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August 10 2005

Buffy gets picked for's 'Back to School' feature. Who do they choose for the show's breakthrough character? Why it's Faith. And their choice for most memorable scene isn't the most obvious one but a good call all the same.

Fallen watcher Faith?
It's a feature filled with glorious mistakes. Check out the most memorable scene one.
They got the quote wrong. It's not 'sorry', it's 'it's alright'.
Also? The cousin's name? It's Jordy, not Jake.
What is "" anyway? An entertainment site?
"Roid rage"?

Is that a reference to "Go Fish?"
Aye a popular entertainment site. It's been linked to before. Anyhow there's at least 2 more errors in that memorable scene bit, but the spirit is there which is probably the main thing.
Holy moly! They must mean that 'other' TV series called 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' ;)

Still, it's always good to see Buffy mentioned, even when the facts aren't straight.
And that Faith picture is actually from Angel, not from Buffy.
BLINK 182?

That was the hit song from Buffy?

Also, we find Oz as a wolf in season 2, not 1.
Wow, mistake-tastic. I did also notice the mistakes.

"Most memorable scene"
"Phases" is from season two, not season one. It was his cousin who bit him, not his nephew. He was called Jordy, not Jake. And he rang his aunt, not his sister.

"Breakthrough character
Faith was a slayer, not a watcher. And the picture is from season four Angel, but that isn't really a mistake per se.

As previously mentioned, the quote is slightly wrong, and I wouldn't have cited Blink 182's "All the Small Things" as one of the more memorable songs. I know it was in Something Blue, playing in The Bronze as Willow got drunk. More like background music, everyone was talking over it. It certainly wasn't as memorable as Sarah McLachlan's beautiful "Full of Grace" in Becoming or "Prayer of St. Francis" in Grave.

But at least it's positive and enthusiastic, if not completely accurate.

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Yeah, I definitely give it points for enthusiasm...though I get the feeling that whoever wrote this thing up isn't really very knowledgeable in all things Buffy.
Heh Razor not to be pedantic but you've got the whole season one/two thing mixed up. Probably just a typo on your part, but I thought you should know :)
was I the only left with a "what the?" expression, after reading this link?
Joss has mentioned in the past he liked Night of the Comet. Not much depth, but pretty damn funny, and lots of attitude. In fact, when I first saw Welcome to the Hellmouth it reminded me of NotC, attitude-wise. Anyone else seen it?
And Razor, that god-awful Blink song is in Something Blue, not Beer Bad.

Has it been that long that Buffy is just a cloud of buh-jumbles in our memories?
yeah the blink song was in Something Blue....
wrong drunk lady....

it played along with a drunk Willow, instead to drunk Buffy.

Remember kiddies, Drinking is bad, ookay?

(that was my bad impression of a South Park Character...)
jaynelovesvera, I LOVED NotC when I was around junior high -- as in, when it was new. Yay! Must have been a sign of good things to come. I was drawn to it because it looked cool and funny, yet got totally creeped out towards the end. It was marketed as a comedy sort of, but it was more than that. I haven't seen it in ages but the mention makes me curious.

*snoopy dance* joss liked it too, joss liked it too!
Reading the memorable scene, I wasn't sure if they meant season 2 'Phases' or season 3 'Beauty and the Beasts'. Seems they mixed elements of both episodes.
Thanks Paul_Rocks and TheZeppo. Serves me right for criticising them, really. ;)

The season two/one thing was a typo. I did forget about Something Blue, though. The beer involved put me off. Of course Oz was still around in Beer Bad, and his leaving was the reason why Willow turned to alcohol.

Guess I'd better watch season four again! :)
Buffy want beer. Damn I still love that episode so much.
Yes, that scene between Willow and Parker was amazing.

"Just how gullible do you think I am?"
Aw, Mort and Brownishcoat, good stuff. I'm glad you two can appreciate Beer Bad and not do the hate thing as so many have. Of course it's not the best episode, but it still has some of the funniest moments they've ever done. Personally, I think it's Sarah at her comedic best.
I used to hate Beer Bad, but then I saw season 7's "Killer in Me" and that put everything into perspective.
as far as the song goes, I would have thought Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You" during the Buffy and Spike(can't remember the Ep name)scene would rank up there...I was at a concert of hers and she actually referred to it as "the Buffy song".
I love Beer Bad too, ever since the first time I saw it. Bad Eggs is the episode which made me turn up my nose. :) Now I'm going to look up Killer and Me and see which one that is.
It's at the end of Tabula Rasa, with the montage of everyone so sad...Tara's packing, Buffy's pouting, then macking on Spike, etc... I love the whole episode, but the end really sets the tone for what's to come, and the use of "Goodbye to You" is appropriate and wickedly clever.

