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August 10 2005

Boreanaz talks 'Bones' to TV Guide. And as usual there's the 'will you return to Angel' question. David says "the only way it would work for me is if it was a full-length feature film directed by Joss Whedon or Tim Minear or David Greenwalt. It would have to be on an upper-scale level, not a TV thing."

Though Angel on Broadway would be a hoot and oddly enough would probably work quite well.

Sorry for the doublelink, need to be fast on the draw to post links these days.
Ah no worries :).
Well at least he is onboard if a Angel film ever gets a greenlite, nice to know. And interesting he said the possibility of David Greenwalt and Tim Minear directing, not just Joss, so if Joss is busy, but helps write the script, but not direct etc

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"...It would have to be on an upper-scale level, not a TV thing."

In other words - it ain't gonna happen. :(
It's interesting he says upper scale level though, there's been a number of feature films that have gone straight to dvd, give the film a decent budget, it's already an upper-scale level, and dvd isn't tv, so he doesn't rule that out. And he didn't menstion a threatical film in this interview, so I think he's hinting he wouldn't mind a upper scale Angel film that was on dvd, alot of decent actors have done films I've enjoyed on dvd that didn't get released on cinema.

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*groans* A Broadway play?!
I'm sorry, sometimes I feel he's gotten a little too big for his boots. I also thought it was nice of the journalist to translate Boreanaz speak for the masses ;)
I honestly could not understand a word of what he said last time I saw him interviewed.
I've never really understood why doing a film is seen as being superior to television. Also, I read an interesting article recently on Slate which suggests that studios get their real bread and butter from tv licensing, not movies.
Well films tend to be given a bigger budget, and I think everyone involved did a awesome job on Angel season five, given the budget they had in previous seasons was reduced, there are stories to tell that need some more money, and for Angel to come back, it's gonna probabley have to live up to the themes set up after not fade away. A television show like 24 is fully supported by Fox, it has good funding, and as a result is awesome, better then many films I watch. If Angel is given the same support, it can be even better, and for it to return, it has a great season ender of season five to live up too, and a bigger budget could easily help out fufiling a promising follow up, as there won't be a season six.
Nixygirl, I agree. You can't tell me that an Angel tv movie wouldn't rise head and shoulders above, say..."Valentine II" in the theaters?? Which, frankly, is probably the kind of thing he's getting offered.

He's cutting off his nose to spite his face. Too bad it's not for us to decide, we'd make the right choices for ya, Dave!
DB's love of acting always makes me smile.

I appreciate his honesty about what it would take for him to make an Angel movie. While the rest of us know anything Joss does would be great, he's comfortable saying he's not interested in a TV movie. Given that his show was cancelled and the TV movies were dangled as a carrot to placate angry fans, I don't blame him.
Well he did the same character for what was it 8 years? Don't blame him for wanting to move on.
So, how long do y'all think Bones is gonna last? Two eps? Three? Four plus back-to-back plea for viewers?
Fox gave it a decent time-slot and are promoting it heavily - or at least heavily compared to say Wonderfalls or The Inside, so I give it 6 to 8 episodes.
I'm hoping that Bones does well for DB. If there was justice in would be allowed to build an audience over a full season. But we know all to well that is not the case any longer. I will definitely be tuning in and giving it a chance.

Regarding an Angel movie...I don't think that will ever happen. David is moving forward...he does not seem to want to continue that character, which I can completely understand. Believe me...Angel was my favorite I would LOVE for him to continue...but I think that is asking too much. He definitely wants to broaden his's only natural and I wish him all the luck in the world. I hold on to hope that at some time there will be a continuation of the Buffyverse, in what ever form that it will take. That's all we can do. Hope.
I'm completely over the actors and actresses that are not interested in coming back to the Buffyverse. There are plenty that do. I'd watch a Clem TV movie! In all seriousness, I wouldn't mind seeing the Buffyverse grow to include new characters. Take a combination such as Ilyria, Wes, Faith, Xander, Spike and throw in some new characters- and a good time would be had by all.
Of course we'd all watch another 'Verse spinoff, but is anyone at that point yet where it's clear that maybe the shows/characters SHOULDN'T return? As much as the end of Buffy slaughters me (I have yet to cope) and as tragic as Angel's cancellation, both shows definitely went out on top. I keep thinking that maybe the 'Verse should be left the way we remember it. As special as ever.

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Good gawd, no! We've got to have some more. Frankly I don't care if it's tv or movies, just get it done as soon as humanly possible. That's all I ask.

I am so NOT on board with the idea of no more 'verse. I will hope and wish for years to come if need be.
I don't see Buffyverse shows returning in the immediate future at all, so why wouldn't he hope for a film? It's a great way to continue the Buffyverse stories and would take less time than a tv show. I can see his preference for a Buffyverse film.

