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August 04 2005

Minear Feels 'Inside' Must Die to Live Again. does an interview with Tim Minear and how he wants Fox to not air the show anymore. Plus some stuff we already know.

Too bad for Tim, but I have always admired his self-confidence and his direct honesty. So, good for him for not wanting the 6 remaining episodes to see a tv broadcast, and for being able to take this in stride.
I especially like his comment "(Howard Gordon) knows better than that. I'm a creator; I'm not going to carry water for somebody."
Hee hee.
Yes, that's a very nice quote. Though I'm not sure David Fury would agree... ;) Very nice article, too. I have to say, if I were breaking into the industry, I wouldn't mind creating a few limited-run series to gain some experience. It might be a new genre for new writers/directors to explore...
What happened to this week episode?
I thought this week it would be back again. :s
Hm, I thought the "I'm not going to carry water for anybody" quote was a little arrogant. He's a good writer, and working under Whedon on ANGEL certainly showcased his talents.
I'm having a big deja vu. I thought I'd already read this before...
I love TIm's confidence and positive outlook. BUT, I for one would love all the episodes to air. I love the Inside, and my heart is hurting. Everytime I turn on So You Think You Can Dance hoping the Inside is on a little bit of my soul is sucked out of my body. Why oh why is this happening to me? The Inside raaahhhkkksss.
Hm, I thought the "I'm not going to carry water for anybody" quote was a little arrogant.

How so? Why would he go work under another producer?

He's a good writer, and working under Whedon on ANGEL certainly showcased his talents.

I'm not sure what to do with that.
Tim is a creator. He brings out new concepts. He doesn't flog dead horses. Good on him.
No need to be defensive. I like Tim because he's a great writer. I don't think it's particularly servile (as the phrase "carrying someone else's water" implies) to write for someone else's concept. Hell, Joss does it (see Xmen and Wonder Woman) and lord knows we all think he's a big scary genius superstar.
This is exactly why I didn't watch it but am interested in the DVDs. I'm all about trying something new when I have time but... well, you know. Not this time. Same old story.
I'm not sure that he means writing for someone else's concept when he talks about carrying water for someone else, but rather not being second fiddle to someone else, that is, he wants to be the one in control. Joss may not have come up with the concept for X-Men or Wonder Woman, but he's the boss when it comes to writing those stories.
Exactly, killinj.

orphea, Tim was the showrunner on Wonderfalls and was the showrunner/creator of The Inside. As for Angel, before he went to work with Joss on Firefly, he had a great degree of autonomy, running it for Joss.

So going to work for Howard, under Howard, would be moving backwards. I don't think Joss would go and accept a writing position under Howard, either. It'd be odd. You can't compare writing/directing a feature film based on an iconic character to going to work for someone else on a television show. Get it now?
I "get it," Allyson, I just don't agree. Without turning this thread to a negative bent, we'll just have to agree to disagree.
I know Mr Minear would be in deep doggie doo if he worked in television and couldnít roll with the punches or pick himself up, dust himself of and start all over again etc., but what the heck did he do in a former life to deserve such treatment?

"They kept saying they were going to air them all," he says. "Finally I actually called them and said, 'Could you not? Would it be OK if you just didn't air them all?' I was looking toward the future and a hopeful DVD release. It just felt to me that [having unaired episodes] would make it more valuable to the studio. They, of course, did not agree to that."

So thatís it then? The rest of the episodes are going to remain unseen in any form in a vault in the belly of the beast? I did watch every episode and itís frustrating to think that an interesting character like Web only existed for such a short time.
bloodflowers, I think what he meant by "They, of course, did not agree to that" was the not showing of the eps. Meaning they'd show them if they felt like it...or not.

That was the impression I got.
I see now, Willowy, thanks. Heatwave bad. My comprehension not pretty.

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