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August 07 2005

Ripper: The Trinity is Complete. Journalist Matt McGovern talks about why he would like to see Ripper as a spin-off series. "There is one character who appeals to me as somebody with spin-off credentials, as well as making logical sense in the continuation of the Slayer story. Rupert Giles, Buffy's mentor, father figure and Watcher."

I enjoyed this and for the most part agreed with it. I'd enjoy a Giles series, (although perhaps Faith would be a higher list priority for me) and his explanation of the three elements of the Slayerverse does seem to have some root in logic

I have to say thatt's never occurred to me before about the logical progression of having a Giles series. Interesting, thanks for posting it. Tony Head is a great actor and I would love to see more of his character. I was gutted when we didn't see him on the other end of the phone in 'Shells'.

Oh and btw please remember that this is a Geocities site so accessing it may be haphazard if too many people are viewing it.
Do you reckon it might be a good idea to post a warning about the Geocities thing in the subject line?
We need more slayerverse, we hungar for it, Giles is a great character, Tony Head great actor.
Might be a good idea.
Simon (or another mod), maybe you could redirect that link to this Coral cache to prevent overload.

Of all the continuations of the Buffyverse that have been proposed, I think Ripper is the one I would most like to see. Giles is an incredibly compelling character, and yet we know relatively little of his story (both pre- and post- Buffy).
Thanks for the link Galvatron, have just changed it
I always loved the idea of a "Ripper" series but then it never happened and it's always been in the back of my head. I love the idea of Illyria and Spike but I wish we had gotten our "Ripper" spin-off which had seemed like a sure thing back when it was being talked about.
Goddess, a "Ripper" spin-off would kick so many different kinds of booty.
A Giles short series would be perfect.
A Ripper series would be fantastic! *So* much love for Giles... :)

I want want want "Ripper"...
If not a TV series, why not Ripper the comic book series? I'd suggest Doug Petrie to write it if Joss is busy. He really captured Giles' tone in the (e)comic "Ring of Fire".

And thanks for the tip Galvatron, much appreciated.
Glad to help. The Coral cache system is really great for keeping those low-bandwidth links alive.
Simon, Thanks for the link. It was interesting and you are right about him getting the Ripper thing, but all I could think (after how awful they all looked) was, "I must just not be a comic book person. " For me there is just so much missing. Nope, give me an Anthony Head Ripper series and I would watch every episode, but I don't think the comics would do it for me.
If anybody is interested, Tony Head did an interview about a month ago where he said he had spoken to Joss recently but not bought up this project... I know it's something Joss has rough ideas for, and it is scaled for a 2 or 3 part miniseries via the BBC, but until joss can clear some time I don't see it happening.
I've always been pretty fixated on wanting a Spike movie, but I think a Ripper series or movie would be a very good choice. I'm pretty much happy with any continuation of the Buffy verse, but Giles would be one of the best characters to do that.
This would be the best spinoff imaginable, but I'll be very surprised if it happens.
Can I just say how much I don't want this to happen! No? Well, good, because I'd be lying through my very british teeth.
Just got this email from Matt McGoven, in response to the comments above :)

Hi Joe/Apocalypse

Thanks for letting me know about posting the link Whedonesque and sending me the address to look at it in. I read the comments and I'd just like to say thankyou to the people at Whedonesque for being so friendly and pleasant while discussing my ideas. Its actually quite refreshing to find a web community like yours, able to accept other peoples idea's even if they are not their own, and discuss them rationally without going into a tirade of "Jiles sux" and "i heart Spike" (not to say I dont heart Spike, but you get the general idea!). Credit to the moderators there.

And in response to the other points you raised in your e-mail: next week i'll be talking more about what I'd like to see as a premise for the show, and thanks for offering to post it again on Whedonesque, but if its not up to standard then dont feel obliged to post it. Im not sure when I will be writing about the character of Faith but it hopes to be soon. She may not fit in with the logical steps I mentioned in my article, but she is one helluva girl!

Again, thankyou for your email, it was kind and curteous and actually gave me some points to think about for the discussion next week. And also another thankyou to Whedonesque for their response (if you could pass on my thanks that would be much appreciated).

Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this issue


Think that says it all really. You guys make me proud to be from Whedonesque!
Giles has never been really my favorite character, but I would love to have a Giles spin-off, and preferably post S7. It would be interesting to see Giles turning into a professor Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts school for Slayers ;) Interjected with scenes from his past to give him more background.

Giles was older, wiser, suave and much more dangerous.

Giles did became darker, didn't he? Dangerous is the right word. Debateble if it was for the good, but to me he became more interesting. More twisted and torn between the old ways of the Council and the more humane ways.
Neither link is working for me right now...

But, in any case, I'm a longtime booster of the "Ripper" concept. It's just the natural progression of the Buffyverse -- from youth (Buffy), to young adulthood (Angel), to middle-age. And I think the British style of TV would be more accomodating to Joss's creative style and what's looking to be an increasingly hectic schedule as he becomes a big-time movie director guy.

Also, the darkness that Koos talks about would be evident -- the model that was mentioned for the series, "Cracker" with Robbie Coltrane, was about 45% about the character's personal life and 55% "serial killer of the week". It would be a great chance to find out more about Giles and his friends, past and present. So far, the other we've met is Ethan Rayne and I suspect he was the least interesting of them.
Ripper has always been my favorite spin-off idea. Of course I want to see the others, but I've always gone with Giles -- well, Giles and Fray -- first. Great world for some serious drama.

My favorite idea would be about a present day Giles, post season seven. And of course there would be lots of flashbacks. What actor would make a good younger Giles? Someone we've never seen before, I'm sure. Cool post, thanks for the link.
I liked the idea of Ripper, years ago.
But with this explanation, I really want Ripper, NOW.
I never thought in Ripper that way, it could be better to have the Trilogy of all the elements in Slayer-Verse, than another series about a vampire or a slayer (IŽd like to see them too, but I prefer this logical step).
I really like the idea of this and what the author was saying about the whole 'Trinity' thing made sense. Im looking forward to reading next weeks and seeing what he says next.
Matt, I love your way of thinking! Yes, it does make since that the Watcher would be next to focus on. I agree with Angel TheVampire, Ripper NOW, not years ago. Tony Head NOW! We can have him train a new watcher perhaps who may fall in love with Faith! Sorry, I gotta add my love for Faith. Great article, Matt! I'm looking forward to your next one.

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