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August 07 2005

Serenity "planning score release" according to SoundtrackNet due to a new deal with the AFM. It's all to do with contract rates, but it appears we've happened to fall lucky as an end result.

Gossi, can you put that in captain dummytalk please?
As far as I can figure it, Serenity was/is now judged a 'Low budget' film due to the limit being upped to $40m budget for a production, which means it is now much more favourable to release the soundtrack financially.

I think. I've emailed the editor of that site and asked for it to be explained and any more information they have.
I've just spoken to the person who wrote that article - he says he got 'the info from David Newman himself last night at a UCLA concert where he guest-conducted'.
So very shiny.
Yup. Must buy this. Shiny goodness.
Gossi, I know you say you're "just a fan," but the head of development for Universal Studios can be a fan, too ;-)

Anyway, just a smartass lead-up to just say, thanks for all the (non)insider info, dude.
It's a gosspiracy.
Weren't they going to release a soundtrack CD anyhow?
Well, not a complete surprise really since most major hollywood movies, and several of the minor once aswell, get a score release. But it's good to see it confirmed.
My rule of thumb is if "Alone in the Dark" can get a soundtrack release then Serenity damn well can.

Maybe there will even be a limited edition DVD release with the soundtrack included.
Haha, Simon.

I'm interested to see Alone in the Dark. Is it as bad as it sounds?
All we need now is word on the release of the Firefly soundtrack.
Yes Gossi, always with the edge on what's to come. Able to get Aussie website editors into press screenings of Serenity in England. Has woman throwing thier wombs at him as payment for pre screening tickets to the BDM. (it's true, he admitted it in the love thread)
It makes one wonder indeed ;)
I am joss's secret bitch. Arf arf. Don't lock me in the cupboard, master.

I couldn't get that Aussie press bloke in - it's overbooked. Oh well.
Bahahaah! Your his sex slave?? Oh, sorry, I got that wrong. *blushes*
You mean your his little lap puppy ;)
Oh, and bummer you couldn't get him in hey. Dagnammit! I do hope we have some Oz press there.
Oz UIP will screen it to the press - they will likely do a 'long lead' screening (potentially with fans in attendance) and then a 'multimedia' screening in a full blown cinema with closed access to only press.

What the press will make of Serenity, I do not know.
Oh yay! I may get to be in that audience! Again with the goods Gossi???
Hmmmmmmmmm *nix ponders*

edit to add: Oh...I just realised, maybe that is what I went to last week?

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Does anybody have any word on when this is going to happen with the US press...cause we're kind of the biggest market in the world and it is a US film and it would be really good if it were successful here too...

Just a thought. Are they trying to get the foreign press onboard with it being really good so that the US press will be too ashamed to appear shallow and not talk up a quality film that may not be an easy sell? (Run-on sentences much?)

[ edited by newcj on 2005-08-08 17:03 ]
No clue about the US side of things - Universal keep these things very locked down. An example: the person who actually wrote the article in this Whedonesque post (the SoundtrackNet one) knows David Newman personally (the guy who did the Serenity score). He asked David if he could come to the sound recording, but apparently security would have been too tight to let him in. Amusingly, the writer bumped into Joss Whedon in his supermarket a few days before recording, and Joss said the same thing. :)

And, of course, that's cool. It's a heck of a commerical investment for Universal so they probably don't want to risk anything bad happening. It's slightly better for us European/Australian people as UIP give us a fair amount of access to the thing.
Yay us! That was a good story too, even Joss couldn't get him in.
Gossi = strategically placed virus-dropper. :)
Simon, back when it was just Firefly, they did announce they might releasing a downloadable version of the soundtrack that you could purchase off of Fox (similar to how the Angel soundtrack was first released). I think Greg Edmonson himself may've even given us that news.

Was anyone watching that Fox music site, did it ever happen? No, nevermind, we would've heard about it.

I'll definitely buy a Serenity soundtrack. If most or even some of what I heard in the June 23rd screening is the finalized score, it'll be a very happy purchase. I'd still really like to own Firefly's as well though. I want it more.

[ edited by Kris on 2005-08-08 21:38 ]
As far as I remember, there was never an official Edmonson's Firefly Score released out there, either offline or online.

What I did find sometime ago was a torrent, made by someone, who actually went to the trouble, to rip every score piece from the DVD set, and put them into mp3 files. It was better than nothing.

You get to listen to everything still with dialogue, which is fun, but I still wished there was an official release only with music.

I thought that the score release for Serenity would be a given, it never passed through my mind, that would consider not releasing it.
Because of the cost of the film, it was touching on the musical 'high budget' film which has an effect on the landscape of releasing the score - as it, it could have either not happened, or been delayed a fair bit.

Ultimately, though, it don't much matter now as it looks like it's gonna happen. I'd love a Firefly score CD, too.
...has an effect on the landscape...

hee hee, of all the quality Firefly-isms available, this particular one is now the latest that I am conscientiously trying to work into my daily speech! Nice to see its inclusion here!

To weigh in on the subject at hand, gossi, I had the same initial impression as you regarding the meaning of this latest bit of news (and what good news it is!). I was just thinking about the Serenity score this past Saturday and I assumed that we would see an official soundtrack release (and hopefully in advance of the 30 September North American opening). It's wonderful to see it confirmed that the film score is on its way to stores near us, thanks!

Well, after the snippets of the Serenity soundtrack posted a few weeks back, I will happily purchase a soundtrack recording out of the gate. (For full price.)

Not just because I love the movie -- Newman's work (if the sample tracks are any indication) on this film is really exciting.

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