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August 01 2005

Adam Baldwin: Debunked. Very nice profile and interview with him over at MillarWorld Magazine.

I haven't seen The Inside (no tv anymore), so I don't feel at all qualified to address the program in any manner more direct or intelligent than simply "thank you Tim, your work is appreciated by many" with the certainty that he'll do just fine with whatever future projects he undertakes.

As for Adam, he always seems so friendly, particularly thoughtful and intelligent when he discusses, well, pretty much anything, in this case, the characterization and his efforts to enhance it. I've always found him to be one of the most enthusiastic Firefly/Serenity supporters and I love it when he gets excited about it.

Those already in the know indicate it could easily be one of the year’s genuine sleeper hits.

*sighs, grins* that does sound real pretty, doesn't it?
I'm trying to keep my expectations low with Serenity, so they can be easily met (eg $20m take at the BO). But. I do agree with Adam - it has action, humour, violence and pretty people in space, along with a world people can invest in which gives it a genuine chance of being the start of a new franchise (and also, fandom).

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Nice article, but a nit that must be picked:

"Enemy ex-patriots"

Oh, dear...
Those of us who post over at the "OB" (Original Board, the Fox-sponsored prospero board for Firefly) know Adam of *ahem* old. "Enemy ex-patriots" is the least of it. ;-D
It never connected with me that he was in 'My Bodyguard'. (Hangs head) Oh, the shame...

Good interview.
Ree - Huh? Although I am familiar with Adam's opinions, (being a regular poster on the OB) that's not what the remark was about.

The author was remarking on Mutant "Enemy ex-patriots" - which by the way should be "expatriates", Fury and Espensen

I think that Chris was picking the ex-patriot/expatriate nit.
My point still stands. ;-D
Although I am familiar with Adam's opinions

Which are... ?

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