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July 30 2005

Joss Whedon put in a special appearance at the Angel Booster Bash tonight. He came as Alexis' date to the banquet this evening and while here told people he will not be at Dragoncon and he had never even been scheduled to be there. (Added) Joss posted to confirm that, indeed, he will not be attending Dragoncon.

Other suprises at this event so far also include Adam Baldwin as Alexis' replacement for Q&A and autographs. Also, Robia Lamorte and Iyari Limon showed for signing autographs in the dealers room.

Joss is walking with a cane this evening owing to a knee injury for those wondering when I post some pics of him at Flickr.

So, So jealous!!
What the hell happened to Joss???! How did he get injured???!
I presume it's not badly injured?
Also, somebody might want to tell DragonCon as they have him listed as a guest. I do sometimes wonder why Cons list guests before they've even confirmed them.
I just got to meet Joss!!!!!! I can die happy now!!!
Heal fast, Joss! :)

No Joss at Dragoncon though? I can't believe they would list him without him actually being scheduled. False advertising and the such... Grr! *sad face*
Did he say anything?

Did he not hurt his knee before or am I confusing him with David?

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I'd presume so, FalenAnjl, given he said he wasn't going to DragonCon.
I think falenanjl is asking if Joss said anything in regards to his knee injury gossi, but I am not falenanjl nor do I know him/her, so I hope I'm not putting words into his/her mouth... But I could be wrong, probably am :)
That is what I meant.

Words in her mouth greatly appreciated. Thanks=P

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Ooops, sorry, my bad.
Poor Joss! And I've heard of cons doing that. Announce a guest when they aren't actually confirmed then when the guest doesn't show up they say the guest bowed out. Its unprofessional.
Holy crap! I got dragoncon tickets JUST to see him. Oh man, I am MAD!
I talked to Joss for a good 2-3 minutes there, and first of all, he is SO nice! But it was really great getting to actually talk to him. About his cane, he said that he tore a ligament while running, or trying to run. He said he doesn't really need the cane but it helps to lean on from time to time.
Oh and I should also mention that Adam Baldwin, Robia LaMorte, and Iyari Limon also made suprise appearences and between my friend and I we got pictures with all of them. It was a good first convention for me.
Very nice, D. And glad for you that you got to meet the Man, a pleasure that I've yet to experience. Thanks for the info on his owie, I was wondering.
Joss is very much a sweetie. Very gracious. I got to tell him how much I enjoyed seeing a prescreening of Serenity and that I loved it much!
I agree. I met him at Comic-Con earlier this month. He's a great guy.
FalenAnjl, David Boreanaz is the one who had the bad knee a couple years ago.

I think all the Serenity people who are also listed as guests were supposed to be doing a panel with Joss at Dragon*Con. Does that mean they aren't going to be there either? Adam Baldwin is the only one who has a separate listing on the Buffy Track besides Joss.
Good lord, I hope he's going to be OK (feel better soon!). I have ancient, tried-to-do-the-running-thing knee pain and it's not fun. Canes can be sexy, but couldn't he have just leaned on his hot date instead? ;)

Very jealous of all who went, and I hope you had a wonderful time. Did anyone get to ask Joss what he thinks of Sci-fi's blowout promotion for the movie? He must be so excited!
NOT at Dragon Con?? What is this!!!??

I was already disappointed by the whole Philly Wizard World screw up. (Didn't end up going, at least). Now I'm making plans to go to Dragon Con. The other BDHS had better be there at least!
Oh man I'm so jealous of all you guys that got to meet the man! Go, now to Flikr and write full acconts!!! Please.
How cool is that? Is that the first Buffyverse con Joss has ever been too?

Hang about, ages ago I emailed Dragon Con to confirm that press release of theirs (cause some Whedonesque posters were wondering) and they said yes it was true. A big huh to all that then.
As for a whedonverse only con. He has attended the PBP parties and of course the comic cons but I do believe this is his first apprearance at an actual Verse-only related convention.

According Joss he will be in Connecticut that weekend, and has no plans to visit Atlanta.