Angel could get the shanshu, and then he could age. Perfect.
So, how long do y'all think Bones is gonna last? Two eps? Three? Four plus back-to-back plea for viewers?
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say a full season and more. Procedural dramas are in and even if it's not the best of procedural dramas (not saying it's bad for I don't know), people are more keen to watch those type of shows. I see it lasting especially with it's timeslot before 'House' then later after 'AI'.
I think you're right Nychick. It seems like Fox is really behind this show and are promoting it well and giving it a decent time slot. I have DirecTV and they have a promo station showing clips of shows for the fall and I watched the Fox one and I thought the clips they showed from Bones looked really good. But it annoyed me when they did the quick flash of upcoming Fall shows that The Inside was included with them which shows that it was supposed to air in the fall and probably would've had a better chance. They never talked about it though.

And I have no issues with DB if he doesn't want to come back to the role of Angel. I loved his portrayal and if he isn't into it anymore that's okay. I think there is plenty of possible storylines that JW can do that he probably could start a whole new series based in the 'verse that doesn't include any known characters. I always thought the character of Whistler was very intriguing and interesting and he was only shown for a very short time. And if they hadn't killed off Caleb, he could've been an interesting character to have delved more into his background. That would be a twist to have Joss do a spin-off that was from the perspective of the bad guy. That was one of the reasons why I loved Spike and Dru so much. They were obviously bad guys but they were also so interesting and fun to watch that you kind of routed for them sometimes too. I remember Spike taking that first step out of the wheelchair and I actually cheered! Yet, he was the bad guy! Anyway, my point is, Joss can easily make any character dynamic and interesting and it doesn't necessarily have to be a character that has already been introduced. I never really warmed up to Point Pleasant but if the show had been focused on the Boyd character I probably would've liked it a lot better. More of him trying to entice this girl to the dark side and her as the secondary character trying to fight it.
I'd give Bones 5-6 eps before cancellation, since the quality of the show will be irrelevant when the issue comes up. Point Pleasant got maybe 5-6 eps on the air before cancellation, and they began to substitute other stuff in its place before cancellation. I knew it was a sure thing when TWOP stopped recapping after the fourth episode. That was probably a good barometer and they did it several weeks before the official cancellation.

ETA: I forgot.

"I always thought the character of Whistler was very intriguing and interesting and he was only shown for a very short time."

Ok so I really splurged the other day when I got BG Season One. Please know I don't get out as much as I should. I was looking at all the HBO titles I see mentioned here but shooooweeeee they all cost about 83.00 US apiece. I'll have to analyze that list much further but when that day comes it will most likely be Dead Like Me. So I picked up the first & second season, packaged together, of Homicide: Life on the Street. It's a cop show one CAN watch multiple times and not yawn. It's the best cop show that ever was and I haven't gotten into another one since. So I can't remember his name off hand, but there's Whistler. He's not the same character, but he interestingly has basically the same look on Homicide. He's really interesting character on that show. He does some of the cop videos and is dying to make documentaries. I loved Whistler instantly because I recognized him from Homicide and enjoyed him very much in that series. I wouldn't recommend any other cop show on this forum except this one. It outshines all the others by a mile, even NYPD Blue and that one was darn good. Phenomenal tv acting, scripting and filming. Often looks like a documentary because one of the creators did documentaries and that's probably why the "Wistler" character is there, at times for some comedic relief.

ETA: It should say something that I remember him so well. His name is Max Perlich and he was only on Homicide for one of its seven seasons, 96-97 according to IMBD. I still totally recommend Homicide for some serious quality tv viewing, however. I'm happy to have the DVDs because I only caught eps here and there in reruns.

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"I'm gonna go out on a limb and say a full season and more. Procedural dramas are in and even if it's not the best of procedural dramas (not saying it's bad for I don't know), people are more keen to watch those type of shows. I see it lasting especially with it's timeslot before 'House' then later after 'AI'."

Are you forgetting the travesty of "The Inside?"
My conspiracy theory for the day:

Tim Minear said that Fox wanted “a” procedural. I am thinking what Fox is saying around the production meeting table is:

‘we need “one” procedural in the line up to tick the required box and we don’t care what it is, but Bones has a much better chance of succeeding than the Inside because it has a prebuilt audience through the books and it looks easy on the eye and it has that CSI lookalike thing going, blah blah…, so that’s the one we push and give a real chance (for this read, we’ll broadcast 3 instead of the usual 2 episodes). The Inside is already in the pipeline and no point stopping it now, so we throw it out there on the off chance it works but really we don’t care whether it lives or dies.’

Basically what I am saying is Bones killed the Inside. Which is ironic on so many different levels.

Oh yeah, and I want an Angel big screen movie more than just about anything in the world. Except possibly world peace. Then again maybe an Angel movie would bring world peace, everybody being in the cinema and having no time to fight and all that. Ever thought about that Joss? Hmmm? Hmmm?
April, I celebrate your good taste in loving Homicide: Life on the Street. While I enjoy HBO shows that shatter previously accepted barriers on language, sex, and violence, IMHO Homicide outdid them all with the strength of its writing, on broadcast TV.

Also, I always figured the dry-erase caseboard in AtS season 2 was based on Homicide's caseboard.

Miranda, if the hoped-for Angel movie brought Jasmine back, world peace would be a cinch.
My understanding is that Whistler was supposed to be on ANGEL instead of Doyle, but that Max Perlich was unavailble due to substance abuse problems so they created Doyle. That's just what I heard--have no idea if it's true.

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