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August 01 2005

(SPOILER) Huge Joss Whedon interview now online!!! Covers just about everything. It's a must read. Some minor spoilers for Serenity, scroll down to the second part 'Toy Story' if you don't want to be spoiled.

Damn, that sounds like one hell of an interview. I can't wait.
It does sound really good, doesn't it? I haven't read a substantial Joss interview since those IGN ones from years back.
Exciting stuff, wonder what it will cover? Nice as it is to have various Joss snippets it will be good to have a large chunk instead :D.
Joss is doing the phone interview thing this week apparently. Expect quite a few of these. Edit: not that I'm trying to say this one is any less important - looking forward to it.

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Definitely looking forward to this. It has been quite awhile since we had an indepth interview from Joss. With all those subjects, we should have plenty to discuss.
Aye hopefully it'll answer some of the questions I've had in the back of my mind for a wee while.
Need some Angel feature film type possibility questions, Spike tv movie possibility questions, that would please me.
I need to hear why he choose "Wonder Woman" instead of "X-Men 3" (if there, indeed, was a choice to be made). That decision still befuddles me.
bobtaylor - he's answered that one before. Don't have URL to hand, but basically "X-Men 3" had very specific shooting dates (ie shortly) which would have clashed with Serenity. He choose "Wonder Woman" as the studio hasn't attached specific dates to it yet, which lets him fit it around his schedule more.
bobtaylor, My recollection is that he answered that one a few times in slightly different ways. If I remember correctly, the answers included that they had a strict schedule for X3 he did not feel comfortable with (video at the Browncoats site?)and that they did not actually ask him to do it(phone Q&A at Kerry fundraiser?) Maybe the interview will answer your question more completely.

I found the disclaimer that there would not be Spike movie info smile-worthy. Talk about trying to head off disappointment. I also found it funny because he says something about the subject being too recent. Gee, that has been an ongoing subject for how long now?

(Oops, Gossi and I were posting at the same time.)

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Yeah, I've heard some of the of vague, not-always-consistent quotes from him about "X-Men 3." A definitive account along with his concept for "X3" had he done the film would interest me greatly.
Who's this Joss Whedon fellow?
Who's this Joss Whedon fellow?

I don't know...wait wait wait, you're telling me this site isn't for popular Swedish vocalist and interpretive dancer, "Whedonesque"?

Well then what the bloody hell is this site for?!
Does that Hercules article contain spoilers?
I thought this interview was with Joe Sweden?

Seriously, this sounds great. I always enjoy in-depth interviews with Joss. Some of the best have been on Filmforce but the last one there was a while ago. And we don't even have to register for this one then? Kewl, kewl...
Line Dancing? Possibly? Although I always has a sneaking suspiscion oragami was involved somewhere in this site

I shall turn into Sherlock Holmes, or more pop culture correctly, Veronica Mars! (with less defined breasts, with myself being male)
The Herc article says that he'll adress what he is planning for the 06-07 TV season. Please Joshua Tree Whedon, don't rip my heart up, spit on it, the stomp it to a bloody pulp. Even if you do, I'll still love you like an abused puppy loves his master.
Edited due to subject and link change.

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It's up now.
Thanks for the heads up SerenityScape, much appreciated. And I'll reiterate what I said in the subject line, scroll down to the second part which deals with Toy Story if you don't want to be spoiled.
No problem Simon, glad to help.
I've put a spoiler tag just in case. I would ask that posters do not discuss the spoilers mentioned in the article. After all, there's plenty of other material to chat about :). Very impressive interview.
Joss adores 'House'. Hurrah!
"House" shmouse; "Veronica" is where it's at. Nice to see that Joss is onboard.

Great interview. There's so much about the Buffyverse already out there, that it's terribly interesting and surprising to read a piece that focus on all of Joss' OTHER work.
Not for “Wonder Woman,” because I’m still working out the plot. But I’m finding the moments that matter; I’m finding the things that make the story really resonate; the things that I just can’t wait to film. I have great big questions to answer, but I’m in that beautiful, free-form poetical place where you just get to think up moments and see if they fit in your movie. And that’s almost more fun than anything. And that work, which is a vital part of what got me interested in doing the job in the first place, is being done.

Of all the things I love about this interview, and there is much to love, I loved this answer the best. I'm fascinated by how my favorite artists work, what their influences are, etc. and this nailed on the head one thing I've always loved about Joss' work. If there is one thing that draws me to his work, it's the moment, the defining moment. Like Wesley's death in Illyria's arms or Buffy catching Angelus' sword with her bare hands in "Becoming", Joss' work is laden with those defining moments when everything not only makes an absurd amount of sense, but the emotional truth of the story rings clear as a bell. Those moments are like the most beautiful lines of a poem, and why I'm such a die-hard fan of his work.