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Hey you! What was the audience's reaction to him turning up? Did jaws drop?
It's not Joss's first related Con appearance, though it may be so in the US - he was a full guest at Nocturnal, here in the UK, in 2002 I think, along with a bunch of other Buffy/Angel people. Spoke, joked, even danced with everyone.
I love the picture you posted in flickr. That must have been so exciting!
Roadrunner, Joss had made several con appearances here in the U.S. over the past few years. However, most live too far to go see him regularly. I don't know that he has made a show within a ten hour drive of where I live.
Me and two friends are going to DragonCon. Not specifically to see Joss, we found out about him after we had already planned it. In a way, this is good, because we just almost changed our plane tickets, spending a huge chunk of money to do that, because Joss was scheduled at 1:00pm on the last day, which ends at 2. Our plane tickets were for 2:15 that day, and we were all upset that we would miss him. Iím glad we didn't exchange our tickets yet!!

Still makes me very angry at DragonCon for listing him without actually having him say he would come. I hope that the other cool people I was excited about will actually be there!!
Frankly, I'm just devastated. It was mainly becasue Joss was going to be there that I was taking the time, spending the money, and making the effort to head all the way to Atlanta for DragonCon, my first con ever. I am absolutely FURIOUS with them! I'll still be going since the money is spent, but the edge is definitely off for me. Don't get me wrong, I love our BDH's and am looking forward to seeing them (if indeed all those listed are actually going to be there, kinda hard to trust DragonCon at this point. But it won't be the same. For me it's "allaboutJoss".

Think we can convince him to go anyway? Please Joss? Pretty please? I promise I'll be good!
FWIW, I know for a fact that Jewel Staite is gonna be there, because at both I-Con and Comic-Con she said she was. *grin*

Beyond that -- I'm kinda surprised. Dragon*Con doesn't have a history of this kind of thing, and they're usually very good about confirming guests before announcing them. I've never known them to announce someone they haven't confirmed before.
So, one has to ask, does Joss have his cons crossed?

Someone who's going depending on Joss being there maybe ought to mail Dragon*Con to put the question, eh?
I believe that a fair number of fans have already emailed Dragon*Con.
I was there too! I got to shake his hand and got a picture with him. I will never wash that hand! My life is complete now! What an awesome man! The booster folks rock for pulling this off!! :)
It's possible either Joss has mixed his dates up, or DragonCon have just plain fucked up. All good fun.
I emailed Dragon*Con and asked for confirmation about Joss and the Serenity folks.

This was to be my first con in a very long time, and if Joss isn't attending, I'm sorely disappointed. Not sure I'll go.
Like Eddy said, cons have been known to do this, promote people who weren't even asked or scheduled to come, only to say the star had to pull out at the last minute. ASH talked about this at the Vulkon in Oakland, and he was none to happy about it! If this is the case, I think it's a crappy business approach by Dragon*Con--to deliberately mislead fans just so they can get the money and still look like the good guys in the end and make Joss look like a flake.
Rogue Slayer, maybe we should wait until this gets all straightened out before assuming that the people at Dragon Con jumped the gun on their scheduling announcements. This all may be a simple misunderstanding on their part or on Joss'.
Rogue Slayer, maybe we should wait until this gets all straightened out before assuming that the people at Dragon Con jumped the gun on their scheduling announcements. This all may be a simple misunderstanding on their part or on Joss'.

Hence my statement of 'If this is the case', but then again 'jumping the gun' isn't really my assumption anyway.

[ edited by Rogue Slayer on 2005-07-31 21:58 ]
My bad, I guess I shouldn't have posted directly to you since others were making the assumption that DC did something unethical more strongly.
According to my contacts at Dragon*Con, Joss is confirmed to be appearing at Dragon*Con.
Could Joss maybe have been thinking about Wizard World Chicago?
I thought that too, but I don't think he was even rumoured for that one. The official Serenity Movie site said he was confirmed for Wizard World Philly until Wizard informed fans via email that he was never down for it.

I'm also seeing unofficial reports on a couple Dragon*Con LJs that he is supposed to be going. Hopefully we'll get some clarification from Dragon*Con tomorrow.

RavenU did tell me that:

"Joss said he wanted to get the word out as soon as he could. Everytime he posted he'd forget to mention it."

Given how busy and pressured Joss has been of late, I can well believe that.
Edit: So much for that. I'm guessing some folks at Dragon*Con are going to be quite surprised.

