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August 03 2005

Buffy Limited Edition DVD (R1) Box set to be released Nov. 15th. Includes the previously released 7 seasons of Buffy, plus a special bonus disc containing a documentary featuring Joss Whedon.

"Each box will be individually numbered, and will contain a signed letter from Joss Whedon, and a comprehensive book filled with episode listings and memorable Buffy quotes."

RavenU, beg your pardon, but you may wish to check the URL. It's not linking. Excellent subject.
I had the same problem, Madhatter, but it seems to link fine now. This sounds great. I've resisted buying any Buffy, waiting for an R1 box set and here it is! and relatively cheap! I'm curious as to what kind of documentary including Joss they are talking about. Colour me enthusiastic!
Thanks. I'm torn here. I already have the region one and two in wide-screen. Now a special.....oh, of course I buy it. After all, I must see.
So this R1 Limited Edition has an extra DVD compared to the R2 one? I see that the R2 Limited Edition is being re-released to coincide with the launch of the Angel Limited Edition BoxSet so maybe us Brits will get the extra DVD too.
Good Lord! I hope Mr. Whedon sees at least some of this money I so lovingly shell out! :)
Simon is a wise soul.
I don't know what to do... I could always sell my original box sets, but... I don't know, I've got memories with them! Sigh. $200 is a pretty fair price for seven DVD Boxsets...

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So, this R1 version is better than R2?
I hope that a renovated version of R2 comes to Spain, with the same R1's extras :p
Seeing as how I already have like...all of them... I'm not so willing to shell out the cash for an extra dvd.
It will be very cool if those prices are real. I just want to know what store is likely to sell it for $140!
I am SOOOOO happy about this! Have been waiting and hoping and crossing fingers that this would come! Right around my birthday too :) I only own season 1 of Buffy so this is great news! I wonder if it will look anything like the R2 one?
Yay! (again)
My lady lawyer and former girlfriend rebuffed (no pun intended) me on Buffy for over 3 years till I just went and bought her Season One...she is now on Season 5 (watched 4 episodes last night) and recently bought the entire 7-Season set!

With you, Rogue...I already have multiples of every Joss boxed set, so the extra dough is not really something I'm interested in spending.

On another note, my wife got a colleague to watch Firefly--he finished last night, is tremendously enthusiastic about the movie, and asked to borrow Buffy Season One.

My son once said that sooner or later, everybody in the world will love Buffy...he may be closer to right than not!
Hmm, what episode will the Joss commentary be about I wonder? I own all seven seasons and won't be purchasing this, but it would be interesting to know.

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I was at Amoeba here in LA a few weeks back and saw a young woman selling all 7 seasons of Buffy at the buyback desk, and it made me sooooo depressed and sad. I almost did an intervention.

Perhaps she just knew something we didn't know at that time....
Finally! Now I can own all of Buffy (I guess I should really ditch those two 6-episode VHS tape collections). Angel soon to follow, I hope.

We'll never get more deleted footage, I've accepted that. It sucks, but fine Joss---vision, these are the complete versions of the episodes, deprive us of fun insignificant extras, etc. It's okay, I'm okay now.
Very cool. Has the art for this been seen?
I'm more tempted by this than I was by the Region 2 version, I already own all the Region 2 box sets, but it would be nice to get the 1 or 2 additional extras the region 1 sets had, and to get the episodes with the correct screen size, and without the sped up sound that the region 2 sets have. And an extra bonus disk.

It'll probably be cheaper to get the region 1 set than it would be to get the region 2 one, most stuff usually is. I'll have to see when it comes out, doubt I'd get much for my original sets, the price has just plummeted.

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Oh, I'm afraid I am so getting this. The single-season sets can move to the Out on Permanent Loan shelf . . .

MySerenity, you mention an additional Joss commentary, but I read it as including a brand-new documentary . . . do you have inside info?
I'm more tempted by this than I was by the Region 2 version, I already own all the Region 2 box sets, but it would be nice to get the 1 or 2 additional extras the region 1 sets had, and to get the episodes with the correct screen size, and without the sped up sound that the region 2 sets have. And an extra bonus disk.

I was thinking exactly the same thing GS. In fact early today I was looking around the internet at the region 2 box set but figured I just couldn't buy it just because it's so nice looking :) This however with the extras and the episodes being in full screen rather than wide makes it different enough that I might just be able to go for it.
I am buying this the day it comes out for sure. I always wanted a box set of all the seasons and i am so happy that they are finally releasing one, and the bonus disc with an all-new documentary is just more incentive. WOO HOO!!!
I am really curious as to what the box art is going to be like, i thought that the R2 art was quite crappy and R1 always has better covers so i hope they hurry up with the box art.

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Oh, I wish I had the money to buy this! I want that Joss documentary.
I will probably wait for the R1 Super-Duper set that will undoubtedly be released on Blu-Ray in about five years.
Blu-Ray? IMHO, I'm thinking HD-DVD will win this format war.

I'm hoping the dialog of Joss' documentary will be available soon on the 'net. If it's new, I'll certainly buy this set. If it's a rehash of his commentaries, no.
Prefacing this technical comment with the rider that I know next to nothing about technology (which is an ominous start, I know!) but I thought that the whole HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray was moot because they have decided to produce a compromise format incorporating the best of both?

Or was this one of those dreams we all have?

Just me then?

You know the ones, where the giant PC chases you into a tunnel and ..... I think I will stop right there!
Hee,hee! That's some nightmare, catalyst2.

