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August 04 2005

MTV reports on latest Spike movie rumours. Their interpretation of Alyson Hannigan's latest remarks is that it's headed for the big screen. However James' manager says the project is "nothing we have on our radar at this moment." Also click here to read a brief blurb about what Kristen has to say about a Spike movie.

It's not difficult to spell someone's last name properly. Especially as Marsters is already spelt correctly in the article before hand.

Again, I believe Aly's just pulling a leg here. She loves to pull planks on the press and I see that here. Actually, I say they have it coming.
perhaps, Simon, the writer was referring to this james:

It's funny, I didn't James Marsters and James Marsden had the same manager. That must be confusing. *end sarcasm*
JM himself has said repeatedly that it would only be tv-movie. Aly's latest last week said nothing of big screen, but that the last she had heard was something about straight to dvd and talk of Spike movie. I wish when other websites pick up info they would not add their own spin. Telephone(the game) at it most worst.

What we know is that it would be Spike/Illy/Fred and include Amy Acker, as in June he had talked to both. Fury said they had talked about it and Joss was really intrested in doing the superchick thing. But not now.

This is not the first time some article or the press have confused Mardsen and Marsters. Some did it last year when reporting info on the newest x-men gossip. Now with one in the movie and one in smallville, I can see how they could get confused. Though reading through Copy, should take care of that problem as they are two different actors.And they "called" one of their's agent. Hmm wonder which one????Hehehe

Can picture Joss gettting the daily new Buffyverse rumor and laughing.

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Then there is this post on Kristin's message board.
I wont get too excited until JW says it's getting made. The bright side of this is of course that he hasn't come out and said it wont happen. Until one or the other is stated I'll take most reports with a pinch of salt.
Unfortunatly what Wanda reported there is everything that was either reported first when the "JM on smallville" broke or been all over the net for days.

The ten eps were reported the day the rumors first started coming out,on this site, infact.

Jm and Kryptonsite both reported him being in the first ep last week.

And we all know he talked to Joss early in June, Along with Amy. Since then Fury and Everyone else has said nothing is in the works.

So like the JM's SV news, she has already been internet scooped so far with her tidbits.
My Serenity, funnily enough that website initially says Masters and then refers to JM as 'Marsden'...maybe your on to something? ;)
Or maybe something new has happened with this latest interveiw....we can hope I guess. I'll take any speculation of more Spike and James and be grateful for it. I doubt I'm alone in that sentiment....
Speculation is good, and besides this is the first time I've ever seen Spike mentioned in connection with a big screen movie. *sighs* It would be nice to get back in the Buffyverse spoiler game again, I miss those days.

Though it has been pointed out that James has himself mentioned it would he would be up for a role in a big screen Buffy flick.

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Can you image all the websites that went out of commision , dusting of cobwebs in the hurry to be able to report them again? I here Tensai is reopening his spoiler buisness, for other shows mind you, but still he would be ready.

Big screen would be good. Hey it could have Angel and Spike again. Nothing wrong with two hot, sexy vampires leading the way. They could get a slayer in Faith and maybe Dana, a mystic with Fred/Illyara,Watcher with Wes.(He is not dead!)and the resident troublemaker in Conner.

But hmm... who would be the stable one? Must bring Lorne in then.
Illyria would be the stable one. Or Connor, since he was all rewritten to be well-adjusted and stuff.

Or maybe something new has happened with this latest interveiw....we can hope I guess. I'll take any speculation of more Spike and James and be grateful for it. I doubt I'm alone in that sentiment....

What I gathered is that Kristin got an interview with James, and it will be posted on Aug. 19. There is more behind her post than the current internet rumors.

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Not sure if Amy had to play back and forth between two characters, either would be considered stable. So Conner it is.

Now there is nice family talk I would kill to have seen. Him, Spike and Angel sitting down to talk to Conner about life. With questions From Blue and commentary by Faith. heheheh
I hope so too Nebula.....

While I would love to see Spike and Illyria together...I would hope they don't dilute the movie out with too many characters. A movie, even a big screen one, can only cover so much material, and I don't want Spike's role to fade out with too much else going on. I'd rather they made several movies, and concentrated on each character as was originally suggested. To me that would make for a much more satisfying film. They could all tie into each other, but still keep the MAIN character's story front and center.....too many characters and you start wondering just what the whole story is about....IMHO.
Those would be the tv movie's right? As they won't make four big screen.

