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August 03 2005

(SPOILER) Episode 5 of Smallville spoilers. New spoilers for the SDK penned fifth episode of Smallville "Thirst". Much Prof. Fine goodness, pool playing and er....who's that girl again? ;0).

This is the anuual must posses Lana with something supernatural. Last year it was a witch, this year a vampire....Yuck. Deknight wrote both.

Though the only good parts do seem to be is Lex, the ship and Brainiac, whom it seems is not posseseed but always there. Oh and a visit to a famous newspaper.

I don't find the Buffy cross connection all that funny though.
Ok I'll allow this one. But just to let people know, we will not become "". We're going to treat JM in the same way as we do for every other former Buffyverse actor here.

So what is allowed.

Interviews with James are fine as long as they don't take up half the front page. A link to the trailer for his first episode and a heads up thread about when his first episode airs is cool too. And for good measure, a ratings thread the day after is fine too.

What won't be allowed.

'James on Smallville tonight!' type threads every week.

'Get to know Smallville' type threads. The show sucks. So no.

Spoilers for every episode that James is on.

The above is not open for discussion. Feel free to take it up via email discussion, my address is in my profile.
It's hard to defend Smallville sometimes, especially when it can churn out episodes like the one where Lana, Chloe and Lois all got posessed by witches last season, which seemed to just be an attempt to get the three in revealing outfits. It reeked of Charmed. I still enjoy the show as a whole before, as episodes do range from "dreadful" to "excellent" and are usually "good, not great, not terrible".

Everything except the vampire sorority in this episode sounds good though.
I thought the witch episode was pretty funny (both intentionally and unintentionally in some parts), which is something I'd like to see more of from Smallville, since I can rarely take it seriously. That it spawned an entire lame story arc that lead to the waste of Jason Teague is what I had a problem with (okay so technically the magic tattoo started it, but the witch episode kicked it into high gear).
Jason Teague was he not some demon from Wonder Woman's world???
That character was just crap, they kept changing what he was throughout the season, from loyal boyfriend who hated his mother and had a go at her(when noone else was there, so it wasn't for anyone else's benefit) about whether she had planned for him to meet Lana, to a mummy'sboy who had been travelling around looking for stones and himself had planned with his mom to meet Lana. I hope one of the meteors landed on him in the season finale.
Jensen Ackels is a much better actor then what they did to him. But that storyline was flawed from the beginning. Tatooes, witches and silly glow rocks. Blah. I agree. One minute he was this nice, upstanding, slightly jealous boy toy. The next he was all crazy, obsessed and capable of murder....hmmm.

Since he is in a new show and not even in the premiere, I would say wish granted.=)
'Get to know Smallville' type threads. The show sucks. So no.

*bites tongue, somehow laughs anyway* No offense to the Smallville fans intended, but that was some funny, right there.
Simon I note your comments.

I didn't think it was a problem as I've seen numerous threads about MT's film, DB's new show etc. I was just giving people a heads up on the first real meaty spoilers for JM's new role. I had no intention of starting a regular wheee-fest about Smallville.

I am a little taken back by your reaction that this one post was going to be the first of many fangirlish jibbering posts. I don't believe I've ever made one of the types of posts.

Like I say, I note your comments and as I was never intending to post the annoying type threads you indicated I don't see any problem in that area. But I am very disappointed in your attitude with regard to the manner in which you addressed your concerns.

Harsh dude.
I thought this was posted because of the BtVS in jokes rather than the fact JM is in it.
lynnie, just an observation but I think Simon was putting that out there for everyone. I didn't get the feeling you were being singled out, or that he was even harsh...he would have said the same for anyone putting up that post, I'm pretty sure...
For the record it did not suck in the first season. That came after they decided to soap opera tweak it and make everything love lana or a repeat of Buffy.