But other things in the interview fascinate as well, not least the look into the workings of movies and TV shows, and his ideas about various franchises. I would have loved to see his version of Batman's origin story (Begins underwhelmed me, sorry to say) and his version of the first X-Men script is like an internet Holy Grail or something. I so wish it'd be leaked already. And how cool is it that the interviewer is like totally knowledgeable about Joss' work and doings? This interview is the most comprehensive I've seen since the onion AV club one from years ago.

um, the one strange thing is how he watches police procedurals, which I find weird. I don't know why, I just do. But how adorable that he loves Hugh Laurie as House as much as I do? I get choked up with love for him too. (Though Joss, psst, start watching Arrested Development, bestest thing on TV right now, I swear.)
Yup, me, too with the choking. Perfection in mysanthropy. It's beautiful.

I lost interest in Veronica Mars halfway through (no cool/sexy/interesting adult characters), but I'll try again next season.

I'd be interested to hear how Joss feels about this interview. In my experience, reading back an interview with yourself is always weird and disconcerting and the things you apparantly said to the interviewer sound wrong in print. Wonder if it's like that for Joss as well.
Ah, another House/Hugh fan. I love him even more, if that's possible!
Loved the interview. It's great to hear Joss talk a little more about his work in Toy Story, AR, and Speed. And I'm now even more excited about WW.

dottikin: yes! It's the moments, those transcendent moments.

But no Deadwood love? (Hey, I know, the man has only - what? - 36 hours in a day . . . ) Still, after certain folks here put me onto it, it has become the only show I rate as highly as BtVS or FF. And after watching the special feature interviews with creator David Milch, I would put him and Joss (and probably Neil Gaiman) at the very top of my dream dinner party invite list. That would be some conversation.
As a part-time writer, I'm always fascinated by the nuts and bolts of how other writers perform their craft. So, yeah, the sections of this interview where Joss talks about the way he works were great, especially when he metioned diagramming out plot points before starting a story. Me, personally -- I've always been more successful as a journalist/non-fiction writer than as a storyteller, and a big part of the problem there is because I'm fairly lousy at building long-form plot structures. That's not to say that I can copy after Joss and instantly become the next Stephen King, but it's still intriguing and inspiring to see a little bit of how a master of storytelling pulls off his magic.

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What a great interview! Loved every word of it, for all the reasons already listed (including House!). I find all the process info extremely fascinating. And I must say, in all the talk we've had in recent days about professionalism, I must admit to admiring his professionalism -- acknowledging his own cattiness (sp?) in private but being unwilling to rag on another writer in public. (And then his latest response in the DragonCon thread.) Class act.
Fantastic interview!

And I'm not surprised at all that he's been watching procedurals. What I find surprising is that so many people think they're terrible. OK, lots of 'em are kinda bad, but the basic structure/genre is cool. There's lots one could do with it -- what is it, like, the more rules there are, the more ways to break them? Very cool. If he ever makes a procedural TV series, I'm so there. (Who am I kidding? I'd watch anything he wrote. ;))
This interview is an absolute treasure, and pretty much the best Whedon interview I've ever seen. Incredibly thorough, fascinating, illuminating, and entertaining.

Plus, the fact it's in the official publication of the National Organization of Theater Owners is a pretty big deal, as it'll hopefully help get theater owners excited about Serenity.

Anyway, I'd encourage everyone to voice their thanks and appreciation to InFocus magazine via (per their contact page).
Wow, that's a no-holds-barred, pulling-just-the-occasional-punch interview. Loved the Alien Resurrection stuff. Didn't realize he was so heavy on Toy Story... did anyone else see the clawmarks of Joss on Little Bo Beep's "I'll get someone else to watch my sheep tonight" line? Huzzah!
Great interview. I loved the "Star Wars" analysis :). And of course now I'm curious which "Buffy" episodes were written by Joss and credited to someone else.
Ilana- One of them that I'm pretty sure of is "Halloween." The credited writer, Carl Ellsworth, was fired (or I guess the Hollywood term is 'ankled') for not being able to write teenage dialog very well. Whedonesque had a post about Ellsworth here. So I'm guessing that Joss rewrote it but kept the other guy's name on it.

