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"Yeah we totally had sex."
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August 10 2005

A DVD review of David Greenwalt's short lived series 'Profit'. The Wolfram and Hart vibe is noted. Whedonesque posters with good memories might remember that Joss once posted saying that him and David talked having Jim Profit turn up as a Senior Partner.

My mom and I used to watch Profit together when I was a kid. I seem to remember there was this part where Jim Profit had sex with his mom, and it was kind of uncomfortable. But still, I liked the show.
I never saw the show, but on the strength of all the positive buzz here, I ordered the DVDs. I look forward to watching them.
It was his stepmother though wasn't it. So not as bad. Plus every episode he'd sleep naked in a cardboard box. Weird. Brilliant show. Is the DVD coming out for Europe?
Yeah I remember when Joss replied to my post about Profit being on Angel, one of coolest moments of my time posting here, quoted by King Joss!
hmmm. I'm reading the review now. Methinks had the show stayed on longer, my ex-coworker might not have named her daughter Gracen. :) And the naked guy box thing is sounding pretty cool. Nearly all my outside-Whedonverse entertainment ideas these days come from the users at this site and their reviews/descritptions. I sure can't trust Yahoo to tell me what's good.

ETA: Scratch that. I'd like the Profit/Jake 2.0/Miracles box set, please.

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I'm with April on that point. I get most of my entertainment ideas from you guys.
Now, I wonder if Profit is coming to Australia? Most likely not.
This certainly seems to be worth checking out.
For all you trivia buffs out there, Adrian Pasdar is married to Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks (who appeared on Angel in the form of a poster in Fredís office).
Miracles was good, but not great (have yet to see final 3 eps, but its taken me a while to get through). Jake was decent, from the ones that I saw, never had a deep yearning to see the rest of it. Have no experience with Profit.

However, for fun, some non-Joss series that I recommend:
Spaced (R2 only), Battlestar Galactica, the 4400, Black Books (R2 only), Coupling (Brit version natch, available R1 and R2), Rescue Me, The Shield, Six Feet Under, Freaks & Geeks, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo.
Last night I watched the pilot episode for the first time since the premiere. It's even better than I remembered, and hearing Keith S. (Holtz from Angel) speaking in his normal, higher-pitched voice is a trip. There's enough plot in the premiere to last most shows half a season or more, and then there's that damn (creepy) cardboard box. Good stuff.
zeitgeist, you forgot Deadwood!

*walks off mumbling something about blasphemy...*
Never watched "Profit", but intend to do it someday.
Watched the first few Miracles, I did enjoyed, it plan to finish watching it someday.
Jake 2.0 was fun, but it took sometime to play up, because the first few episodes, it showed that they weren't sure yet, what type of show they wanted to run.
Yes Deadwood, The Wire and no list is complete without the ultimate HBO series The Sopranos.
One thing that annoys me is that many of the shows which have been cancelled in the last few years and released on DVD haven't been getting Region 2 releases. Miracles, Wonderfalls, Point Pleasnt and this for example, whereas we have seen some that have such as Firefly and Tru Calling. I hope that most of them will eventually get Region 2 releases.

I'm not saying that every single one of them is great, I've heard Point Pleasant was poor and Tru Calling was inconsistant, but I'd like to be able to check them out for myself. Wonderfalls sounds very promising, and I'd like to see it. The only problem with these shows is that you can't let yourself get too attached to them or expect resolutions, but then again, look what happened to Firefly.
The region split was invented by someone closely associated with W&H, if at all possible use region free equipment.
The only problem with these shows is that you can't let yourself get too attached to them or expect resolutions

Razor, it's perfectly safe to get attached to the exquisite Wonderfalls. The final episode brings the series to a very satisfying resolution. Toward the end a character says, very correctly, "...everything that had to happen, happened..."
Razor, let me throw in here the fact that Wonderfalls comes to a satisfying crook in the road. Warning though, you'll fall in love with lead actress Caroline Dhavernas. (If you're male, no explanation necessary; female, she's made numerous women commentators feel much the same way.)

Yes, Deadwood.

And last, I also thank many folks here for their recommendations. I have a lot of faith that we share similar needs when watching entertainments, such as: actions have causes and consequences. Etc. etc.
Profit was a fabulous show! Y'all may remember Adrian 'Jim Profit' Pasdar as Caleb in that awesome 80's vampire flick Near Dark, as well.

My must-see TV suggestions? Grey's Anatomy, The Shield, Nip/Tuck, OZ and Wanted.
Razor, it's perfectly safe to get attached to the exquisite Wonderfalls. The final episode brings the series to a very satisfying resolution.

I thought that Profit's episodes also came to a nice resolution. It didn't feel like there were a million threads left hanging and the end of the final episode satisfied me. (Which is not to say I wouldn't have loved to see five more seasons.)
YES flashofgenius. I have a Nip/Tuck fetish as well and was hoping for the third season this summer. Too bad. It was so darn cool they've moved it to the fall lineup.
God I LOVED this show for the short time it was on! I've been missing it for years and can't wait to finally get my grubby little hands on the DVD. Sort of Joss meets David Lynch (if memory serves)...

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