But it deffiantly with no pun intended on this ep, sucks now.
* Read's Simon's rules. Reluctantly deletes draft post underway entitled "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: barest_smidgen launches 'Please Fade Away' charitable fan campaign in support of Smallville storyline in which Braniac's wardrobe mysteriously disappears when exposed to light. Packages of man-panties to be donated to area shelters in JM's name, followed up by clear plastic, boxer-brief-shaped, die-cut postcards to the network brass announcing fan support for nudity. " Glances wistfully at banner ad comps photoshopped from 'Wrecked' screencaps. Sorrowfully and sheepishly hits 'delete.' *

Right you are, Simon. Point taken. *sighs*
Thanks Willowy. But as I posted the link I think I'm justified in feeling that his comments were being addressed to me. Sorry if I'm sounding hurt by this, but I seen multiple threads about others actors, shows, articles etc and not very many slapdowns like this one. :0(

Only trying to keep folks up to date on JM news. I thought that it would be okay as the thread falls under both parts of the category: Cast - JM Crew - SDK. *shrugs*

I'm way more interested FalenAnjil in the Lex/Prof. Fine part of the episode. Pledges and stuff, not so much.
or that he was even harsh...

We must have read different posts then.
lynnie, Simon specifically said this was not open for public discussion. Your personal comments as to him were totally out of line.

Apparently you have concerns. Address them to him. That's the end of this discussion.
FalenAnjl, I thought the first season was average. I loved the 2nd and 3rd seasons. But the 4th was suckitude. I'll continue to watch but really, I'm only doing it to see JM. I don't have anymore faith that the writers know what they're doing. Not since they screwed up Lex's descent into evil (Lex is not Angelus. He can't just turn evil like a light switch). He went from man with good but flawed intentions to "having sex with multiple women so must be evil" in that one Season 4 episode, then the Onyx crap where MR was faboo but it didn't make ANY sense for Lex to have this over the top psychotic "evil" side because we were supposed to see a PROGRESSION for Lex to turn into a untrusting meglomaniac. Not a light switch! I had HIGH HOPES in that one season 3 episode where it was spelled out that Lex will believe that HE is the good guy and that Superman is the villain. The best bad guys are the ones who believe that what they do is for the better of mankind(ala extreme fundamentalists)

And don't even get me started on how the writers keep trying to make Lex obsessed with Lana. Can ANYONE on this show not build a shrine to her.

UGH. I'm bitter.
Wonder if they will have an all musical Smallville this year?

If the have Brainiac doing a evil cha cha or Clark singing in his supes underoos..heheh sorry the mental image is too funny. I mean they are ripping Buffy of every ep now.

Eddy, I agree about Lex. My problem has always been ,unless they give Lex a lobotomy there is no way he can not know who Clark and Superman are years later. Lex I still can't understand why he would become who he is based on the show now. The only real fresh air is Lois Lane, whom I think they will try and destroy this year for good measure. And No I don't think there is one person, Lois aside who has not loved, wanted or tried to be besty friends with lana. Yuck.
Seeing the content of the spoiler, it seems this listing is very appropriate, as the episode is something of a tribute to BtVS.

I'm glad that it was listed.
I think I will also edited this post if that is okay.

Nebula1400 Thank you.

As the timing of this episode is around Halloween I think the A plt is also a direct nod to the episode "Halloween" from S2. Especially if Lana appears iin a cat costume like Cordy.

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Packages of man-panties to be donated to area shelters in JM's name, followed up by clear plastic, boxer-brief-shaped, die-cut postcards to the network brass announcing fan support for nudity.

*snickers at barest_smidgen*

JM's Man-Panty Campaign. Someone needs to inform him of this completely beautiful expression of the selfless kindness of which the human animal is capable of.
Buffy Sanders....

wow...lets not be, blatent or anything.
Also, to add strength to my point, there is a reference to Joss in the spoilers for this particular episode. Seeing that we regularly get links to silly fan comics about how "River is made of chocolate" and all the news on Tim Minear and "The Inside," a Smallville episode written by Steve DeKnight, guest starring James Marsters, which makes obvious references to Buffy and vampires... It is a much bigger tribute to Joss than the Joss references on "Alias" or "The O.C." that have been listed here.

Rest assured, lynnie, I do get it. :-)

And for what it's worth, I'd like to take a Kaylee-like stance about this whole thing. Some people might think the references are blatant (with a negative connotation), but I like it! I think it's all in good fun and I love that Joss's work has made an impact on other shows.

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For a subject that is supposed to be no longer discussed in comment threads, there is still alot of it going on. Back to the posted topic, please.
Just a suggestion, Lynnie or a mod, should change the link to:, that leads directly to the spoiler page, instead of linking to Kryptonsite's front page, which is constantly being updated.