Did you know that Joss asked Michelle if she would record another version of it because the commercial one was too "processed" sounding? She brought her band to the Bronze and they just did it!
Hmm, I am not fond of Killer In Me, but that is mostly because I don't like Willow/Kennedy but other than that I don't see what's wrong with it. I also liked Beer Bad.

And about the link. God, what an amount of mistakes.

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April, me too. I always trip that one (Bad Eggs) off my tongue when someone asks about the worst ep. And you'll be looking for "The Killer in Me"...;)
Razor, may I recommend 'Wild at Heart' as a follow-up to those episodes you mentioned? That was quite a story arc.

As for the biggest hit song from the series, I'm torn between two. 'Ballad of Dead Friends' by Dashboard Prophets in season one's 'The Harvest' or 'Out of this World' by Bush in season six's 'Dead Things'.

My personal favorite is 'Blue' by Angie Hart and Joss Whedon in 'Conversations with Dead People'.

As for my favorite quote, (mind you this changes day by day) I must go with Buffy at the end of 'Innocence'. "Just let it burn." That scene still breaks my heart.
Don't know about the biggest "hit" song, but my favs are the aforementioned "Blue," and "Sugar Water" in When She Was Bad. Also, the first that come to mind, "Chinese Burn," "Praise You," and "Wild Horses." Apparently, I have a lot of favorites.
Yeah, "Goodbye to You" is also great; I get all misty watching Giles on the plane staring blankly ahead. You can almost feel him thinking, "Did I really do the right thing by leaving?"

And yes, Madhatter, "Blue" is outstanding as well. My kids wish I didn't like it quite so much, 'cause who can resist the temptation to sing along? Not me, oh no…
SoddingNancyTribe, you hit it. Those are all my favorites too. Nothing is better than "Blue."

And I liked Bad Eggs. And The Killer in Me. The only episode I'd say I hate is Buffy Vs. Dracula. I mean, geez.
I can't really say I hate any of them. Some are hard to watch, but each one always has at least a little something to make it special.
Along with SNT's mentions, I have to add "Lucky Ones" (don't even know if that's the name, but they sing it a lot during the song), and the aforementioned "Full of Grace".

Favorites, all.
"Blue" is easily my favorite. I have a whole Buffy playlist on my iPod, which I love. Other favorites are Biff Naked's "Lucky," "Goodbye to You" (although I like the version in Tabula Rasa better than the one on Michelle Branch's album), Alison Krauss "It doesn't matter," and Jonatha Brooke's "Inconsolable." Oh, and Splendid's "Charge" and Velvet Chain's "Strong." THere are a lot of favorites... :-)
Seriously, one of the side benefits of my Buffy obsession has been an introduction to a number of bands I never would have heard of otherwise.

As for the least favorite episodes, mine are pretty standard: Beer Bad tops the list (bad acting on top of a dumb, obvious plot and metaphor), but Killer in Me and Bad Eggs are up there as well. Though I remember a few bits of dialogue I really liked in Bad Eggs, and I loved the WIllow-Parker interaction in Beer Bad. Every episode has something redeeming...
As for Buffy vs. Dracula - it's definitely not among my favorites, but it has a few highlights, and some classic Xander quotes :-)
Bad Eggs had some great Xander/Cordy lines, but the rest of the episode is weak. I love Buffy vs. Dracula. I really don't understand what's wrong with that episode. My favorite song is Sugar Water.
I also loved Beer Bad and don't have any episodes that I hate. There was always something good in every episode! Also loved Buffy vs. Dracula and just thought it was fun that they poked fun at the whole Dracula thing. And SNT - I also have all those songs as my favorites. I think my favorite may be "Wild Horses".
ANd I though I was the only one who loved "Beer Bad", it's just so cleverish silly and fun. But I do flinch in the sight of "Doblemeat Palace", I think that's the episode I got more problem with. I find "Bad Eggs" fun, a episode with those cowboy brothers, and icky monsters, that's fun.

