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"Well he doesn't traditionally bring presents so much as you know, disembowel children."
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August 05 2005

Joss' introduction to the Australian advanced screenings. UIP has posted his 'much requested speech' on the Serenity OZ site.

I got to listen to that e-mail last night being read out because I SAW SERENITY LAST NIGHT! It just blew me away (the movie, not the e-mail, nice and witty as it is). Thousands of people have already said wonderful things about the movie and I could only add to that. Just incredible!

And they bothered to bring the BDM to little isolated insular old Perth ("most isolated capital city in the world, blah, blah bitty, blah"). Thank you UIP (and Joss of course!).
So green with envy....or is that jealousy? Same difference. Just 57 days left, really dancing on pins and needles now. BTW, first time I'd read that message. Joss at his witty best.
It's nice to read it after hearing it read out a couple of weeks ago on the Gold Coast. However, I think the best part of the message from UIP is this bit:

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding advance screenings across the nation (including locations not yet blessed with a shiny screening of their own).

*swooning for Jay Dub's BDM*
Oh and of course I heard it last monday too! I'm so glad you loved it Catalyst2, 'course I knew you would even tho you'ld been spoiled completely. Also, you'll be getting more soon in that isolated little town.

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