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Great interview. It was cool to learn more about Joss' involvement with Toy Story. I always wondered how much he contributed because some people try to say his Oscar nom with it means nothing since theres like 8 people credited for it. It must've been a pretty big blow to Joss to see WB not getting his Batman pitch and then to go and find out about Firefly's cancelation. He's got to be extremly jaded with hollywood which I felt in Angel's final season(W&H=the suits). Ilana to this day I still believe that Joss' hands were all over Fool For Love but I'm just a bit biased ;).

Joss's "She's not going to look like Trinity" should hopefully silence the naysayers who think she'll be wearing black leather.

And glad to know Joss did not think of the weird "pumpkin headed" thing at the end of Alien 4.
I'm crushed...
Iron Man was/is my favorite comic character, and to know that he had a vision for it and was approched,AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
Oh well, to "settle" for Serenity and WW is still quite good...
especially when he metioned diagramming out plot points before starting a story.

I found that very comforting, as I was already starting to wonder if I simply suck, because I can't keep track of everything. But now I have to wonder if most writers basically have bits and pieces and things they want to include. Images, scenes, conversations... and the difference between good and bad writers is that a good writer knows when to just drop something, while a bad writer will try to squeeze it in anyway.
You writers -- check out Robert McKee's book, STORY. He's an enthusiastic preacher of the power of diagramming. :)
Wow, that was a really great read! I feel like I've just sat at Joss' feet learning lots. I loved the Toy Story stuff and just about weep hearing what he could have done for Batmen! Also this quote...

The most important line in “Star Wars,” to me, is the moment Luke looks at the Millennium Falcon, the most beautiful ship I’ve ever seen, and says, “What a piece of junk!”
Ha...that just floored me when I was a kid!
I've read all the way through these posts and no one mentioned the amazing "fact" in the intro: 1 million Firefly box sets sold! I find it hard to believe but it's been more than a year since it reached 200,000 and the interest in FF has accelerated since then. Whoa! That's amazing, if it's anywhere near accurate. (Or did I miss this news earlier -- again.)

But no Deadwood love? (Hey, I know, the man has only - what? - 36 hours in a day . . . ) Still, after certain folks here put me onto it, it has become the only show I rate as highly as BtVS or FF. And after watching the special feature interviews with creator David Milch, I would put him and Joss (and probably Neil Gaiman) at the very top of my dream dinner party invite list. That would be some conversation.

Ack! Milch, Whedon and Gaiman in the same room. My head would explode, SNT.

Yes, Dottikin, that was a beautiful description. I'm printing that out and pasting it near my 'puter for those moments when inspiration needs renewing.

ETA: Looks like the article has been "edited" to put in commonly published number of sets sold of 200,000. But as others attest below, it did say 1 million in V1.0

Doesn't detract from the Class A backgrounder and interview here by In Focus. Absolutely superb.

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Excellent interview. The interviewer really did their homework here - they need huge credit as often getting this much information ain't easy. They knew the specifics in advance.
Wow, what a great interview.
I'd never believe that I'd become more fan of Joss, but after reading it, I'm even more fan of him, than before.

I even got emotional in some parts. Joss you're the Man.
Right there with you on 'Deadwood', SNT. We need to get Joss tuned to HBO. After all, how will we ever get a Fray series?

Wonderful interview. Joss does these the same as his shows, he includes all the emotions in the package.

The "other" to whom Yoda referred would of course have been a young, female, badass Jedi, because where else would I go with that?

I nearly fell out of my chair with that one. Got to love that wit.

"We want you to make the third act more exciting and cheaper." And my response inevitably is, "The problem with the third act is the first two acts." This response is never listened to.

Very true. The reason Joss' writing draws me so is he tells a story where everything completely meshes. Other movies today seem to only care for action shots and gee-whiz FX. And they leave me cold because I want a plot. I want character interaction. Damnit, tell me a story!

So the meeting was just kind of a non-starter. I was talking about a smaller film, they were really looking for a big franchise thing. So I got in my car and headed back to the office and I literally said to myself, "How many more times do I need to be told that the machine doesn't care. The machine is not aware of what is in your heart as a storyteller." I got back to the office and they cancelled 'Firefly'. So I was like, "Oh! So, uh, just once more. OK!"

This statement broke my heart. I can't imagine the frustration that filled Joss that day. I'm very thankful he stuck with it.
Okay, so that pretty much means an almost definite NO, to any Buffyverse shows for the next two years on t.v. Veronica Mars, I'm counting on you. :(
Okay, great interview but Joss, I hope you've now seen that Nolan NAILED Batman. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure yours would have owned, but Nolan nailed it after all.

