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August 03 2005

(SPOILER) Part Two of Tim Minear's IF Magazine Interview. Cancellations, dead babies, and just whose job it is to bring it.

This does contain spoilers for episodes that will never actually air on television. Apologies for forgetting the tag a few minutes ago.

Thank you, Allyson. Terrific insight into a great show and the great writer/producer/director behind it. I can't wait for the DVD set.
I read the article, and it's a textbook example of Fox mishandling a show so that they can take advantage of the latest ratings fad, in this case dance contests. That Fox executive claiming they made a "boo-boo" in handling the show was putting it mildly. "The Inside" may have been freaky, but it would have picked up an audience if given a chance..and enough time to develop--and the same goes for Rebecca Locke, too.
Just to add salt to the wound, I saw a list today of the top 25 TIVO shows for the last week in July, and The Inside was #24 (up from a previous #91). There is an audience.
"Angelus Crest Forest" Ha! :D
Good stuff. Thanks, Allyson. Stupid Fox.
That was going to become a really good show.

Fascinating interview because, again, an insider lays out what happens in the nitty-gritty world of TV production and broadcast.

Go Tim go!

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