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August 05 2005

'Akin' talks to the owner of the 'Ariel' ambulance! Slightly frustrating update from LiveJournaler "Akin" -- who finally spoke to the owner of the scrapyard that houses the discarded flying ambulance from "Ariel." "He isn't too excited about selling," Akin reports. "He would happily trade it for some kind of surplus aviation stuff or something, but I doubt that the fan community has a whole lot available...."

wasn't this already posted?
Was it? Oops. And here I was thinking I read this site carefully....
It was posted before but overzealously deleted by me. It's a human interest or rather ambulance interest story, so it's cool and can stay.
I know I'd read it, but it may be that I went to his site and read it, but it hadn't been posted. Only found two other links to Akin's LJ in the archive so far and neither is this so I could very well be insane... Well, I AM insane, but I could be incorrect as well... ah ha! it was Simon fault! :))

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Well, at least it doesn't sound like it's going to end up as a pile of scrap metal! I could see where the owner might want to hang onto it even if it is to put it into a museum. I don't think it matters that it wasn't real, he could showcase the fact that it was from that series that was cancelled that went on to be a huge blockbuster with many movies and spin-offs to follow - well, at least that's what I'm hoping happens. If the movie is a huge hit the guy could realize he has something worth quite a lot on his hands. Look how much Spike's necklace went for on Ebay? Can you imagine how much that would go for, just right now if it was auctioned. I can only imagine what it would be worth if the movie becomes a hit and more and more people discover the series.
Heh. Yes, Simon and I had a silly spat over this story when I posted it before, mainly because I was hot and cranky and got all needlessly pissy about it here.

It's all good.
*buys bix and Simon a pint* Whatcha have? :)
Maybe we could raise money to send it to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum? ;-)
This kind of thing irks me. The owner is coming across like he doesn't know what the hell to do with it (he's had it just sitting there for HOW long?), but now that someone's interested in it, he doesn't want them to have it either. He probably doesn't even know what it is.

I think you hit the nail on the head, Willowy.
Yes, I was thinking I was insane there for a while too Zietgiest, now I remeber that thread too.
Also right you are Willowy, I was thinking the same thing. A little greed demon is about to raise his head perhaps? (Not ragging the person, just the monster)
Irksome, that a man might refuse to sell what's rightfully his? Sounds like he's exercising his individual freedom, which I've heard is a running theme in some space western show.
It's the (possible) motive behind his refusal that gives me pause, jaynelovesvera. It just doesn't make any sense. Nixygirl, I think you were correct to bring up the greed demon.

Nobody's questioning anyone's "freedom." Sheesh.
Akin? Are you reading this? I have an idea.
Hmm, how could greed really play a part in this? Afterall, it is the man's property. If the man plans to actually make a museum of the whole place, he's definitely a better man than anyone of us. The costs for repairing and displaying aircraft is very difficult, time consuming, and costly. For all practical purposes, the aircraft prop is in the best place possible. The thing is probably fifteen feet long and about eight feet wide. About the size of a small travel trailer. I'm not sure about anyone else here; but, I certainly don't have room for it in my apartment. LOL. It is sitting in a climate controlled environment (middle of the desert) and can comfortably stay there for at least a couple of decades without the worry of decay. It is standard procedure for airline companies to store unused aircraft in similar conditions. I suspect this little ambulance prop is being stored better than Serenity itself. Remember, they bulldozed Sunnydale.

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