P.S. Summer Glau has also been added to the guest list for Dragon*Con. (At least theoretically.)

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Hi boys and girls. I'm not going to Dragoncon. As far as I know, I was never ASKED to go to Dragoncon. I didn't even know when or where it was. I have nothing against Dragoncon per se (unless actual dragons are there, which would be scary and dangerous) (and "acchio Firebolt" doesn't really work for just anyone) but I have other plans. I don't know about the actors -- I assume the ones listed are actually going and I'll make sure we confirm that. Sorry for the confusification but it is not of my making.

Gotta fly, peeps. But not to Atlanta. -j.

(The Edinburgh thing is true though.)
Thanks, joss.

Joss, you might get a request about a documentary thing in Edinburgh from UIP. That'd be me.
Joss, Hope your knee feels better soon. You should probably stay off the broom until then. ;-)
Good point - get well soon, and all that razz.
Hope your knee gets better Joss. No ninja battles for you anytime soon.
Joss the Ninja. That would be something to see.
Anyway, I hope he rests up for the premiere in Scotland
The request for joss to the dance of joy whilst singing the Firefly theme is currently being crossed off the documentary list. I am kidding. I think.
Would it be bad of me to point out that Joss mispelled "accio"? :)

Oh, and Hey, Joss. Hope your knee gets better.
Would it be bad of me to point out that Joss mispelled "accio"? :)

Impossible. Joss always uses one of those magically self-correcting quills.
Maybe he got ahold of one of the Weasley joke-quills.

Or Maybe Joss in under the Imperious Curse.

Or Maybe ... I should stop talking about Harry Potter here. ;)
'Accio' just looked weird when I typed it. So did 'weird', actually. I'm not that bright.
But 'acchio' has a certain italianate flair, doesn't it? Risotto al'acchio . . . or something. Not so good for fighting dragons however. Except maybe English ones. I'll stop now. Thanks for posting Joss.
I'm not that bright.
I think most of us will have to respectfully disagree. ;)
Heeyah. Sorry Joss, although your trademark self-deprecation is beloved here, Whedonesquers know better.

As my beloved, and recently departed grandfather would say: "Don't try to hide your light under a bushel."

What's a 'bushel', anyway? Wasn't that some old farmy unit of measurement? I always picture some baskety kinda thing.
Sounds like there was a mix up somewhere, I doubt there was any intentional wrong doing in this case. The Dragon*Con folks have always been careful about this kind of thing. And I believe Joss really didn't know anything about it. Hence - big mix up! The sad end result is that there are going to be a lot of sorely disappointed fans if he can't make it.

Joss - I know quite a few who decided to go to Dragon*Con (and spent a lot of money) just because you were supposed to be there. I know this isn't your fault, but if there is any possible way for you to rearrange your schedule...please do. Trust me you'll LOVE Dragon*Con, it's far and away my favorite con, and I've been to many including Comic-Con, Serenity Con and others... Just ask Jewel, Nathan and Adam, they seemed to have a lot of fun (possibly too much fun) last year.

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A con takes *work*, you know.

"Acchio" is what I'd imagine an Italian sneeze would sound like :).
Joss replied to me. hehehehe

Oh, sorry.

Just imagine something intelligent, sophisticated and not fan-boish post here. :D
well, the Buffy track livejournal says that Universal booked Joss at Dragon*Con, and they didn't speak to him directly. Some Serenity promotional deal, I assume. I don't think D*C was out to fleece anyone fro attendance, it's just crossed wiring.

Also, can anyone direct me to this "flickr" post? I am totally ignorant about most photo hosting that isn't Photobucket or pbase.
OOOOOOOKayyyy. Trying not to cry, here. I bought tickets to DragonCon solely because Joss was supposed to be there. I haven't been to a convention in 10 years and it wasnt *that* groovy to make me want to attend on a whim. Since this seemed like the only chance to get him on this side of the country, I jumped at the chance to see a panel of our BDH and Joss, now I'm crushed. No fault to him, of course, I just hope I don't lose admission for a friend that I had to convince to go to DragonCon by forcing her to watch Firefly DVD's until she cried"Uncle" and swore allegiance to the'Verse.
amystar: click here to see the pic of Joss

aver: It's a real damn shame about this mixup, but at least the BDH will be there.

