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August 04 2005

CBS sets premiere dates for Aly's comedy and Christian Kane's new show. 'How I Met Your Mother' is on Sept 19th and 'Close to Home' is Oct 4th.

These both look so good.

I think if I remember the dates right, this means Aly's new show will get to premiere before Nicky's. Cool, you can get to see both for sure, without sacrifice.

I'm pretty sure that "Kitchen Confidential" premieres the same night AND at the same time. I am very happy I can record two shows at once!
No. Nick's show premieres on the 19th too.

Futon Critic link.
oh well.

That's what the nifty computer that records and everything is for.
I haven't seen How I Met Your Mother, but I thought the pilot for Kitchen Confidential was very funny indeed, I'd recommend it, and being on Fox it will need all the help it can get. I'll definitely be checking out Aly's show, for me it'll be a choice of which to download first, rather than trying to decide which one to watch and which one to video.
Well this is why God made VCRs (or...whoever made them), so I can watch and record, and get to see both Alyson's & Nick's new shows.
I'm on the same boat as Ghost Spike.

I did also, enjoy the Kitchen Confidential pilot. Hope they do keep up the quality, cause they have a incredibly talented cast in their hands, it'll be a shame if the the writing is a let down.

Does someone know, if there's a "How I Met Your Mother" review out there, or something with more detailed information about the show, besides the little clips that CBS is allowing us to see.

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