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August 05 2005

Morena Baccarin Interview at No nudity involved, just a very good interview.

From their 'Women of the Verge' series it seems. This time you can honestly say you're reading it for the article guys! ;)

OK this may have been posted before. I did do an archive search and came up with nothing tho. The interview is a little old. Still interesting however.
Also I originaly got this from SerenityOz posted by Returnofthesmith.
You were just reading the articles, right nixygirl? :-)
There should be a subheading under "Whedonesque" and it should say: "Welcome to the Love Spa."
Wow, you lost me at 'no nudity involved'.... :~P
I never realized she had a boyfriend. And I'm still waiting for Way Off Broadway to be realeased somewhere soon.
Somewhere on the net, there is a clip of her in Marti Noxon's pilot 'Still Life'. I must track it down and check into the legalities of whether it would be ok to post.
I've never been lucky enough to come across a clip from 'Still Life', but there's a picture of the main cast at City of Angel.

Here is the link, for anyone who's interested - scroll down the page.

Jonathan M Woodward was also listed amongst the cast. It sounded like an interesting show, but I would say that, of course!
Nice interview! And PB is a great market for her, I think. Thanks for the link.
Ha! Welcome to the Love Spa, that's a creative idea! And yes Mort, of course I was just reading it for the articles. Now if it was Jewel Staite...?
I never realized she had a boyfriend.

Her boyfriend Brad Beyer was in one of my favorite films ever, Trick. He played the doofy straight boy, but still. ;-)

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