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August 02 2005

Firefly: Serenity ratings down one-tenth of a point from Part 1 - Sci-fi's weekly Friday night ratings.

I think that's pretty good. I watched it this past week but much prefer watching it on my DVDs. I bet a lot of who are already own the dvds tuned in week one but not this last week. It seems like it retained most of its audience from the week before. I know someone in an earlier thread posted that Amazon's sales for the DVD set once again got a boost when Sci-fi aired the new trailer so there's got to be a lot of newbies watching!

As long as they're showing goodies during the airings I'll tune in.

What would be interesting to know is how many people watched both hours on the same night. Did it stay at the same rating or go down or go up?

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I'd say that's a very decent rating considering they are not on reruns but the DVDs have been out what now? Over a year? Let's hope the majority are new viewers!
SG1 was also listed with a decline of the same percentage, and it was the third part of the opener. I'm not sure how much the numbers mean. I was able to watch it the first week but not the second.

Considering the SciFi boards only have heavy traffic on a few forums, the new little Firefly forum over there is seeing some action. Quite a few posters over there who have never seen it before. A few never heard of it and several said they ran to buy the dvds. Lots of other positive comments from newbies, too.
IMMORTAL, I'm thinking maybe 50% or so are new viewers...but remember, I, and lots of us here, were "new viewers" when the DVDs came out, and with the convert's zeal, we went out and spread the word!

I am getting so anxious and eager (not synomyms!) for the end of September!
I missed it last Friday, but I will be tuning in this Friday for The Train Job.
April, I haven't joined the Sci-fi Firefly board but I've been reading it for awhile now and it definitely seems to be growing with more new fans everytime I check it out. It seems like a lot of people on the SG-1 BBoard are promoting it quite a bit because several SG-1 fans mentioned that they tuned in because of all the praise being thrown around on that board. I love it!! A few of the posts on the "Shiny (New Fans)" thread have mentioned seeing the trailer and going out and buying the dvds just based on how awesome the trailer looked and then having a marathon viewing or skipping a day of work just to watch the whole series!

Now, if I was a newbie and just saw the pilot, I'd probably rush out and buy the dvds and not bother watching it on Sci-fi because I prefer watching tv on DVD instead. I would imagine there's a lot of folk out there like me who'd rather watch it in all it's glory than wait for a new episode once a week.
So the promotion of the new trailer didn't make that much of a difference to the ratings? Pleased to see so many new fans tuning into the show.
I was one of those who wasn't hooked by the end of the two hours of the pilot (although I really appreciate it now). I do hope that others who had a similar experience stay with the show to get hooked by the fourth episode or so. But, I must say that viewership *may* have dropped a little for the Friday lineup because many college students moved into their apartments this last weekend (for those schools whose first classes begin in August). In my college town, there was a great deal of partying on Friday, as students got back with friends. And the grocery stores near campus? Packed! In other words, there are a number of factors that might have contributed to a slight drop in viewership. I just hope there isn't a trend. (Although isn't there always a slight drop for the second episode of any series?)
I think so, Firefly Flanataic. I saw mention of BG fans who are also being swayed over by talk among other BG fans who like Firefly. It's been fun reading. Like the poster who said, what? no new episodes? this is a rerun? Priceless. (Nobody was mean, don't worry.)

ETA: *wave to palehorse* Going to buy my comics in a few!

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*waves back* So'm I.

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