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August 09 2005

The Signal Episode 6 podcast with RON GLASS interview available now.

Link changed to more permanent location.
I have to say that I appreciate the reminder, because I do like to listen. It is very impressive that they have gotten such good interviews, I loved hearing Adam and Gina, so now I must go listen to Ron Glass.
I signed up for their email reminder but have never gotten one, so I too appreciate the reminder. Especially as I am a week behind, and am about to listen to #5. Looking forward to 6 though. Does Ron laugh throughout the whole interview?
They got Ron Glass, too? Our BDH are amazing! And I'm loving "The Signal."
Same here. In the days of "Buffy" and "Angel" I was addicted to the Succubus Club radio show that was heard on the net. This "Signal" show is the next best thing...and more convenient to listen to, thanks to iPods.
*guilty look*

Gosh, look at the monster I created.

*sheepish grin*
Thanks for the apreciation. We've really had a really fun time recording all the interviews.

Lioness, sometimes there is a delay between when we send the alert and it actually broadcasts out. We just released a few hours ago so its possible that it hasn't made it to you yet. You may also want to check your yahoo group subscription and make sure you are showing up subscribed to the notification list and that you are set up to receive individual emails. If none of those solve the problem, contact, and he can help or post something on The Signal's main forum (link from We do try and read other boards, but we might miss things that aren't sent to us directly or posted on our regular forum.

Thanks again for listening!
What I said last week was that to make discussion of the individual podcast more interesting you could listen to it first, pick out some choice quotes and then build your post and link around that.
I love that they asked Ron if that was his real hair that scared River. Hahaha. Boy, these interviews are fantastic. They have exactly the right number of weeks left before Sept. 30th to interview the remaining six BDHs. (Plus one week left over to interview Joss.) VERY exciting! I hope they can pull if off.
I really loved the Ron Glass interview, and appreciated that you not only discussed Rug Rats (I never even knew about that) but also had an audio clip of Ron Glass' Star Trek: NG appearance. These interviews are great and I hope you continue to have more of them.

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