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Does anyone else notice how every columnist/interviewer gets the "Firefly was canceled after ___ episodes" statistic wrong? LOL. There were 15 hours produced three of which never aired. This means the show was canceled after 12 episodes (11 if you count 'Serenity' -the pilot- as a single ep). Now the announcement of cancellation could have come after 10 episodes aired, but I don't think that's what the writer of this piece meant in his intro.

Fantastic interview nonetheless!! The writer really knows his Joss. I learned a great deal of new Joss-related info from this interview... and I've been a total Whedonist since BTVS season three!

I am stoked that Mr. Whedon appreciates Veronica Mars. That is as it should be. It is a fantastic program. As much as I love Batman Begins, I would have loved a Whedon-penned Batman film. -mattro
I actually wasn't crazy about "Batman Begins," and the areas it was most deficient in--character development and dialogue--are where Joss would have been most effective.

Don't get me wrong, I thought it was pretty good, but the whole time I was watching it I couldn't help thinking of all the ways in which it could have been better.
Madhatter, I felt the same way about that last statement you quoted. And I flashed angry anew at the short-sighted idiots that crushed Joss' dream.

When Joss says things like that, I always feel such sympathy for the man. He always tries just so damn hard, and is so amazingly talented. I so wish that he was more appreciated by industry types.
Yea, I'm with you on that one Ilana. I was thinking the same thing when watching it.
Threw my back out. Mmmmmm, pain pills. Anyway, SNT, surely Joss must sneak a peek at Deadwood once in a while?! After all, brother Zack Whedon is an assistant (or something) to David Milch.
m'cookies, WHAT? How did I not know this? That's very cool, a Whedon connection to the magnificent Deadwood! Plus, a brother? Did anyone else know Joss had a brother, let alone one in the industry?

And take care of your did you hurt it?
Am I the only one who doesn't like Veronica Mars? I've seen 3 eps, and each time I fade away half way into the show. I'm a little tired of young blonde girls and their soap opera lives.
I knew Joss had a newphew named Corbin after listening to the Conviction dvd commentary this morning(he named the villain in the episode after him). According to IMDB, Zack was a production assistant on Angel. Son and father? I don't know.
Believe it or not, by stumbling a tiny bit while leading my horse back to her pasture. Old injury resurfaces with a vengeance. Yowza!

Good thing I have Buffy and Angel and Firefly DVD's to comfort me. (and ice and Vicodin)

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Am I the only one who doesn't like Veronica Mars?

Couldn't get interested myself. Joss pretty much spoiled me for most tv shows.
Joss watches Veronica Mars! I just knew he'd like that show.
I did notice the name "Zack Whedon" in the Deadwood credits, but strangely never followed up on that lead. m'cookies: you're quite right. It appears that he's Joss's brother. And in fact, Joss's imdb bio states that Zack is David Milch's assistant. Sounds like my dream dinner party might well have taken place . . . sans me, of course. :(

And, yep, I enjoyed Batman Begins, but it didn't particularly move me.
I myself have never watched VM, but I'm gonna try to get into it...especially if Joss is a fan :). Incredible interview by the way. It kills me everytime I see something Joss has worked on and notice that he is uncredited in so many things.

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Did you guys see a different Batman movie? I have been a Bats fan since I was soiling myself (as a baby wise-guys)and it was close to being perfect for me. Which is to say I believe the only perfect movie I have seen is The Shawshank Redemption.

I am so psyched about Wonder Woman. If any man can bring her to the silver screen it's Joss.

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Great interview...and another entry in the "Serenity Now" headline collection.

It's amazing how many people come up with this the moment you mention the film. So far, no one's mentioned the adult diapers. (Even though there's a great movie tie-in there..."A movie so thrilling you'll definitely want to be wearing one!")
I, for one, am looking forward to the 'Veronica Mars' DVD release this October 11. Never watched the show, but I read the transcripts and I became hooked from the pilot. IMO, Rob Thomas thinks along the same lines as Joss.
I agree with Ilana about Batman Begins.
DOn't get me wrong, is the best DC COmics character movie, we've had in years. It was one of the best movies based on a comic book in the latest years.
But, despite being a great movie, I left the theather feeling a little bit empty, cause somethign was really missing from it. I didn't care enough about the characters, there was not enough "heart" in it. I that Joss would've been able to provide to the movie.

Okay, you guys just convinced me to give Deadwood another try. I watched something like 2 o3 episodes, but it wasn't for me, from what I saw from these few episodes. But if you guys are praising it this much, I'll give it another try.

