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August 06 2005

Astonishing X-Men triumphs in Wizard Fan Awards. The comic book took home several awards voted for by the magazine's readers. Including Joss for Best Writer, John for Best Penciller and most important of all "Comic's Greatest Moment of 2004".

I say several awards cause of Kitty Pyrde voted 'Female Hero' and Nick Fury 'Supporting Character'.

Yay for Joss... conquering art one medium at a time!
Great to see Laura Martin won for best colorist too. She's definitely the unsung hero on Astonishing.

So they won:
Best Writer, Best Penciller, Best Colorist, Best Letterer, Best Ongoing Series, Best Female Hero, Best Supporting Character, Best Male Hero (although Wolverine is in, like, 12 books a month...), and Comic's Greatest Moment 2004.

I wonder if there were any categories they could've won but didn't? Can we declare this a sweep?
Sorry, I don't know much about comics anymore; is that really The Karate Kid listed as Editor?
Yes. I just did a google search and found this.

Looks like he's been doing that for over 10 years.
Boo yaaa! Go Astonishing! :)
*pops open champagne* this is seriously worlds of good. not the champagne, just that, it's so so rad that Joss is leaving his work on the comics world as well!!!
I wouldn't really say that Astonishing won for Supporting Character as he plays a much larger role in a lot of other comics.
That is so cool. I hope the comic shop guy I met last week -- the one who looked at me funny because I didn't know the artist for the Serenity covers and asked just what the appeal of a space western was -- reads this too. He got an earful about writing for a minute or so.

Re: The Karate Kid. I knew it!
Sorry to spoil the fun, but that Ralph Macchio is a different guy than the Karate Kid, they just have the same name.
Glad to see Laura Martin won. Not only because she's a terrific colorist but she's very humble. At ComicCon 2003 I happened to get into a conversation about Joss and Astonishing X-Men with a group of women in front of me. One of them asked me if I liked the coloring. And I said that I thought it was great and she pointed to her friend and said: "She's the colorist". And Ms. Martin was all shy and embarassed and stuff. Thing was, we were in line to attempt to get Joss' autograph (we failed). And the thought didn't even occur to her to use her connection to Joss to try and get an autograph before the others in line. Her friend was urging her to do it but she wouldn't. Finally, her friend did convince her that she could at least go on the outside of the queue and say "hi" to him. Which she did. And he said "hi" back.
Since we're talking about Astonishing X-Men, Joe QUesada did mention a few things about Year 2 of Joss and Cassaday on AXM, during a panel on WizardWOrldCon Chicago.

Since, It does not include any big news in the article, I thought better not to post it on the front page:

Panel Report

Roll down and you'll find the following news about the second year of AXM:
"Asked about any connections between House of M and Astonishing X-Men, Quesada said the first, current run of the series takes place before those events, but due to Joss Whedon being such a stickler for continuity, fans can expect to see him address it when he and John Cassaday return to the series for their 2nd year."

The article also includes some notes about the state of the Marvel Universe after the events of their current Marvel Universe Crossover "House of M", including some news about what will happen to one of the Astonishing X-Men members.

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Cool. I know it's a snowball's chance in hell, but I like to see Joss doing the third series of The Ultimates.
With the success of both Astonishing and Serenity, you'd think that Marvel would be begging Joss to follow up Millar and Hitch on the Ultimates with Cassaday on art again. Maybe they'd also consider allowing Joss to write a five or six issue Kitty Pryde comic since he'd definitely be in to do that.

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