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August 05 2005

The Times calls Watchers' Council 'evil sect'. Have they been speaking to Urkonn? And more importantly what would Giles say?.

I can't resist a Buffy mention in the London Times.

And is it Watcher's Council, Watchers' Council or just Watchers Council?

Well, either they read Fray, or they have seen some more or less misleading selection of episodes from seasons 4-7. I guess it's also possible they are just making it up as they go.

And, it's "The Watchers' Council".
Cheers, googling it brought a whole myriad of combinations. I'm still holding out for a Fray sequel. The brief story in Tales of the Slayers was very nice but a new story arc would most welcome.
Maybe there were talking about The Bringers in Season Seven?

Simon, I'm also waiting for a new Fray story. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm waiting for anything!

I'm also going with bkhl's "The Watchers'Council".
i reckon that both watchers council and watchers' council can be grammatically correct. the council can be seen to belong to the watchers hence the apostrophe. however, it could also be considered to be a council of watchers where the council possesses the watchers rather than the other way around, so watchers council would also be fine. as a real world example, cheshire county council isn't cheshire county's council, so i'd favour the apostrophe-less version meself.

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I'm voting for "balderdash" or perhaps "poppycock." With a slight chance of "folderol."
Eviltobz, in a post about grammar, we'd love to see you employ regular capitalisation!
I'm kind of confused. The Watchers Council isn't exactly an evil sect, more like a sect which monitors evil, sort of. So when is this referring to, since we haven't seen Buffy for two years? Something that never happened with Ripper? Any speculation? I know if I email I'll never hear back. :(

ETA: But hey, Fray works great for me too.

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Maybe Eviltobz's shift key is broken.
Tis actually a reference to 'Never Leave Me', the one where Caleb and co blew up the Watchers Council. I was amused by the mistaken reference to the Council as an evil sect. I didn't even know the crew went over to London to film that.

And let's not forget the fantastic line by Quentin Travers from that episode "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul" - taken from Invictus by W.E. Henley.
Ocular, shouldn't your second choice have an adult content advisory?
Heh. Simon, you're correct with "Watchers'Council".
Caroline said:
Eviltobz, in a post about grammar, we'd love to see you employ regular capitalisation!

heh :) it's something of an affectation that my online persona has adopted and i'm too old to change now.
Eviltobz, that's a shame, because you kind of have to if you want to post here. Sorry about that, but the same rules count for everyone here.
Simon says:
I'm still holding out for a Fray sequel. The brief story in Tales of the Slayers was very nice but a new story arc would most welcome.

Count me in. But I'm wavering between sequel or movie! I'm thinking that with a little more film cred (if you can believe I'm saying that), Joss could get the green light for a new franchise. Slayer From The Future!

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Well The Watchers' Council has a number of highly evil undertones ( pushes away image of seventies Brit punk band ). They had the First Slayer fused with the essence of a demon, they kept a wet-works team in permanent employment, they could take way your citizenship at the stroke of a pen . And lets not get started on locking drugged Slayers in with insane vampires. Or indeed what they planned to do with Faith/Buffy.

So yeah, they may have done evil in order that good may follow but they sure didn't all go to heaven when the building went " boom".

Also if Mutant Enemy went to London to film that sequence I'll eat my hat, it had a distinct air of " Stock footage" about it, real " red bus full of Beefeaters going past The Tower of London" stuff.

And I seem to remember that the CGI crew looked like they'd exploded the wrong building, which is pretty darned careless of them .

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Well, they had a team go over to film the Giles/Willow scenes in Bath for the beginning of the season. I guess they could have filmed some other stuff while they were in England to use later in the season. I agree, though, I do not remember the shot of the building before it blew up looking like it was anything other than stock footage. Course they may have filmed something they did not use.

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