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Since the announcement that Firely was cancelled came right before OIS aired, the article is factual. 10 episodes aired and then it was cancelled. OIS was subsequently aired as was the two hour Serenity (as one episode) but, it was already cancelled.
"Deadwood" is hands down, without question, in total certainty, the best show on TV. Sixty minutes of brilliant storytelling week in and week out, with a slew of great performances, and one performance, Ian McShane's, that is the best TV has ever had to offer. EVER.
I've read all the way through these posts and no one mentioned the amazing "fact" in the intro: 1 million Firefly box sets sold!

Drifter, I think the reason no one's mentioned that "fact" is because the article doesn't ever say that. It's been just over 20 months since the Firefly DVD set was released: if we take the rate of 200,000 units sold in the first four months and optimistically assume that that rate holds steady for every subsequent 4-month interval - that would give us 1 million units sold. Of course, the inherent assumption may not hold.

Strange, how we often hear that DVD sales figures are never released, something about limiting necessaries royalties to artists due their proportional share of total sales. Last week I read in one of the local free dailies an article about The Family Guy, its cancellation, wildly successful DVD sales, its tv resurrection and upcoming DVD feature. The article quoted an enormous 4.5 million units sold (of course, with no source). Heh.
Honestly, when it comes to Firefly, I really don't think it matters anymore exactly how many sold. In some measure it helped get Serenity made and it continues to draw in more new fans, bringing more attention and (hopefully) more paying movie-goers to Serenity as the release date approaches. For me, that matters above all (especially if my math is wrong ;-)

I love that interview. It is extremely comprehensive, covering Joss's work on Toy Story, Aliens, X-Men and Speed, and even some stuff I didn't know, like he made an early draft of a Batman film. Not too much focus on Buffy/Angel, but it's still very good. Joss, as ever, sounds incredibly smart, creative and genuinely nice. :)
I don't know if I ever read an interview with Joss where he talked so in-depth about Toy Story. Most of the time it's just mentioned in the opening paragraph before they dive into the Q and A.

I was watching the movie about a month ago (it had been a while since I'd last seen it) and the crane-worshippers scene started. And as it played out, I kept thinking Joss must have written this section; it's just too good for Joss to not have written it! So I found it quite amusing that that is the one scene he wishes he wrote but didn't...
Numfar, just as Buffy or Angel, 'Deadwood' is a character build. Watch the entire series if you can, you won't be sorry.
gorramit, in Drifter's defense, the article did in fact state that more than a million copies had been sold when it was first posted, as I read it there as well, and almost commented on it. I can no longer find the sentence, though.
So thats who Joss Whedon is!

Seriously, what a man! I had a lot of respect for him in the first place, and I knew he had recieved knocks in his time in Hollywood, but the poor guy, getting his Batman pitch knocked, and his (amazing, brilliant, fantastic, funny, well filmed, well-acted) series cancelled on the same day.

R.E: Joss not doing a Buffyverse/new series for at least another two years.

I cant pretend I'm not a little dissapointed, but in the end, Joss gave us three mind-blowing series that took us on unimaginable twists and turns, and he worked bloody hard on those series. All three series are total gems, and although i would love a fourth one, he deserves a break. I suppose all we have to do now is have Faith. (I would say no pun intended but that would just be lying :))

In short, without sounding too much like a fanboy, im thinking Joss, in terms of what he's achieved and what he represents to people around the world, is pretty amazing; somebody to inspire aspiring writers and directors all over the world. He's a normal guy with a talent who worked (really) hard to get where he is today, and I gotta big him up for that, because he has made me laugh, smile, cry, scream, swear and fall in love with his characters, over and over again. And i know for a fact I am not the only one. A site like this shows the thousands of people that he has touched with his work and the people who will keep coming back over and over again.

So I got one last thing to say:

Joss, you da man!
bobtaylor, I had no idea you were on the DW love train.... and Numfar PTB, glad to hear you are giving it another try. It is true that you really have to put aside your modern values, and check your politically correct outrage at the door...but bobtaylor was absolutely correct in his assessment. It is unmatched, even unapproached, by anything else on television right now.

Just like we all have said a million times about Joss' shows.
Wow. That was probably the most in-dept interview I have ever read. It took me 2 hours (Not an extremely slow reader - just working in between reading) I loved the background on Toy Story! I never knew he pitched Batman. Wow...learn something new everyday.
Thanks, palehorse. I clearly signed on much later than most everyone else today (this thread had about 61 comments when I tuned in) and made sure to read through the entire interview prior to commenting here. I see from some of the early comments (particularly those by SerenityScape and Simon) that the link apparently changed at some point, so maybe there was an edit done on the story itself? *Shrugs* anyway, no big deal, and no defense is required, we're all friendly, respectful posters here today.

