, it could be the same.

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No, it's a special with 30 minutes of footage. Probably just interviews and trailers, though. Maybe a 'Making of' thing.
Yay!! I'm not planning on watching anymore Firefly on Sci-fi because I'm worried about getting spoiled for the movie with the annoucement of them going to show behind the scenes footage. So, this will be an ideal thing for me to tape and I can watch it after I see the movie! I love that they are doing a marathon and am assuming it will conclude with "Objects in Space" just in time for the movie to come out.
Wow, that could possibly be my best week ever. Firefly marathon on Tuesday, my birthday on Wednesday, and Serenity on Friday.

I wonder if the Serenity Special will just be compilation of all the "behind the scenes" clips they're going to be showing every week during the episodes.
WindtheFrog, your b-day is the third? Mine too. Neat. My fellow fan friend and I are going to a jazz bar/restaurant, a little gambling in the local casino, then back to my house for 2 eps of Firefly (OIS and Shindig, we watched Out of Gas last week) and we're ending the evening with The Prom. Much (good) wine will be had, and much merriment will ensue. I can't wait to have a day of everything I LIKE. Funnage.

How will you celebrate?

Oh, and can I get a hell yeah for the Sci-Fi channel? They are so stepping up.
Right, bl?

I mean I haven't seen so much respect and promotion for a Joss show in, maybe never? I know it's because of Serenity and the Universal connection, but I couldn't care less.

Our stuff is being PUMPED!
rivergirl, as per the site's rules, could you try to use correct punctuation? Thanks.
Definitely Willowy! I'm loving this and if Fox had given Firefly half the attention it's getting now, well we'd still be having weekly discussions of how good the latest episode was!!
I just saw an auction on Ebay for the special extra Firefly disc that came with the BSG UK release from Best Buy and it's up to almost $25!! I'm betting this is the footage they'll be showing on Sci-fi or we'll be getting this with the Serenity DVD when it releases.
Heh, funny you should mention's on my 'watch' list on eBay!

Think I'll just tape it, then we'll see what comes with our BDM on DVD.

Geez, are you and I sympatico tonight, or what?
Hee hee - It's on my watch list too!
Yup, watching like five of them. Not planning on buying any (unless I can get one cheap) just want to see how high they go. Just like you I'm planning on taping the Sci-fi special because I think it's going to be the same.
Smart woman.

You know what I was just thinking? What does Joss watch? I don't think I've ever seen or heard that question asked of him. What does HE like? The only thing I've ever seen that has come close to the impact of what he's done, for me, is Deadwood.

I just wonder... does he kick off his shoes and watch Dancing with the Stars? Somehow, I doubt it, but I would love to know what shows he finds worthy.
A Firefly marathon on Sept. 27? Wow! Universal is using Sci-Fi well to promote the movie
You know what I was just thinking? What does Joss watch? I don't think I've ever seen or heard that question asked of him. What does HE like?

Willowy, that's a question I've been dying to ask him.
OK, I thought Sci-Fi was supposed to run Firely in July. Did that change? Please update me, thank you.
Never mind - I see I missed it, thanks. I will catch 'The Train Job' next week - that will be a good one with which to try and hook the DH!
Joss mentioned in a Darkworlds interview last year that he was watching a lot of Without a Trace. And then there's an interview on from a few years back where he admits to digging the first season of West Wing (when Aaron Sorkin was writing everything and it was all freakishly brilliant) and The Ben Stiller Show.

What I wonder is, does he ever sit down and watch any episodes of his own shows, just for fun? I can only imagine how surreal it would be for him -- since he probably can't separate the making-of experience from the final result -- but I'd hate to think that might inhibit him from sharing the same sense of enchantment with the finished products of his imagination that the rest of us have.
Some one has put up some screencaps of the Best Buy special promo disc (the one packaged with the BSG epiosodes) over on the official site. They are arguably spoilery - certainly in terms of a couple of comments in the thread if not the pictures themselves - arguably spoilery screencaps here .
Both Tim Minear and Joss watch Without a Trace, by all accounts. Tim has mentioned he likes proceduals like CSI and Law and Order. I am a stalkeresque again!
Yeah, on the commentary for "Conviction" Joss says he's a big Law and Order fan.
Query to gossi:

When exactly is the purported "behind the scenes Serenity special this Friday" you say is airing on Sci Fi? Because my TiVo shows no evidence of it - nor does's online schedule (and Sci Fi's regular Friday night programming doesn't really allow any room for it).

