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January 28 2003

(SPOILER) Buffy location shoot report. "...passing the knitting".

Is Giles ever going to meet Principle Wood? I think that would be interesting, they could get slightly territorial about the slayer. Or are they, you know, in different time... thingies.
Is this the time theory that is doing the rounds? Don't know much about it but I remember the reset theory that was discussed in season 6 and how it never happened.
William the Poet has been mentioning time Time TIME, etc a lot and there's a theory the timeline's been fuct since Dawn arrived. It looked like ME wanted us to notice it, when they put up that timestamp at the start of CWDP. His latest posts hinted at the song from Rocky Horror, the Timewarp, and at Giles' involvement. He said something like "what happens when Dr Who meets Dr Who" and someone figured out he may have meant you get a "pair of docs"... a paradox.

Sigh. Wish I was smart.
My guess is IF they do that, it'll be a oneshot episode, nearing the end of the season when they pull all the stops. They'll make us think they're zapping Dawn, that The First is that powerful, but it won't last. It'll be like last year's episode where they were hinting that Buffy's really a lunatic in an asylum. It's a fun idea, but actually going through with it makes audiences think the next scene will show Patrick Duffy in a shower.
or that some punk pseudo-poet named "William", who goes by the nomdeplume 'Spike' and who is obsessed with Billy Idol and movie actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is in the shower. ;)

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