So now I must weigh in on this shiny interview - wow. Simply amazing, especially in its depth and breadth and for all the fascinating information and character details it reveals about the man himself. I love his Star Wars comments, particularly his assessment of Lando's ROTJ climax co-pilot as "a frog." I'd heard a long time ago some very vague rumours about him pitching a "Batman Year One"-esque story but his revealing that it was shot down the same day that Firefly was cancelled, that makes my heart hurt.
On a happier note, I am especially gratified to learn that he wrote what sounds like a much more interesting script ("scripts", in the plural, that is) for Alien Resurrection and that the embarassingly stupid "Newborn" Alien was most certainly not his idea; thank you so, so much for clearing that up, it always made me hesitant whenever I thought about Joss and that movie.
dottikin, good call about The Onion A.V. Club interview - I love that one so much I saved it to my hard drive! It's been shuffled around some but can still be found here and a longer, web exclusive version here.

Did I mention how much I love this room? Better crash, good night, people.
Yeah, that line about a million Firefly DVD's having been sold was definitely in there the first time I read it too. This changing a story after it has been "published" without saying word one about the change is an internet thing that I am just not getting used to.

Loved the article though. I'm with you all about it being interesting to hear Joss talk about some of the movies that he has worked on rather than just the TV shows.

I got a Deadwood disc out of the library. Unfortunately it was the last couple episodes of the season, but it was all they had. It is absolutely a quality show, but I am not sure whether I care to follow the story of those people in that place for week after week. I understand they are using the ugliness of the social norms and the people to make a point, I'm just not sure I want to live there for an hour each week. And honestly, I got as sick of hearing the same one or two cuss words over and over as I do if I am stuck around some particularly unimaginative drunks for any length of time. I understand the reasons behind it, but it still got on my nerves as much as if all the characters had kept saying "ya'know" once or twice per sentence. Of course it does not help that I had to keep pausing it whenever my son was in ear-shot either. I guess I have to get ear-phones if I want to watch the rest of the series. But yes, a quality show with quality performances.
It makes me indescribably happy that Joss has started watching Veronica Mars!
I couldn't get into Deadwood. Tried two episodes, just didn't grab me. I don't know why.
I recently watched season one of Deadwood and I was very impressed. Months ago I had caught part of an episode at a friend's house and was a little taken aback by all the strong cussing, thinking it unrealistic for the time (I admit my ignorance of the time period. All I knew was Little House on the Prairie). But when I watched the whole season the cussing made sense in the context. I love the authentic feel of it, and the acting! My favorite character is Seth Bullock, although I applaud Ian McShane's outstanding performance as Al Swearengen. He's a truly horrifying character.
Btw part VI of this interview refers to what Herc was talking about when he mentioned Warren Ellis and Joss Whedon about two weeks back.

Ellis being Ellis has now reacted and described Joss as Almost Psychopathically Nice. Those comic book writers love him :).
I remember the first episode of Deadwood, and was immediately blown away by the setting. 5 minutes in, I "got" it. It was the first time a television show - minutes into it's first episode - brilliantly created a complete and three-dimensional, textured universe that looks different from our own, in the way a great book is able to do. After the fact, watching Serenity Parts 1 & 2, I feel it did the same, but given that we didn't get them to set up the series on TV, I didn't realize it at first.

I cancelled HBO for a while, and so have only seen most, maybe all, of the first season. And I don't want to rent the rest, because I know I want to own the series, and it's damn well expensive enough without incorporating rental costs as well. But I'll get to it.
Willowy -- Oh, yes. "Deadwood" is my favorite current television series. Pure genius from Milch and his team. In fact, I've written about it a couple of times:

Here are two to enjoy, if you're interested.

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I found the last question sad to hear, he's not pitching a pilot for next tv season.

But it still doesn't rule out a Spike tv movie, it's not a pilot is it.
Thanks, bobtaylor. You might also want to check out several DW discussions on the flickr (just do a search). We couldn't shut up about it. It'll probably be the same again when it starts up in March for season 3, or whenever they re-run 2.

SeanValen, I'll admit the wind left my sails when I read that line that you and others have mentioned. Another Jossless season...:(
DeadWood, Veronica Mars; I wonder if they'll ever show in Australia?
I confess to being incredibly ignorant about Australia, but I thought HBO was pretty much everywhere. They sure talk like they are...Deadwood is on HBO, nixygirl. Also, the first season is out on dvd. Pretty pricey, but all HBO shows are. Gee, how many times can I say HBO in a single post? ( I do that a lot with certain words, I've noticed...)