And judging by what I've read about Dragon*Con, I really doubt this is their fault. They have a very good reputation from what I can gather. I'm putting this down to crossed wires, miscommunication etc. Unfortunately, it's the fans who want to see Joss will be the ones who have come worst out of this all.

But (I just love adding to my posts) there is going to be a very strong Browncoat element at Dragon*Con and some of them have set up tables etc, it would be a shame not to say hi and thank them for their hard work.
I would feel a bit better about Dragon*Con if they still didn't have Joss up on their website as a confirmed guest...
I imagine they are only now trying to sort out the situation, what with the news breaking over the weekend and all that.
Okay. Now I'm feelin' extra-crappy (stays crappy even in milk!) about this whole thing. Maybe I can tape something AWESOME (or at least exclusive) to send over with my BDHs. I'll look into it.

And, hey, I just linked to that picture of me at the Angel event! Say, is murder against the law? (Never emote in public, say it with me now....)

I will try to come up with something worthy re: the con, 'cause I honestly don't believe I can go. Bye y'all.

Sincerely, Ol' SquintyGums.
Mr. Whedon,
Perhaps you should check with Universal?
Hi Joss! I know I certainly don't mean for you to feel crappy. I'm sure this was all a huge misunderstanding, just hate that it was posted that you were confirmed when...obviously...your not.

It sucks.

But, thus is life. *shrug*

At least we know before hand though, that is a good thing.

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No need for you to feel crappy Joss. Doesn't appear to be your doing, except in the sense that you are the Supreme Overlord and all is in your control. So I guess if you look at it that way, yeah...nice going, Whedon!
The last thing we want you to feel is crappy, it's not your fault.
joss, no need to feel extra-crappy. Great men are not responsible for how their names are bandied about (or for parking tickets). Sending something over would be great, though. Can you write the first volume of your autobiography that fast, sign it, and send it with Jewel to raffle off? The manuscript, not Jewel. On second thought...
Awww, I think most fans appreciate you clarifying stuff, Joss. I think it would be a whole lot more disappointing if people just turned up on that day expecting you to be there, and well.. you're not there.

There's no need to feel crappy about this, such mix-ups are probably rare but only human. Though I wish I could give you a hug for being so thoughtful. :)

Get well soon too!
Joss: At the risk of going all gooey and non Northern Irish here, you do so much for the fandom and go the extra mile for us. We really do appreciate it. Thank you. And thanks for posting in this thread.
Have to join Simon in his thanks, especailly for posting here to keep us informed. It has surely helped sort out what is a very unfortunate situation long before it would've been sorted otherwise.
Yes, very nice of you to let everyone know. I also hope your knee gets better! My poor hubby hurt his a few months ago and he's still nursing it! He probably should've done the whole cane thing too to take some pressure off it!
Joss (may I call you Joss?) Thanks so much for posting. As many have said, we don't want you feeling crappy. We know you are all about the fans and it is much appreciated. We really do understand that you are allowed to have a life. While still disappointed, I'm chalking it up to "poop happens" and heading to the Con anyway to enjoy the rest of the crew. And sure, if you could find it in yourself to throw us a little tidbit, well, darn, that would just be too cool for school.

Hope the knee is feeling better soon, too bad there's no Madam Pomphrey (sp) to fix you up. But I bet you'd look really debonaire (sp) with a cool walking stick.
Oh, Joss, I don't want you to feel bad- you just made me laugh like a hyena with your last post! The lack of you is a great blow, but I guess we will soldier on and endure the drabness that is Serenity's crew with forced smiles on our faces.
Seriously, though, a little sump'n from you would be the ginchiest!
hey. joss.

Is it a Serenity panel? Why not call it a Firefly panel and send Tim in your place? Win/win?

And! If that all works out you can buy me a ticket in exchange for this recommendation so I can see Tim and also have peach pie.


Ulterior Motive Grrl
Hey Joss, great to see you posting. Hope your knee gets better and can't wait to see you (at last) and Serenity (at last) in Edinburgh.
As the world's most self-centered person, all I can say is how unfortunate it was that my friend's announcement that she wouldn't be coming to D*C (I haven't seen her in 2+ years and was really looking forward to it - also the hotel room was in her name) and the bit about Joss came out within 24 hours of each other, and thus I was led to believe that there was some higher power orchestrating things just to make me very unhappy. Not anyone else, of course.