They are advertising it - I've no idea when they'll air it. I suspect during the Firefly airing (they are taking time out from commericial advertising to do Serenity features).
You know what I was just thinking? What does Joss watch?

I swear I am not a stalker... and with that out of the way, I've always been interested in the influences of my favorite artists, so I know that when he was trying to get into the business, he wanted most to work for The Simpsons or Twin Peaks, which really are the cream of TV back then. His favorite Britcom is Monty Python, he watched Party of Five (the only thing to make it perfect would be rocket launchers), loved The Prisoner and made happy approving noises over David Chase (The Sopranos) and Aaron Sorkin (West Wing) as well as the lamentably cancelled Action and Profit. And his favorite Golden Girl is Dorothy (mine too!).

And SCI FI is very cool for airing the marathon days before the movie's scheduled to come out, though I have to say, I wish the marketing was a little less "niche". We have persuade the habitual sci-fi watchers to come out and see the movie, but to make it a hit, it has to connect with ppl without geek cred. When Lord of the Rings ruled the world, everybody I knew was into the movies, even those who were like, "Tolkein who?"
I hope the 30 minute special does have at least bits of what was on the BSG promo DVD. Just cause there is a part (during the fan portion) when Adam is running down the isle at the Seattle screening (May 5th) that you can see the back of my head for about 1/4 of a second! :)
Some of the BSG promo material has 'mini' spoilers for the movie (in terms of locations and things). Not bad, but Sci-fi must face a tough choice between showing exclusive content and upseting people.
I really don't see what the big deal is. They run "making of..." shows all the time. None of the dozens I've seen have ever ruined a movie for me.

I doubt they would include anything majorly spoil-y. They are trying to pique interest, not piss people off.
Yeah, I agree, Willowy. It's some people don't want to see any imagery of the movie early - I've seen people moaning because they've been shown theres Reavers in the movie and such.
The way I see it, if you're worried don't watch. I intend on taping it so I can watch it after I see the movie. If I chose to watch it and I see something that seems to be a spoiler it's my own fault. Anything with "the making of" in the title is bound to give something away. Just like if you decide to watch the trailers you are going to see some of the movie.

As for there being Reavers in the movie, well, duh! They were in the series so I'd assume they'd be in the movie (and be a bit disappointed if they weren't). To me, anything that was in the series and is going to be addressed in the movie or mentioned in the movie isn't a spoiler. If someone tells you exactly what's going to happen with the Reaver's, well, then that would be a spoiler. Bottom line, if you're worried about getting spoiled if you watch any of the promos, specials or behind the scenes stuff that they mentioned they'd be showing during the Friday night airings then don't watch. I'm planning on avoiding that stuff because I don't want to see too much.

I still think this special they'll be airing will be what the BSG dvd is. The Buffy special that came with the season 7 dvd set was the same one that they showed on Bravo and another station that I think was A&E. Both stations had the same exact footage but the show had a different title and it was the same as the dvd. And when I buy special editions of Xbox games that come with extra footage it is usually the same special that was shown on that game network.
All this promotion is really getting me excited for the release of 'Serenity'. The other night while I was watching BSG, I was thrilled when they aired a 'Firefly' preview. Now, why couldn't Fox have done that?

I also suspect the SCI-FI's 30 minute special will be the same as on the BSG DVD.
Madhatter, I do specifically remember Fox running promos for Firefly. Of course, they f'ed everything else up, but for the record they did show promos (I remember they used a silvery spacey font, not the more organic one from the show).

And I agree with Firefly Fanatic. I worry about behind the scenes specials spoiling me (it's happened in the past with other movies), so I usually record them and watch them after the movie.

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