Yes, the Deadwood DVD is very pricey, I'm still debating. I really want it though. And speaking of pricey DVD's, Farscape is sky high.
deleted. didn't mean to offend.

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What a great interview! Thanks for the link to the other one as well, gorramit. So glad to know Joss too shares love for Dr. Gregory House/Hugh Laurie. He is so worth watching despite the mumblemumblenotasmuchtalentmumble around him. And National Association of Theater Owners... interesting place for such a great interview. Robogeek, I was so impressed I emailed to say so.
nixygirl - Deadwood has already been shown in Australia - on Foxtel only. In fact, I saw adverts for DW season 2 starting about now, I think. Whether it ever gets to free-to-air is another issue!
The thought of Joss and Warren Ellis in the same room being friendly to each other: like two minor gods meeting. Ellis faces stiff competition from Gaiman and Moore (frankly, I think Moore's a fricken genius and probably the best writer in comics ever, from my limited experience), but he's my favorite writer in the genre. The thought of them collaborating on something: I'd wet myself.

now if that isn't an inducement, I don't know what is.

I've heard raves about Deadwood and everything, but I totally gotta check out The Wire first.
Geesh! You know it’s really disappointing to find out all the Whedon work I could have been witness to if those industry folks had a little foresight! Of course, I think Joss should pretty much have carte blanche to do whatever strikes his fancy. No one writes the words like Joss.

And finding out that he won’t be pitching a pilot…devastating. I am really missing some Joss TV even with 'Veronica Mars'.
gossi, try again.

Don't be too drunk, don't be distracted. You must pay attention to this show. It is challenging, with all the Shakespearean dialogue...but you, as a viewer, will be well rewarded.

And dottikin, The Wire is well lauded. Still, check out Deadwood first. Just my recommendation, but I can't stress it enough. You will NOT regret it.
I will Sky+ (think Tivo) Deadwood Season 2, which starts here soon.
What about Carnivale??? Yet another brilliant show killed by the powers that be.
I can't believe they cancelled Carnivale. Especially after the brilliant second season (that ending was phenominal). From what I understand Carnivale's bible was broken up into three stories, where each story took two seasons. So we only got one-third of the whole.
Yeah and the problem now is that Daniel Knauf has said that he won't be able to wrap up the story in a tv-movie or anything so short. The upshot of that being we might have to settle for books or comics to finish the tale of the creature of light and the creature of darkness. A damn shame as Carnivale was one of my favourite shows last season.
I can't get the link to
I watched the first one or two episodes of DEADWOOD and have intermittently seen several episodes with some friends who have HBO. I understand why people like it, I can appreciate it, and I can see why people are drawn to it and find it compelling. But for me it's not "must-see". It's okay with me if I never see it again. And by the way, I do like Westerns.

I'm no prude when it comes to cursing (I do it quite frequently) but one of the reasons I can't get into "DEADWOOD" is the ridiculous (almost comical) overuse of the word "c**k****er". So much so that I call the show C**K****ERS OF THE WEST. But as I said I see why people are into it. Me, I'm waiting for THE SOPRANOS. After I'm finished waiting for SERENITY, that is.

In the interest of the subject of this thread, I thought this was a great interview. I learned a lot about the specific realities of script-doctoring and enjoyed hearing the facts about Joss' involvement in the screenplays he's been associated with. I really liked knowing his intentions vs. the final product.
buffbuff, if you 'cannot be bothered' to read everyone's posts, you can hardly expect us to be interested in yours.
I thought that Batman Begins was brilliant. Christopher Nolan did indeed nail the character. I'm more disappointed that Joss's attempts to make an X-Men movie have never fallen into place. Those films were greatly disappointing, and the third one is off to a terrible start. I wonder what Joss could have done with them?

As for Veronica Mars, my opinion is this: I found the first two episodes, written by series creator Rob Thomas, to be rather bad. I think they were just filled with too much poorly delivered exposition for my tastes. But from episode 3 on the series continues to improve, and I became quite hooked after a handful of episodes. I suggest that everyone give it at least until episode 4 to find its groove.

I was just watching part of Alien: Resurrection on the Sci-Fi Channel the other day. Poor Joss.