I think I never really considered Smallville a good show, it's always been like Saturday afternoon fun, but that was it. I stick with it, mostly due to my obsession to most things out with DC Comics characters.

I always felt that Steven DeKnight was on of the strongest writers in the ME late years, I did believe sometime ago, that he would have shifted Smallville to a better show, with his craft. But most his episodes last seasons, were shallow in my opinion. Maybe because he didn't had much choice. it was becoming kind of obvious that Steven became the producers go to guy, "we this idea, turn it into an watchable episode". I was feeling a lot like that watching most of DeKnight's Smallville episodes. Like the one with the kid with accelerated growth, it was sad, how we had to dumb ourselves down, to believe that most of the characters, were not bright enough to figure a few things down the way during the episode.

I think this was one of the reasons, I wasn't cheering when I heard JM got the job in this show.

It'll be fun to be such a huge episode with James' characters, with a homage to Buffy and written by DeKnight.Hopefully it won't feel cheap.
Having read the spoilers, I am now firmly of the opinion that DeKnight is a cheeky, cheeky writer-man-god.

I love it.
Whilst my post was directed towards James Marsters being in Smallville, it is equally applicable to any guest appearance by a Buffyverse actor and I was not singling out any poster in particular or indeed James Marsters' fans as a whole. In the past, some shows (non Joss ones) and films (ditto) have had a tendency to take over the front page. I have no wish or intention for this to happen again at the expense of Joss' projects and indeed other actors' projects. So I thought I would tell people this in advance. In the coming weeks and months we will see numerous articles/video clips etc about shows featuring Buffyverse actors and indeed tons of stuff about Serenity. I ask posters to bear this in mind. It is going to get very busy here.

And remember if something is said by an admin or mod regarding Whedonesque and you take issue with it or want to talk about it, email us. We're very approachable. Just don't discuss it here.
'Get to know Smallville' type threads. The show sucks. So no.

Yet another reason to love Whedonesque.

Is there anything it can't do?
Wow! Buffy stuff aplenty ! A writer ( DeKnight), an actor (JM) and some cheeky references to Buffy and to Spikes

I've not watched Smallville previously but from these spoilers it looks like it's a show with a decent sense of humour. Certainly a lot of people seem to be fans of both shows and I have a high opinion of the tastes of people who appreciate the Jossverse so I'll certainly give Smallville a go this season.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to bookmark that site for future reference ;)
I kinda like the campy references to Spike and Buffy and the Whedonverse in general. But then with SDK and JM on board...I'm not surprised. Maybe they figure the references will help to draw the veiwers in. I know I'm getting eager to watch SV, now more than ever.....
Okay, I'm confused. I can't get the link to come up. Has it already been deleted or is there something wrong with my browser?

then go to spoilers.
Sorry about that spikeangellover, I copied over Numfar TPB's link , it had an extra / added to it. Link should be working now.
Thanks for the link, lynnie.
I believe I have to watch this episode. Buffy, vampires, James Marsters and Steve DeKnight - it sounds like the old times!

I miss BtVS...
I appreciate the link too, lynnie. Makes me want to watch it. :)
Thanks for fixing the link, Simon; quite interesting.
Wow! That... well that sucks. The spoilers/episode 5 that is. Buffy Sanders, vampires, Lana biting clark that causes her to have his powers? That's just stupid. Ah well, it's consitant I guess with my expectation for Smallville. If this is some sort of ploy by the WB to draw in BtVs, let it be known that it's not working... well for me anyway. Yah, I won't be watching. Let Smallville be Smallville, let Buffy be Buffy.

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I don't see any harm in affectionate references to beloved shows. It may not sound like the most subtle way to do it, but I will reserve judgement on whether or not it works until I've actually watched the episode.

I've seen many people say they will watch the show, not because of references to Btvs, but because JM is on the show. There are a great many JM fans so I don't suppose the show or the WB will mind if you and others who aren't keen don't tune in.

Many SV fans, in fact all the SV forums that I've read, have been extremely positive about him being on the show. They appreciate how good an actor he is and are looking forward to what he will bring to the show.

Some have expressed concern over the vampire thing in this episode, but they seem very keen and excited about the Prof. Fine and Lex scenes, and in what direction this will take the show.

I'm still very happy and excited about this and am very much looking forward to the fifth season of this show.

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