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August 04 2005

Happy Birthday to Andy Hallett. Our favorite green demon turns 30 today.

Yay, happy birthday to my favorite Host in the world!
Happy B-day.

Have a great one.
Happy Birthday enjoy your big 3-0
My favourite demon in the whole wide verse. Many happy returns of the day.
Good grief, he's young.

Happy birthday!
Have a groovy Birthday Andy.
Cool...he's supposed to be at the Chicago WW convention this weekend, what a perfect opportunity to tell him in person!
Happy Birthday :), went through the whole 3-0 thing earlier this year, you'll be fine just take deep breaths.

Caroline, Lorne's my favourite too.
Awwww he's so sweet and I hope he is feeling much better these days. Wish we could see him again......Happy Birthday Andy.....
He sure has one sweet mom.
Happy Birthday!
Wow. I had no idea he was so young!
Happy B-Day, Andy :) I expect you to say the same in a few months when I turn 3-0.
Heeee! Andy went through a birthday basket delivered by fans when he was at the Booster Bash. Hope to see some photos of it. :-)
Andy - welcome to the 30's club! ;)
Is it true fans are working on getting him a star on the walk of fame? I love Andy! He was so funny at the Bash! Poor thing, hopefully by the Chicago event he'll be able to sit down comfortably! ;)
Happy Birthday, Andy!!! :)
Love Andy. Many happies to him. :)
Happy Birthday Andy! He's younger then I thought for some reason...
A very happy birthday to you, Andy! All the best! :)

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