Wow, there are so many good songs. It's really hard for me to choose THE song in BtVS. There are so many.
If it was Angel, that'd be easy, I can't reemmebr the name of the song right now, but it's last track in the soundtrack, the one that played in the final scenes from "A Hole in the WOrld" if I'm not wrong. I still cry everytime I hear that song. But, hey, I could always go with David Boreanaz' rendition of "Mandy".
I knew it was only a matter of posts before "Doublemeat Palace" came up. I was always shocked how many people dislike this episode and how it's almost unanimously considered THE worst. I thought it was nearly brilliant. And the lesbian-cutting-off-an-enormous-penis metaphor completely eluded me.
"Sugar Water" rocked. Love that song.

I think the ep I might have liked least was 'Bad Eggs', though I did like the opening couple of scenes, like the mall scene with Buffy and her mom. I don't out and out hate it though.
May I add 'Overfire' from Beer is Bad and 'Need to Destroy' from Wild at Heart? The sounds from THC fit these scenes perfectly.
They really got lucky with THC. All those songs fit the scenes they were in.
Jumping waaaay back in the thread (I just got here):

Actually, Michelle Branch's scenes weren't filmed on set. She was in Nashville at the time so they made a little mockup of the Bronze stage and got some extras and filmed it there. It's not obvious that that's what they did, but if you pay attention you'll see that they never show the stage in the Buffy/Spike scenes, and you never see anything but the stage and a little bit of audience when Michelle is performing.

I too have to chime in on the "All The Small Things" WTF? Looks like someone sat down with a music guide and went "Hmm, what's the most famous song ever played on Buffy . . . ah, All The Small Things!" "Goodbye to You" and "Full of Grace" are two of the more effective uses of music on a show that, as we have demonstrated, always made good use of music.

I am none too fond of "As You Were" and the less said about that the better.
The Cibo Matto song from When She Was Bad is one of my favorites...but the St. Francis Prayer at the end of Grave was positively (divinely?) inspired.

But, janeway216, yes, that Goodbye to You is simply breathtaking...a heartrending close to an episode that had been so charmingly clever and endearingly cute...and
The trouble with Goodbye to You is that it blared over the final UPN Buffy promos every single bloody time thus driving me to distraction.

Deep voice: Next week on the last ever episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Buffy: Spike I....


Spike: Will some one please turn that sodding music off?

Still find it odd that it didn't appear on the Sunnydale soundtracks (UK or USA).
Simon, seeing as how we watch very little TV at all (mostly news and sports), we never saw those promos...thank God!
I used to hate Beer Bad, but then I saw season 7's "Killer in Me" and that put everything into perspective.

How so? Just wondering, but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts :)
Dunno, MySerenity...anything to do with Willow having a drink and kissing Kennedy??

Can't understand why anybody hates Beer Bad...not a favorite, by any stretch, but a very funny episode...
I love all the music in Buffy. So many great bands, many of them not too well known, so I'm grateful for being able to hear some music I wouldn't have heard otherwise.

I find it amazing how well connected the music can be to the narrative. It could be coincidence, but I just think it makes the shows so much more rich. Take Michelle Branch's "Goodbye To You" at the end of Tabula Rasa. One of the lyrics is "Feels like I'm starting all over again, the last three years were just pretend," and that's very relevant because Willow and Tara have been together for roughly three seasons at that point.

I'm sure people have spotted other connections too. It's also great how music can enter in the plot unexpectedly, like "Blue" written by Joss and Angie Hart, which is a really beautiful theme for the entire series, or something like "The Exposition Song" which just pops up unexpectedly, or "Mrs" from Selfless which makes use of flashback to fit in with Once More With Feeling.

As Joss says in the liner notes for the Radio Sunnydale album, he doesn't just throw in music at any opportunity to showcase the hottest band, like The OC might do, but it usually has some significance.
As much trouble as I might have with "The Killer in Me", I just can't resist a good Aly breakdown. The end of that episode just kills me every time. Uhm, pun not intended.

I actually can't play the favourites game (or the least favourites game in this case). It changes far too readily. Overall though, I'd have to go with "Touched". Actually, yeah, that's my pick for least favourite episode. The Faith & The First/The Mayor scenes not withstanding, I don't think there's a single thing in that ep that didn't make me want to discharge my lunch.

Poorly paced, poorly plotted, poorly scripted (all my opinion of course) and it makes me crazy to think we got 43 minutes there when they could've been given to "Chosen".

Oh, but there was that Heather Nova song though, to tie it back nicely.

"My hat has a cow." TOP 3 BEST BUFFY LINES EVER!
Jet Wolf, I love "Touched", but I guess I'm just a romantic at heart. On the other hand, "The Killer in Me" is probably my least favourite episode of Season 7, not because of Kennedy, but because I haven't been able to stand Warren since "I was Made to Love You", which I have just rewatched on my way through Season 5. Adam Busch does way too good a job of playing a smarmy, creepy misogynist.

