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August 02 2005

First issue of Watcher Junior available to read online. It's like except all the Buffyverse articles are written by undergraduates. Anyhow go and have a look, there's an essay about the fandom which is always entertaining to read about.

And if there's any undergraduate posters or lurkers who want to exercise their literary skills, Watcher Junior is looking for papers for their second issue. Click here to find out more.

How cool!
Yet kind of saddened... no longer an undergrad, can't submit work there. Not able to relate much Whedon work to current graduate research, so no Slayage anytime soon for me. Stuck in a void I am.
Me neither April, it's off to Slayage or nothing for us!

I've just read Myf Clark's essay about fandom which was interesting. I have read numerous accounts of how the internet audience interacted with the show. Unfortunately, I was late to the game (internet wise) and had finished watching the show before becoming part of the online fun.
Well, they're sayin' what we're all thinkin'. Except with more and bigger words... :~P

I don't know, I appreciate that my favorite shows and 'ships can find some 'credibility' and maybe even respect by people who would scoff via things like this, but these essays always feel so cold and clinical to me. Sometimes I don't need things that make me passionate and emotional dissected and analyzed.

I also don't like reading these things because they make me feel like I'm in college again. Dry and boring analyses of things that are actually fun and exciting...I know, it's just me.
It's not just you.

Just because it's in the "academic" category doesn't mean it makes for great reading. I should have mentioned that. And some writers do bend things to fit their own visions -- a lot. I scan through abstracts from time to time and pick out ones that sound appealing. As much as I like Slayage, I wouldn't recommend it for thrilling reading.
I have to be in a certain mood to enjoy the academic nature of the articles etc there but they do afford certain insights and stimulate my aging mind...I suspect maintaining some level of neural activity is a good thing! Also, it provides occasionally needed reinforcement for me that, contrary to what many folks I encounter from day to day say, my level of interest in "Buffy" is not symptomatic of brain damage!

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