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August 04 2005

Summer Glau talks Serenity, the fandom and Wonder Woman. Video clip interview with the actress from the premiere of "The Skeleton Key". Very enjoyable. And click here to see another video interview with Summer and one with Morena too (she auditioned for X-Men 3 as well).

Enjoyable, it is...and so is she. This is the longest interview I've seen with her, and she's very animated here. She talks a lot about her role in the movie, her hopes for more sequels somewhere, and how she wishes she attended more pre-screenings. The sooner these guys get on the TV talk show circuit, the better.
Saw her do that last night. She gave three or four really long interviews. What is cool is that just after this, after expounding on how the fans are so supportive and all (although we couldn't hear that, of course), our little group saw her look our way and we gave her a big log cheer and applause. Her expression of suprise and delight was priceless. It was the biggest cheer for anyone there by a long way. After the intereview she came over and talked with us and signed autographs. She was the ONLY celeb that did this all night.
I've added a link to the subject line to a page which has video interviews with Summer and Morena.
In completely unofficial news, I hear we might be seeing her in the UK this month.
awesome interviews... summer brings a smile to face on both that video... morena is looking very beautiful there. Cool interviews i hope there more interviews and show them somewhere like in videos and print too...
Summer will be the break-out star in all of this once the dust settles. Mark my words.
My video stuff on my evil computer is deciding today to take a vacation.

Can anyone please tell me what she said about WW?

FalenAnjil...Summer doesn't think of herself as a WW type, maybe Gina Torres. And goes on to say that WW will take Joss away from her and he will be missed, because it will be filmed outside the L.A. area. I think that about does it.

And, I think you've got something there Madhatter. There's much talent in that one.
Yup. Our Summer is going places. :)
If I remember correctly, in the "Waiting in the Wings" commentary for "Angel", it was said that the role of the ballerina was her first acting any case...damn...she is a natural.

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