As for the format war, last I'd heard, it was still in full swing with HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray. Hollywood and the DVD manufactors are leaning towards the former while software production and gamers are going for the latter. It's still a toss-up. Now, China has a format that kinda' blends both, but I'm not sure if it will go anywhere.

Sorry for getting off topic, back to subject. I'm really curious on the DVD box design. Wonder if it will be the same as region two?
The people behind Blu Ray and HDDVD were talking about merging but talks broke down. Word on the street is that HDDVD may be out first but BluRay will win the PC format and then take over the home market. But then many people said Betamax was the best so...

Would just seem strange having the entire Buffy series on one disc. I'd feel cheated! But it would make it easier to just hit "Play All" and just sit there. For a week.

I'd like this new boxset but, sorry Joss, I like the widescreen, which the R2 versions are. Listening to the commentary on The Body about framing and widescreen I know why 4:3 is the "Official" version but I still like widescreen.
I have all the R2 seperate boxsets of Buffy and Angel. I actually think they look better than the complete series boxsets, with one exception- Buffy season one. It isn't the same design as all of the others. If it was then it would be a perfect set. And of course season 2 doesn't have the disc protectors that are in all the later seasons, so I put the discs in a CD wallet to prevent them getting scratched. Does anyone know if season 2 was ever rereleased with disc protectors?

I'm intrigued by the extra disc this set has, though. I hate the way people who buy all the first sets are usually punished for it. Like they miss out on the extra stuff that comes with the complete boxset, the letter from Joss and this extra disc for example. It's not enough to warrant buying another set of the entire series, but you're still missing out. Maybe if I had enough money I would buy it but I simply can't afford it.
Nov 15th? What a grand date! Happy birthday to me. . . happy birthday to me. . .
If you plan on buying these and want/need to get rid of your old box sets - now would be a good time to donate them to your local library. And, don't forget to let us know about your donation over at the Whedonverse Multimedia Project!
I hate the way people who buy all the first sets are usually punished for it. Like they miss out on the extra stuff that comes with the complete boxset,

All helps to get more money off all of us. If a good chunk of the money finds it's way into Joss's pocket then I suppose it's good. The more profitable the Whedonverse shows are the more likely that new shows/movies will be greenlit.
Yeah, but it still seems unfair that you have to pay twice for something. Well you don't have to, but completists will. It's the same when a band releases a "limited edition" version of their album after a while with a couple of extra tracks to entice people who didn't get it the first time. It's nice for those people, but the true fans miss out. And the greedy record companies profit.

I know it's not up to Joss though, but I suppose at least the money is going towards the people who made the show and deserve it.
I know where you're coming from, Razor, but I have to, respectfully, disagree.

I think we're offered a choice: if you have to have the DVD (or album, or whatever) when it comes out, even knowing as you do that subsequent versions might contain more, you'll choose to buy it.

The added value you get is (a) a subjective feeling of being a loyal follower of the artist (and I'm not being facetious - that is a good feeling), and (b) owning the work, thus giving you hours of viewing/listening pleasure that those who wait for the extended version don't get.

I note that many members of Whedonesque have not yet bought, say, the BtVS DVDs. I'm sure it's not because those members are not "true fans," (and, to be honest, I don't believe, personally, in the concept of "true fans"), but for economic reasons, practical reasons, or because they made a choice to wait for the comprehensive set that possibly includes extras. It's a choice. I chose to buy the single-season DVDs because I love BtVS and I've watched many many hours of it. I don't feel "punished" because a super new all-inclusive collection is being released. I can choose not to buy the new set. Or I can indulge my passion yet further. For me it's win win.
Nicely put, SNT...definitely win/win, and there certainly is a great sense of communal pleasure to be derived from literally "owning" a piece of Buffy (uh...that sentence ended up in a different place than it started out in.)
I also agree with SNT. I've bought my sets as they've come out and knew that eventually there would be a complete series set but I didn't want to wait for that. I don't feel like I'm being punished or ripped off at all because I bought them as they came out and have been enjoying watching them over and over again all this time.
And again and again and again, Firefly Flanatic...we are selectively re(re-re-re-re etc.) watching Season 2, omitting a few early standalones (Inca Mummy Girl, Some Assembly Required, e.g.) "When She Was Bad" I was struck by how utterly perfect it is...I've always loved that episode, but never had noticed how superbly constructed and executed it is. Worth buying Season 2 for that alone, although there is so much more in store!
And here I'll maintain that it's worth buying Season 2 for just that one scene in When She Was Bad. You know the one: the Bronze, Cibo Matto playing (and Sean Lennon looking goofy), Buff doing the dirty dance, and then the shot of Xander, Willow, and Angel all in view watching her departure with rather different emotions playing on their faces. That was pure perfection.
SNT, my wife and I zeroed precisely in on that scene the other's the literary climax of the episode, the point from which everything else that happens wife said, "Everyone of them is in so much pain right now...Buffy too" And the Ciba Matto stuff is utterly priceless.

And the closing scene, where all is pretty much forgiven...Xander and Willow, silently conveying so much of their character, the look on Buffy's face as she gradually realizes that she is in fact forgiven...the way the viewer's heart leaps with relief and I've often said, this is art, and art of a very high order.
Since we're talking about WSWB I'll agree with the praise. And what guts it must have taken to open the second season of a suprise hit mid season replacement, with a rep for funny dialogue and 'campy' horror, with an hour of the heroine being a complete bitka. Set the standard for S2 very high.

Sadly I lent my S2 box set to a friend and his car was broken into and it was stolen. The theives ignored the 150 sunglasses and the expensive stereo but took my Buffy DVDs!
Looks like those thieves had their priorities straight! ;)

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