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August 04 2005

(SPOILER) Official 'Serenity' cell phone game to be developed. The game is based on the plot of the movie and you get to play Mal. For a press release, this does contain some very major spoilers for the movie.

Wow, pretty major spoilers on that hey!
Good point, I'll add that.
God,I hope samsung phones will carry it!!!!
Has anyone heard anything about a full game, either on one of the consoles or PC?
I think Adam and Nathan mentioned it in an interview which was on AICN ages ago, but nothing has been heard since. I read the console mags all the time and have seen nothing about it.
Chris Buchanan says they are planning to release console game rights for SERENITY. However, no announcements yet. I suspect if the movie is a success you'll see people jumping all over it like a rash.
Oh I hope they do that soon. The movie would make for some awesome gaming action!
Yeah, I think a console game would be fantastic if they had all of the characters voice's and unlockable special features and stuff, like the Buffy game. I would be concerned about the gameplay, given the crappiness of many film based games, but there have been good versions before.

I don't think cell phone games are that great though.
Yea Razor, I think what is concerning me right now is the lateness in releasing these game rights. It's way too late now for anything really good to come out in time for the movies release. Perhaps we'll get one for the Sequal? There would be nothing worse than a badly done FF game. I still shudder when I think about what they did to Fight Club.
Well I know a lot of movie tie in games are generally rubbish. But, and this is a good but, anyone who has played the Chronicles of Riddick gane on the X-Box will know that this is a superb movie tie-in and a Universal game as well. I'd love the developers who did Riddick to have a bash at Serenity.
I'd love it if they make a console game for Serenity. I frequently check out the Xbox news sites and haven't seen anything mentioned yet. I haven't played Chronicles of Riddick yet, Simon, but I have heard very good things about it.
I just got a psp,so I would loooove it if they did a game as well,but whoever does get the rights im buying the system. :)
Hopefully, if they do make a game, it will be a multiplatform release, and if not, hopefully it will be an Xbox release 'cause that's whay I have :^)
Yes, one of the best console movie tie ins of recent years was Chronicles of Riddick (it did over $14m of business in 6 months I heard) which happens to be a Universal property. It made a lot of press as it nearly did better in terms of profit than the film actually did.
I've seen Freelancer mentioned a lot by fans who've talked about a Firefly/Serenity PC game. I don't much about it but it's got some seriously high praise.
I've seen a few fan developed efforts going on with Firefly mods, but none have really had wide spread (or indeed, any) publicity. There's a 3D 'walk around Serenity' thing somebody has made, which looks relatively impressive, and a Privateer style Firefly'verse mod somebody made.
Um... so you play Mal, but it's a top down space shooter? Does that mean, everytime we do something we hear Mal telling Wash to go left, right, faster, slower?

I also don't think a Freelancer style game would work. Unless it stays away from Serenity and Crew, because I wouldn't want to see Serenity turned into a heavily armed war ship, just for the sake of making a space shooter. Something in the same 'verse, maybe. Or they make sure that arming a transport will cause serious trouble whenever you run into Alliance patrols.

Too heavy on characters and story for a "simple" game, so maybe a rpg or old school adventure game? But anything where you just fly or run around and shoot stuff would feel pretty wrong to me.
Something along the first Buffy X-box game would work for me. Figure this out, figure that out, kill some Reavers, free River, sell your booty,get off-planet. Maybe with a bunch of Jayne and Wash-isms thrown in. That would be so fun! And so in keeping with the spirit of the show!

Then jeopardize the ship...have Kaylee save the day just as we're hitting atmo, a la Scotty... nice tribute there... then make our "landing party gang" fall into a bunch of shit..."Oh (insert Chinese curse here), it's Niska!

Stop me now, I could do this for days...

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