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August 11 2005

Red carpet welcome for Serenity cast at World Gala Premiere in Edinburgh. Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Gina Torres, Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, Summer Glau and Chiwetol Ejiofor will be attending the premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on August 22nd. Joss Whedon and Chris Buchanan will also be there (reg req).

Via Gossi:

"I can confirm that Morena (Inara), Sean (Simon), Gina (Zo), Nathan (Malcolm), Jewel (Kaylee), Summer (River) and Chiwetol Ejiofor (The Operative) will be at the Edinburgh International Film Festival gala premiere of SERENITY on Monday 22nd August. Joss Whedon will also be attending, along with Chris Buchanan (Executive Producer and former Mr Mutant Enemy).

There will be a red carpet where you can line the streets outside to givethem a warm welcome to Scotland!

Please note there is definitely NO confirmed cast members for the UK screenings on the 24th.

EIFF Programme Producer, Clea Tammes said: "Were delighted to announce such a great turn-out, which adds to the already considerable anticipation for this World Premiere. Were hoping that the many SERENITY fans out there will take this opportunity to give Joss and his cast a warm welcome to Edinburgh.""

If they are all in Scotland on the 22nd thay there MUST be a teeny chance that maybe one or two of them could be in London on the 24th... Please? Pretty please?

And while I'm praying, I'd also like next weeks lottery numbers and Eliza Dushku's phone number...
Red carpet.
If Summer is there she will be one tired girl - cause she is at Gen Con on Sun Aug 21 until 4pm CT. She'd have to hop a plane from Indy to get to Scotland the next day.
I am so there.

I only got into one of the other screenings, but I'm still going along for this...
RavenU - she's confirmed at Edinburgh (EIFF have released a press release on their website now (on the left). I'd be interested to see if she'll make Gen Con, she's gonna be tired if she does!
According to Gencon she is still going to be there, for the full weekend. So I guess we will see - she may bag out early on Sunday since Ron Glass is not scheduled for anything Sunday.
Great to see that there's a link to the trailer from that page - to grab the attention of the general festival goers who may be wondering why the film sold out so fast.

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