Now which four characters would that revolve around.

Spike/Illyria (since the talk is them deffinatly hooked together for a movie)

Faith/Wes(even ghosty wes)


Conner or Gunn????

And if not four then one tv movie.. Faith/Spike/Illyria/Wes.
Lets say the Firefly flick becomes a HUGE would not be totaly impossible to suspect that a studio or two would like to take Whedon's betetr know properties (Angel) to the big screen.
Regardless of the fact that that these reports tend to get certain details incorrect, its nice to see the stories about any future 'verse project continue to get some press. It means someone is hearing us as we clamour for more.
Yeah it's good it's getting press, it helps gather interest.
I just remembered. Duh! I talked to Drew Goddard at a cocktail party at the Angel Booster Bash. He told me that Joss wants to do a Spike movie. Drew also would love to work on a Spike movie. He also said that if a Spike movie doesn't happen it wouldn't be do to a lack of prodding on his part because he wants Joss to do it too. At some point, I think I told Drew I was his biggest fan or that I loved him ... or something to that effect. It was a cocktail party after all. :)
Frankly, if Serenity is a huge hit, yeah, I'd love to see Spike/Illyria brought to the big screen.

At the same time, I'd also like to see Fray brought to life as well.
Thinking all the characters would have to be there for a big screen movie.

The Spike movie is for the Wb.

Fray would be a great way to restart the universe if Joss were to come to tv again, series wise. could you forget that???? Oh....the cocktail party...Ok...thats ok then have a good excuse...but you might start getting calls from Drew now....

still...if it helps get a Spike movie...I'd tell him anything, and Joss too.....

Lets just hope this is good news and not just more speculation. Although any news this keeps getting is still worth the noise...right???
I'm all for (of course Spike too) Fray anything.
I had no idea that Joss called James. I must have missed that post. I'm so lagging behind.

killinj, wtf, oh...i just happened to run into kill me.

Fray as a series....I'm salivating.

I always thought Lorne and Fred were the most stable. Xander until season 5.
I've added the Kristen link to the subject line, kinda makes sense to have a likely Spike movie discussed in one thread rather than spread over two threads on the same day.
"He told me that Joss wants to do a Spike movie."

killinj That's the kind of thing I was talking about. That JW wants this movie to happen is a good sign. When he gets his teeth into something it usually gets done. *thinks of Btvs tv show, Firefly movie, hopefully Spike movie* :0)

The original four tv movies were going to be: Spike, Angel, Giles and Willow. Faith wasn't an option as ED was doing Tru Calling at the time.
killinj - thatk you for the tidbit on Drew. It would be great to have Goddard on Spike movie project! Hopefully the success of Serenity (I believe film will be a hit) will give Joss enough power in Hollywood to contunue Buffyverse.
MTV are so smart.
I'm trying reeeeaally hard not to squee too much about this unitil I know it's going to happen. (squee!)

killinj - Dang! If I met Drew Goddard, I think I'd be dancing around with a big "I met Drew Goddard" sign stuck to my forehead. That man is just... so very brilliant, funny... pretty...
At TabulaRasa in July in Melbourne, David Fury said (on the Saturday) that Joss wanted to do a Spike/Illyria movie and was in negotiations right now. DF said that he hadn't been asked to be involved yet but it was too early to be getting specific writers etc involved because it was still so early in the process. If asked, he would like to be involved without hesitation.

At the same con, JM said he was still keen and that he thought Spike/Illyria was the way forward for a movie. Neither talked about TV movie/big screen/direct-to-DVD issues except for JM to say that any format was OK by him.

Interestingly, when asked the same question on the Sunday, David Fury was very much vaguer about his answer whilst JM's was much the same.
Whoo! Spike and Illyria! Now thats just a dream!
This is all starting to sound a lot more solid now. *crosses fingers and toes*

Big screen, small screen it's all good. I'm not the sort of person who thinks big screen equals quality and small screen equals badness. I've seen enough big screen movies to know that's not true. :-) I don't look down my nose on tv movies at all.
When you have look at the sheer quality of Kenneth Branagh's 'Conspiracy' or Richard Curtis' 'The Girl in the Cafe', they are a fine rebuttal to those critics who sneer at the concept of a TV movie.

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