[Note: There was sarcasm there. I don't want anyone thinking I actually believe I'm the only person disappointed by this development.]

I just deleted a bunch of whining about all the reasons I might not go. But I think I'll sum all of that up with, "It's Labor Day weekend, and I was planning on driving down I-85 the whole way."

Panel scheduling will be the deciding factor for me. I think a statement from Universal about this whole debacle (I was just looking for an excuse to say "debacle") would be nice.

I also really like Allyson's suggestion, because Tim is teh cool one !1!!11!!!!. (Also, Angle is so hot.)

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A statement from Universal posted on the Serenity movie site would be most welcome. This'll be the third convention that they had him down for which he's not going to. And they never retracted the info about him attending Wizard World Philly and that Starfury con in London.

Anyway go see the movie cast at Dragon*Con. They're supposed to be very nice indeed.
Simon, the key element will be when the movie cast's main event is. If it's Friday, there's no point in me going, because I can't get down there until around 11 pm. Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, big chance of me going. I've heard Friday and Monday, and I've not taken the time to really go digging for the info on the D*C site.
Yeah I tried looking for info too, wasn't able to find a schedule. Either I'm looking for one in the wrong place or it's not up yet.
If you click on "Programming Tracks" on the main page, under "events and services" and then click to get to the programming tracks main page(or click on "programming tracks" under the "popular quick links" on the DC main page.), then go to the American Science Fiction and Fantasy programming track main page(its a geocities site), there is a schedule under "Full Track Schedule" that looks pretty un-finalized. There's also some scheduling of the actors on the Buffy Track Page--also looks pretty rough draft-ish. The actual schedule of all tracks is a really thick booklet that you get when you register.
Just back from LA, reading this thread about Joss appearing at the Bash. While I understand everyone's disappointment about DC, I want to bring up a couple of things about Joss coming to the banquet.

Backstory: Alexis had to cancel his appearance at the con, due to a family event and he felt really bad about it. This makes me all warm and fuzzy on a couple of levels. His devotion to family is charming and heartwarming. That he cares about disappointing his fans and went out of his way to make it up to everyone is astounding to me. He not only made sure he appeared at the banquet- he brought Joss!

Everyone at Alexis' table spent the rest of the night telling everyone else how delightful and interesting he was. Joss, despite walking with a cane and being in obvious pain, patiently posed for photos with everyone who asked, talked with everyone who approached him, then went from table to table, talking to all the fans.

Having been an enormous fan before the convention, I am now an even bigger fan. Yes, I know, all the dessert I ate at the con had something to do with being a bigger fan, but you know what I mean.

The final thing I want to point out is that Joss was talking murder over the photo. I just want to assure you, Joss, that there are bound to be plenty of beautiful pictures out there, being downloaded as we speak... beautiful, non-squinty-gummed photos, at that.
I'd love to see some more photos from the Booster Bash. Does anyone who went feel like putting some up on the flickr?
Unfortunately, I was too busy to take any pictures. :-( Raven has a bunch, though. I imagine she'll treat us to some good ones, soon.
LOL... Raven isn't worried about Joss murdering her... everyone comes back when murdered by Joss. :-P
everyone comes back when murdered by Joss.

Not everyone! Joyce leaps to mind. Also Anya.

ETA: Many thanks to demonica for instructions. I have examined the Dragon*Con schedule - I will hold on to my ticket for now but if the American SFF schedule doesn't change, there is very little to entice me. I say this not because I don't think I'd love the con - I'm sure I would, cons are great fun and totally my scene - but because, as mentioned before, it's a holiday weekend. Also the expense of the trip. It's just bad timing for me really. Still with the sad. Hoping for a miracle.

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Kiba--In the past, they have utilized the guests much more than these schedules indicate--like, at least one panel a day on Fri. Sat. and Sunday. I would predict that this year there will be more opportunities to see the actors than are listed now---but I could be wrong. Last year, when Natan Fillion, Adam Balwin, and Jewel Staite were there--we couldn't get into the Friday panel because it was so packed, but did manage to get into the Saturday, and there was another on Sunday with Jewel and Nathan, and another with just Nathan. Also, all three spent a good amount of time down in the autograph area.

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