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January 28 2003

(SPOILER) E!Online gossip columnist Wanda spills info on the possible fate of next season's slayer show.

"Producers have approached Eliza Dushku about a Faith spinoff, but she hasn't yet decided whether she wants to do it."

It should be said, though, that Wanda does not have a 100% accurate track record.

I'd watch it. Always liked Faith more than Buffy, who is way too righteous to my liking. Brunettes rule.
Faith, Faith, Faith! Brunettes do indeed rule. And *they* actually have more fun ;) At least Eliza does. How long have I been praying for this show? Well, as long as Faith hasn't been a regular on the show. Joss even had a dream about a Faith spin-off during season 3 or 4 (forget which). He knows. They just gotta convince Eliza. She deserves a quality starring role.
Too bad that convincing Eliza to do the show will be damn near impossible. She's never been big on lengthy contracts, so I'd bet only Benjamins will get her John Hancock on the contract.
Consider me spoiled now. *sigh* I feel so filthy, so deliciously dirty.
Faith The Vampire Slayer would be a dream come true! I've been hoping for this ever since Buffy died (the second time). ^_-
Please folks, this is Wanda's blather. Only accurate when everyone already knows it. If Joss is able to do a spin-off, it's not likely that Faith would be an anchor character. If anything, I'm guessing she'll "redeem" herself by dying a noble beath and somehow restoring the slayer line. Something will also have to be done about Buffy. I don't think it would be $wise to kill her and kill the syndication cash cow, so it'll be some sort of transformation to a regular life I guess.
ruach is right. Wanda is just rumor-mongering. You'll see pork in the treetops before you see a Faith spin-off. She'll probably die a martyr's death (as hinted by more reliable sources) on the lines ruach suggested. As for Buffy, she could conclude on an enigmatic "King Arthur's passing" type of ending, as used in the finale of B5 - some Buffyverse equivalent of Avalon. Just guessing on that score.
Martin Noxon already confirmed that a Faith spinoff show was a possiblity earlier this season. Joss said spinoffs could happen regarless of the season finale. Tiny tweaks might have to be made, but nothing major. I take Joss' comments to mean that a Faith show is a serious possibility and there is no chance she would be gone forever no matter what happens. I haven't heard anything about her dying, but death isn't an end anyway. You need only remember Buffy's history to know that death isn't final in Joss' world.

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