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"Well he doesn't traditionally bring presents so much as you know, disembowel children."
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August 05 2005

Big academic blogger gives Serenity a huge recommendation. Look for it in the fifth paragraph down.

This guy is a poli sci professor in the prestigious University of Chicago poli sci department, and hence his blog is fairly widely read by all sorts of well-connected people.

what an articulate, glowing review!

Plus, looks like he's got one of those blackmarket beagles. :)
Black market beagle, bwahaha.

What wonderful publicity.
Yeah, but judging from his links and quotes, he's a center-right type blogger, not that there's anything wrong with people who are wrong about everyting else (well, that's what I think!) being right for a change and liking "Firefly", but we've had several of those lately, esp. if you count libertarians as conservatives.

We progressives/liberals/"moonbats" or whatever you call us need to get on the stick. We've got to make sure "Serenity" fandom remains, er, fair and balanced...well, maybe "diverse" would be a better word.

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I can definitely see the appeal Firefly and Serenity would have to libertarians (Alliance as big government), but as a progressive liberal who leans toward libertarian on social issues, I don't see that as a bad thing. :)

Now, if the gay-haters come out in support of Whedon's work, I think my world might collapse. But we all know that's just not going to happen. Those "family values" groups love to hate on Whedon.
I seem to remember a bunch of gay hater fans when Willow and Tara got together. Those were fun times.
I don't care what a person's politics are as long as they're reaching into their pockets and buying Firefly DVDs and/or going to see Serenity.
killinj - fancy a job as a company director?! Hee.
Does the job come with ample vacation time to attend Whedon-related conventions? ;)
Yes, and free donuts, a company mule AND 43029403290423 dollars bonus if they fire you. Tough life.
In that case, I'd want to get fired right away!
Actually, I think the theme of tolerance/humanism/individual freedom is so strong in Joss's work, it's hard to imagine that "gays burn in hell" types would be fans, though you might have some garden variety homophobia in there somewhere, but even that should be something most fans would be embarrassed to'd think.
Also, Joss's work doesn't tend to be supportive of authority or religion, which I think would anger a lot of hardcore Bible lovers.

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