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August 03 2005

Signal Podcast #5 is up. Includes an interview with Gina Torres.

Direct Link to the mp3 file here

I think people are now aware of the Signal podcast and have hopefully subscribed to its feed, or bookmarked the page...
Sorry, I'll stop posting them up. :)
You know what, I don't mind if they are posted, but prefer to see them posted with some kind of angle, not just 'because they're up'. Listen to the interview, pick something Gina says - build a post around it, find related links... etc.
I think that Gina's idea about Jayne being stuck babysitting Wash and Zoe's (potential) baby is HILARIOUS. "Where's the baby? In Jayne's bunk. Jayne is teaching him all about guns!" The very idea of Jayne having to be responsible for a baby is pretty funny.

What a wonderful interview.
You know what?
Sometimes I do doubt my English proficiency, and the volume was kind of low, so can someone confirm what I've heard in Gina's interview.
That they got together late July, to "Poster Shoots" or something like that.
Does this mean, we'll get more Posters from the UNiversal People, for the Serenity Promotion?

And yes, it was a great interview, Les and Kari are doing a great job with this podcast.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2005-08-04 18:55 ]
This is Les from The Signal.

It is great to hear such appreciation for our podcast.

I wanted to speak directly to Caroline's initial comments. A lot of the users who posted followed ups have already hinted in the right direction, but I wanted to share our official stance. We have had quite a few internal discussions within our production crew about how and when to announce The Signal. We decided that after the initial announcements of our podcast that we would not announce every episode we release far and wide. When we have special content that we think may be of interest beyond our regular podcast subscribers, we feel that it can be appropriate to post news items about them in relevant locations. We feel that episodes #4 (Adam Baldwin interview) and #5 (Gina Torres interview) fit into this category. I do agree with Carloine that focusing the announcement on the content (rather than on the release) of the podcast is the right thing to do. i.e. "25 minute audio interview with Gina Torres in The Signal #5".

We do love it when our listeners spread the word about about out podcast, keep it up! However, we certainly don't want to appear like news of us is spamming other forums.

We have two automated methods that our listeners can use to learn when a new episode is available: rss feed to a podcatcher, and a notification email list. Information on both of these is available on our website:

Thanks again for listening,


p.s. Kari & I tend to be the visible face of the podcast, but The Signal is actually made possible by a worldwide team of 10 crewmembers. A few who you get to hear, but many that you do not such as writers and audio editors. We could not bring the podcast to the world without the hard work of everyone involved.

p.p.s Numfar PTB: yes, you heard correct. From what Gina said it sounds like there are more posters for the movie coming.

[ edited by lhoward on 2005-08-05 03:41 ]
Thanks for the advice, Caroline and Les. I'll do that next time.

And Kudos for the great work, Les (and the team at The Signal).

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