As to songs, "Good-bye to You" ranks as one of my favourites, also the two Sarah McLaughlin songs mentioned above and "Blue".
janeway216, I've been looking for stuff online that could corroborate my "Michelle comes to the Bronze" rememberance, and can only find sketchy stuff. But honest injun I swear Joss said either in Buffy magazine or on one of the commentaries that MB flew in and they did it at the Bronze in like 2 takes or something ridiculously cool like that.

I could be wrong, but I'd lay money on it...
What episode was Blue played in?
What episode was Blue played in?

It brackets Conversations With Dead People.
I'm coming to this party way late, so I don't expect any replies to this comment of mine, but I'm surprised that no one's mentioned Sophie Zelmani's "I'll Remember You" from the end of "Angel" in Buffy, Season One (as Buffy and Angel kiss, say goodbye and we see her crucifix burned into his chest). THAT is simply gorgeous!
For more quality music, I highly recommend pretty much every song that played in The Bronze in "Fool For Love" - especially "Heal Yourself" by a band formerly known as Elephant Ride (I think they're called Virgil now, or maybe they just broke up); a snippet of the song plays as Spike circles the pool table, right before the flashback showing him and Angelus arguing and fighting in the mine shaft. Also look out for Star Ghost Dog and "Holiday" in that same episode.
Oh hell, why stop there! How about Sarah McLachlan's "Do What You Have To" during the end of Becoming, Part 2 as Buffy leaves Sunnydale? Nickel and "Stupid Thing" during School Hard as Spike watches Buffy dance in The Bronze? Morcheeba and "Never An Easy Way" during the beginning of "Passion"?
I could go on forever...some of my personal favourites are Tom McRae's "Sao Paulo Rain" playing as Xander drinks alone in his apartment in...I think it's "Seeing Red" and during the Spring Break party in "I Was Made To Love You" a song called "hideeho" from a little-known Canadian band by the name of mellonova (now called Beneath Augusta, btw).
I have found much great music through Buffy and Angel, tops for me being Velvet Chain, VAST, THC and mellonova...oh, was I ever a frequent visitor to various Buffy Music sites when they still existed! I truly love both soundtrack albums, particularly the UK Radio Sunnydale since it includes Aberdeen's "Sink or Float" and Patty Medina's "Still Life - it's a shame that both songs were more or less buried in short scenes in "All The Way" (I think) and "First Date", respectively.

On the subject of least favourite episode(s), I must also weigh in, though much more concisely than my above thoughts regarding the music. Sure, most folks agree that every episode, no matter how little one may enjoy it (or how much one may dislike it, I suppose) has some amusing lines, interesting character moments or some other redeeming qualities and I'm totally on board with that (so please bear this in mind with what I'm about to say):

By virtue of its absence in this thread, I'm surprised to learn that so many Whedonesquers are fans of "Go Fish". Who knew? ;-)

Where's all the Aimee Mann love? I thought she was great in Sleeper.
Thank you Sodding, I only seen season 7 twice and didnt know that was the name of that song. There was a very good rock type slow song in Buffy that I liked alot but all I can remember was that they were showing a crypt or the cemetary during the song , i think it was early on maybe season 2 or 3 but i could be way wrong. Anyways i am watching all the seasons in order as I do twice a year(currently on Suprise) so I'll find it. I'm dying to know what it was.
Aimee is fantastic fun :) Going to see her hubby (Michael Penn, muisician brother of actors Sean and Chris) play in town next month (check out his new album 'Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947').
gorramit, Go Fish is among my least favorite eps as well. I think mainly because it comes in the middle of some high-tension episodes at the end of season 2, and it just doesn't vibe for me. Angel is only used as a way of finding out that the swimmers have something in their blood... the episodes surrounding GF have way too much to do with Angel to give him so little to do in this episode.
Yeah, I'd have to agree that "Go Fish" is probably one of my least favorite episodes as well - except for that speedo scene where they all realize the hunk in the speedo is Xander!
No, I love Go Fish for its affectionate parodying of Creature from the Black Lagoon (obviously), Jaws, and classic sea monster movies in general. We get a lot of great sunny outdoors scenes, the moment when Buffy smacks Cameron around in his car, top Xander comedy, and Will's brilliant "interrogation" of Jonathan. So it doesn't quite fit in the series arc - well, that only matters the first time around. On re-viewings, it's delicious pure comedy to enjoy. IMHO.

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