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gorramit - thanks for the link to the 2001 interview. I read both these interviews today so now my mind is full of Jossian wisdom and tidbits.
Carnivale love here. Lots of it - what a terrible shame they cancelled that show. I just fell into into when I rented the DVD's. For the aussies - do your libraries carry DVD's to rent out? If these various series are too expensive to buy - perhaps you can rent them. It's what I do.
There are so many interviews that barely scratch the surface, it's cool how this isn't one of them. A lot of stuff I'd wondered about, now answered (except for the Serenity bits, which -- good, me! -- I forced myself to skip). I always find myself nodding along like a bobblehead with most of what he says in these things. It's dizzying, but neat, because I find I don't have that experience with many people I interact with on a regular basis. (Mainly due to the fact that being a geek-girl in the South makes you a crowd of one virtually anywhere you go.)

Then there's this: And the fact of the matter is, a woman stands as tall as she makes you think she is.

I love how that can apply to so much more than just height. Attitude is altitude... Now that I think about it, except for my husband Joss might just be the coolest girl-guy I know of.
Great interview. I'm actually pretty surprised Joss isn't watching "Lost." It seems to have a lot of crossover appeal within the Whedonverse community.
Checked out "House" tonight just because of this:
" I actually choke up at the thought of how powerfully noble and beautiful his total misanthropy is."
Turned out to be pretty good.
Checked out "House" tonight just because of this

The thing about HOUSE is that the show itself is pretty much a straight up medical drama with decent enough writing and some attempts at arc-episodes, all of which is fun by Hugh Laurie's performance. He's just gloriously mean and sarcastic, with little subtle hints of cuddlesome vulnerability inside, and it's totally a star turn done with immense amounts of flair and charm. And I have loved Hugh Laurie since forever too (well, since BLACKADDER) and never knew he has this in him, so I'm like doubly impressed.

and that line is great:

And the fact of the matter is, a woman stands as tall as she makes you think she is.

His blatant feminism makes me want to cuddle him.
Wiseblood, I see that you are from NC, as am I, and your South comment makes me think you must be in a different part of the state than I am at this very moment. I know what you mean, because I spent the last year in a very rural area, where the most hardcore of Buffy fans there didn't even know the name "Whedon," but where I'm from really (as opposed to where I worked last school year), there is a HUGE geek contingent, much of it female.
Wiseblood, Kiba, I, too am a geek girl from NC, and the Whedon community is pretty thin for me. Which is why I so love to read Joss opining on all things great and small and was really looking forward to seeing him at DragonCon to bask in *live* Joss. Ah, well.
aver, allow me to introduce you to the Yahoo! Group: Also, at there is a large contingent of Triangle folks (or, as we/they call our/themselves there, Trianglistas). We are out here, and I'd be happy to introduce you to us. You might have to be willing to drive to Carrboro, Chapel Hill, or Durham sometimes to meet us, but like I said - we're here, and I bet a lot of us would meet you halfway.
I'm originally from Raleigh, Kiba, but I relocated to Greensboro years ago for college, met my husband and ended up staying. It doesn't surprise me there's a large Jossverse contingent in good ol' Rollywood; before settling here permanently, I participated in a Star Trek/sci-fi group and amateur astronomy club back home, and the geekish-leaning underground was always wide open for anything interesting or left-of-center. [nostalgia] There used to be a great university bookstore across from NC State where I discovered the work of, and befriended, the comic artist Matt Feazell. Picking up one of his early photocopied Cynicalman comics was always a real delight, and he was great to talk to. [/nostalgia]

Unfortunately, pickin's seem to be somewhat slimmer toward the middle of the state. It's not that there aren't any geek-girls and guys hereabouts (I feel like I know most of them), it's just they don't have any interest in Joss's projects* (incomprehensible, I know) -- or maybe it's just that they don't want to admit it. Or maybe I'm just not so good at locating covert Whedonists. The "underground" is still pretty genuinely underground here, and on the cultural relativity scale, admitting you're way into the work of a writer/genre TV creator just doesn't carry as much water among people I keep running into as, say, being into classical/jazz, film, theater or poetry. If you're educated, it's almost like you're obligated to regard "pop culture" as a dirty word (or two).

There are reasons I think GSO tends to be a less hospitable environment for general genre TV/film appreciation/
awareness, in general. It's just too bad I didn't know about them before I choose to move here. However, in my defense, GSO had the arts program I wanted, a really kick-ass music scene in the early '80's, and Buffy et al. had yet to stake her claim on TV and my heart.

I made my bed then, and now I'm lying in it. It's got Angel sheets on it, at least in my mind ;)

*(except for the three friends and one spouse I've managed to convert so far)
Wow, that was great!! Probably the best Joss interview I've ever read.

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