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August 10 2005

(SPOILER) Four page preview for Astonishing X-Men #12. Big praise from Marvel head honchos for this comic book series. And good news for those wondering when the second year run will begin. According to Marvel, it will be early 2006.

Great pages, but reading other people's comment down in the page, made me depressed.

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In early 2006, Whedon and Cassaday are returning for another year-long arc that picks up where the “Dangerous” story arc and “House of M” conclude…with the X-Men changed forever

Damn, I was hoping they'd be back sooner than that. Oh well, I guess with all the delays it's no actually that far off any more.

Another really good looking preview, can't wait for it to come out.

There are very few places where posts don't depress/anger me Numfar, that's why I frequent Whedonesque - a very high calibre class of poster.
I haven't been a huge fan of the current Astonishing story arc, especially after the last issue, but I'm still excited for the conclusion. I'm also looking forward to the hardcover collection that'll be coming out later this year.
The current arc definitely isn't as good as Gifted, but it still isn't bad. The setup with the history between the X-Men and the Professor is complicated and nobody captures pain better than Joss. I hate to see that the delay could be as long as 5-6 months, but hopefully it will cut down on future waits between issues.
I seriously cannot wait for the second year to begin on this! I'm a little worried, though, about the changes talked about, and I'm seriously praying that nothing really bad happens to Emma. She's, like, my favorite character in the entire Marvel universe.
One of the comments echoed what has been bothering me. It's a stupid continuity question, but I'd REALLY APPRECIATE SOME INSIGHT.

House of M #1 shows the X-Men and Xavier seeing each other for the first time. So does Astonishing #11. SO WHICH HAPPENED FIRST? How do these 2 gel? Will someone PLEASE explain this to me?

I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. I snap at my friends and I kick the dog. Someone please help me.
I think issue 12 feeds into House of M #1. Certainly judging by the original shipping date for issue 12 (July 1954 ha I jest), I believe this to be the case.
Chirp, I think that at the end of this arc for AXM will show some sort of break-up between Xavier and the group for AXM, or they'll learn some sort of secret, which leads them to being shocked to seeing him again in HoM
Yeah, House of M #1 doesn't imply that it's been a long time since Xavier last saw the X-Men, just that they didn't part on good terms. Kitty says something like "I hated how things ended between us" which I think was done to make you think it was when Kitty left originally but was actually referring to what we're about to see in AXM #12. My theory is that Bendis knew that HoM was going to come out before AXM #11 but chronologically follows it, so he wrote something that made sense without reading AXM #11 but will also make sense once we've read #12.
House of M is definitely after AXM #12 and I don't think that we have to worry about Emma Frost going anywhere in Season 2. Joss has said that Kitty Pryde has always been one of his favorites and from Kitty's first appearance Emma has been her enemy. I believe Joss will continue to expand on that rivalry next year.
I went to a comic store last week to get the latest on our BDH, and the clerk was like "big Joss fan?" I said ahem.. YES and he gave the first issue of Joss's X-Men, I'm sure to get me hooked on it, (which I now am.) A Nice gesture by someone in a comic book shop. ;)
What is going to be in the hardcover edition of the trade? I already have all the comics and their variants, but if the hardcover trade has some special features in it, I will consider picking it up.
The HC will (most likely) include the extra material from the #1 'Director's Cut' edition. Not sure what exactly was in that, but often Marvel HCs include interviews, sketchbook sections and/or celebrity introductions. And personally I'm hoping they'll include the #1 script.

Plus, it'll include bigger, shinier pages. :-)
Director's Cut had a pencil cover, full script (Joss writes good notes), and character sketches. Pretty dry stuff. I was hoping for like e-mail correspondences b/t Joss and Cassaday or aborted ideas.

AXM #12 is before HoM!!! Thank you, guys. I can sleep at night again!

I think I was confused because of how Kitty left the team after Collosus (non-)died. She wrote X a letter about wanting to be a real person and go to college. I thought that was what she meant by -- "I hate how things ended between us."

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