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August 05 2005

A long post from Nathan about things Serenity related . Also introduces Nathan's brother to the Universal forum.

I think Simon saw Nathan's post coming...
I'm glad Nathan did this. I know a lot of people don't think it was necessary, but I think it's a real sign of class by him once he realized how far things had gone.
So now we want pictures of Capsbro.
Nathan (and brother) have also be on the live chat thing. Queue all the geek jokes.
'real sign of class'

Yes indeed RS - He is the Big Damn Hero (and he has a good looking brother too)
It's perfect. Something needed to be said to bring closure to the issue, and it had to come from Nathan.
This one was a win. Let us be gracious winners, and leave with honor.

Good man. He could have just let it fester.
Now I feel as though we should find a proper cause to harness all this incredible Browncoat support. I don't know what it is just yet, but it will definitly be more noble than a comicbook, and still funny.

Did he see what we did at Comic-Con?
OMG, that was funny! Never underestimate the power of Browncoats or Cheese.
His brother very wise, Nathan also very wise to say what he did. Good to see this laid to rest.
Trevor from Saturn Comics got banned from Warp 1 at age 14. As I understand it, his offence was asking where the Hulk comics were. Now, with his own store, he banned Darryl.

Ha! How Spaced was that! If it had been a Jar Jar Binks doll then it would have been perfection.
That was nice of him to post. He didn't have to, and it sure wasn't fakey-sounding. I'm really loving his sense of humor.

(And happy to squeeee! over getting an extra Capn Mal cover Serenity comic at Borders on Monday! They get their comic shipments with magazines after the release dates.)

I think the issue #1s were already worth $19.99 Canadian to any Browncoat who got one, but now the issue one Capn Mals have a great story too. Yay! The value of my investment went up!
A very Captainly way to handle it...and, as many have said, to lay it to rest. The name Darryl will not soon be forgotten, though, I suspect!
I'm very tempted to start a new post for it, but I won't: Edmonton local TV station has picked up on the story and run a feature on it. Hah! On the plus side they showed clips of Firefly and things.
Gossi, I think that would be a great link!
True! Why wouldn't you want to link it?
Tag team nagging!! Link now please! Seriously, I'd like to know what they said. Was Nathan portrayed in a good light or bad? Did the store owner looke like a money grubbing con man? Did they show good clips?

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